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| width=275|<br>
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| width=300|<br>
ADM Steve "10of9" Lackey<br>  
ADM Steve "10of9 Toes" Lackey<br> <br> <br>
[mailto:xxx  Contact The Academy Commandant]<br>
[mailto:xxx  Contact The Academy Commandant]<br>

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[edit] Maquis Academy Commandant

ADM Steve "10of9 Toes" Lackey
Contact The Academy Commandant
Return to the Academy Main Page
The Commandant's Bio Page
MFS Compliance: Commandant's Flagship

[edit] Job Description

  • Coordinates the Academy Moodle site and maintains the Maquis Academy Wiki pages.
  • Responsible for selection, training, coordination, and supervision of the Academy staff.
  • Sets Academy policy and oversees administration of academy courses, testing, and assignment of pass/fail certificates.

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--fparker 05-17-10
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