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2015 End Of Year Awards

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[January 18, 2016]

Awards Transcript


FADM Doane-Awards: Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2015 End of Year Awards. Everyone please direct your attention to the podium.

Standing at Podium:: Christina Doane- Joshua Laury-FADM/IC::

Welcome to the MFI awards ceremony for the hard work done in 2015. It has been a busy year with the retirement of one FADM and the deputy stepping forward but we are still here bumming around the galaxy but some bum harder than others. So I am here to honor those mighty space bums with the awards as listed below. Attention please. Lt. General Marc Easterly front and center.

Lt. General Easterly moves to stand in front of FADM Laury and salutes::
FADM Laury returns the salute::

Lt. General Easterly's Maquis Forces International Commendation Certificate

FADM Laury-IC:

Bravo Zulu. Your imagination and attention to detail makes us proud. Be it the strengthening of MFMC under your Leadership, your dedication to Sim Events such as the LDO and MDD, or other creative endeavors such as the Skunk Werks, Maquis R&D, and SEALS Team 4 you have always embraced a Can-Do Attitude and contagious enthusiasm. At this time, the HQ and Membership of Maquis Forces International gratefully present this award. The MFI Commendation Medal for Outstanding Continued Service to all of the Maquis.

FADM Laury-IC presents the award and shakes Lt. General Easterly’s hand::

Lt. General Easterly accepts the Award and shakes FADM Laury’s hand::

Lt. General Easterly takes one step back and salutes.::

Lt. General Easterly performs an about face and return to his seat::

FADM Laury-IC: FADM Doane you have the podium. ::Steps to one side as FADM Doane salutes, her salute is returned and she takes the podium.::

ChristinaDoane-FADM-Awards: I have the podium, Thank You Sir. As a former MFI Marine Commandant, more than one tour of service, and four star General it is my distinct honor and pleasure to award the following Maquis for their service to the Maquis Forces Marine Corps. Lt. General Marc Easterly and Force Captain Micheal Tolleson please set forward.

Lt. General Easterly and Force Captain Micheal Tolleson move to stand in front of FADM Doane-Awards and salutes::
Fadm Doane Returns the salute::

Christina Doane-FADM-Awards:

Force Captain Tolleson, For development a full and vibrant MFMC Aerospace Fighter Training Program. Writing courses is an exceptionally difficult. Well Done! Such a process is a long and involved one, for spearheaded the effort it is our pleasure to award you the Maquis Marine Commendation Medal for exceptional service. For Lt. General Marc Easterly, For services as a wise and experienced Chief Advisor to the Commandant. By sharing his knowledge he has helped the next generation of Marines. Hoorah! For that we are pleased to award him the Maquis Marine Achievement Medal. It’s never easy to work behind the scenes but these two marines have done it well.

Both awardees takes one step back and salute::

FADM Doane returns both salutes::

Both Awardees perform an about face and returns to their seats.::

Force Captain Micheal Tolleson's Maquis Forces International Marine Commendation Certificate

Lt. General Marc Easterly's Maquis Forces International Marine Achievement Certificate

ChristinaDoane-FADM-Awards: General Larry French if you would please take the podium for your awards.

General French exchanges salutes with FADM Doane. Doane then steps to the side as General French takes center podium.::

General French-KTF Commander: raDHoD K'Ron zantai-Kla'meH/Force Colonel Aaron Clark front and center.

Force Colonel Clark moves to stand in front of General French and salutes.::

General French returns the salute::

General French-KTF Commander: For dedication to the honor of the KTF by actively supporting and working many on KTF projects. I am pleased to award him the KTF Achievement Medal. Honor In Service!

General French presents the awards and shakes Force Colonel Clark’s hand::

Force Colonel Clark accepts the Award and shakes General French’s hand.::

Force Colonel Clark takes one step back and salutes.::

General French returns the salute.::

Force Colonel Clark performs an about face and returns to his seat.::

Force Colonel Aaron Clark's Maquis Forces International Klingon Achievement Certificate

General French turns to FADM Doane and salues. Fadm Doane returns the salute::

General French: Thank You Ma’am.

Fadm Doane-Awards: You are most welcome General. Please take your position.

General French moves to stand with his KTF personnel and FADM Doane returns to the podium::

Fadm Doane-Awards: I will now turn things over to Force Captain Tolleson, Chief of MFI Operations. Take the Podium Force Captain.

Force Captain Micheal Tolleson steps forward and exchanges salutes with the FADM who steps aside allowing him to take point.::

Force Captain Tolleson-MFI/OPS: As a my final set of awards I will now read the names of those listed as having earned the Naval Campaign Ribbon in 2015. They do not need to step forward merely to stand and received their honors.

FADM Brian Pickett

Force Colonel Greg Preast

Commodore David Ferber

General Larry French

Brigadier General Debbie French

Well done all!. This will count as an additional awarding on any previous Naval Campaign Ribbons you may have.

They all stand and the room applauds, after a suitable amount of time they sit and the applause dies down. Afterward he turns to Fadm Doane and they go through the time honored tradition once again. FADM Doane takes the podium::

Fadm Doane-Awards: First I want to thank FADM Laury for allowing me to give this final award. As it is for an old and loyal MFI member and marine, as a final act to tonights award ceremony I’d like to recall Lt. General Easterly, front and center.

Puzzled but game Lt. General Easterly does so, stopping in front of the FADM and Salutes. The FADM returns the salute and Lt. General Easterly turns about face to te crowd upon FADM’s order.::


I’m not sure what I can say that has not already been said. Over the years multiple members have talked about his generosity in helping other members. His willingness to toil behind the scenes on website work or seemingly thankless Academy projects. His ability to be there whenever possible for advice or even a shoulder to cry on. He’s worked in the Academy, the Sim Fleet, the Maquis Marines. He’s done years of organization wide events like the Labor Day Offensive and other such events that have built a solid sense of es spirit de corps. When real life hit hard it was tougher to get things done but that didn’t mean he didn’t keep trying. Not only does he have the proven dedication of years of work but the heart of what it means to be Maquis. Loyalty, dedication, and integrity are a few of the traits many of us have seen in him over the years. It is for these and many other reasons that he is granted the well-earned rank of General. May his career be long and his felonies undiscovered. Congratulations!

Fadm Doane shakes General Easterly’s hand and pins on the new rank. It is some minutes later before she can speak again due to the deafing cheers coming from the assembled. With a smile she says::

FADM Doane-Awards: Return to your seat, General Easterly.

He returns the smile and salutes. The salute is returned and he returns to his seat.::

She then goes through the ‘Changing of the Podium with FADM Laury and returns to her position::

FADM Lary-IC: Congratulations to General Easterly and all others who have earned awards this year. Remember if you have any nominations feel free to send those along to our Awards department at any time. The work of fan clubs is sometimes difficult so promotions and awards are a few of the ways we like to try to show our appreciation for the hard work you all do. So I hope you will take these awards as the signs of great esteem they are meant. Fair Winds and Following Seas in the coming year, everyone is dismissed to the after party.

End Ceremony::

After party devolves into Maquis Craziness.

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13 Jan 2011

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