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The MFI Bajoran Cultural Center

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This Cultural Center is meant to be an exhaustive compilation of Bajoran information. Below one will find links to subtopics of interest both inside and outside of MFI. This information has been compiled by General Trentin Anara of Bajor in the hopes of creating greater understanding of the richness of Bajoran culture, either as a review for Bajorans or an orientation for non-bajorans. As such this site will always be in-flux as information is updated. Please check back regularly. Note any information not found from one of the references was fleshed out by General Trentin. Requests for certain information or requests to assist in the gathering of information to be listed should be sent to the Bajoran Cultural Center Director

The fictitious Persona of Trentin Anara was developed by Christina Doane, IC of MFI.

MFI "In House" Resources

Bajoran Militia This page will list basic Militia information like ranks and uniforms.

Bajoran Central Archives This page will list Star Trek episodes, books, websites, etc that significantly portrayed some aspect of Bajoran Culture and/or were used for these pages.

Way of the Prophets This page will discuss the rich culture and meaning of the Bajoran Religion.

Bajoran Technology This page will discuss the Technology of the Bajoran People.

Bajoran History And Culture This page will discuss the History and Culture of the Bajoran People.

Bajoran Geography This page will discuss the geography of Bajoran Planets and Colonies as well as its area of space in more detail then may be mentioned in other segments.

Outside Supplemental Resources

Memory Alpha's Bajoran Page A Main Star Trek Wikipedia source of Bajoran information, simply type in topic of interest or search this link.

Wikipedia A Good Online Resource for just about anything!

Bringing Bajorans to Life: Bajoran Cosplay.
Easy Way to Make a Bajoran Nose
Way to Make a Bajoran nose using PVA Glue (Latex Alt)

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