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BRIEF 00001

MISSION: Investigate Orion Syndicate Raiding Party
TEAM MEMBERS ASSIGNED: Col Pugh, Maj Russell, Sgt Russell,PO3 Henderson
MISSION TYPE: Reconnaissance
STATUS: Partial Success

Mission Overview:
Reports of Orion Syndicate Raiding Parties have been spotted near the Maquis colony on Tracken II, reports from both Maquis and Starfleet also have confirmed that Maquis and Federation vessels have been attacked by raiders, that have been spotted in the vicinity of Tracken II. TEAM V was assigned to conduct a quick reconnaissance of Tracken II to confirm the exact location of the Raiders.

The following are recorded communication transmissions of TEAM V during the operation.

......Transmission Recording of Arrow Class Runabout MFS CLOAK...............

MFS CLOAK Pilot: Dropping out of warp and approaching Tracken II
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Scanning, so far there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary Colonel.
Colonel Pugh: Maintain your scans, notify me of anything out of the ordinary no matter how small it seems. The Orion's have some pretty crafty tricks up their sleeves.
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Yes Sir
Colonel Pugh: Keep an eye on that moon.
MFS CLOAK Coms: Sir incoming transmission from the colony.....Its a distress call
Colonel Pugh: Lets Hear it
MFS CLOAK Comms: Yes sir patching it through

.......Transmission Recording Distress Call from TRACKEN II COLONY.........

This is Tracken II colony dose any one rea...... This transmission we are under attack.... Repeat we are under attack. They came out of nowhere..... we are.....but we can not hold for much longer.....Taken the armories and are attacking the com......... Plea.......Help us any........................

........END OF TRANSMISSION...........

MFS CLOAK Comms: Its gone I can't raise them sir communications have been cut off.
Colonel Pugh: Contact the Griffon and have A company ready to deploy ASAP. How fast can the Griffon get here.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: The quickest they can get here is four hours
Colonel Pugh: The colony will be wiped out by that time, if it is not all ready, Major Russell suit up we are going in. Contact the Dagger and tell them we are Inserting.
Major Russell: I will brief the others and prep the equipment sir, we will be ready in 2 minutes
Colonel Pugh: Good. We don't have much time lets get in there FAST.
MFS DAGGER Pilot: This is the Dagger, sensor disruption buoys deployed they are now blind. Hey Snake Bite try and keep up will you.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: HA HA very funny well if you did not aim like a Ferrangi we would not have to keep our distance. Why you are called Dead Eye is beyond me.
MFS DAGGER Pilot: Ouch that one went right to the heart. All right we are in position lets go in fast and low.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Got ya. OK everyone buckle its going to be a bumpy ride.
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: We got a boggy closing in fast off the port side.
Colonel Pugh: I thought they were blind?
MFS CLOAK Pilot: No there sensors are blind the crew can see just fine sir.
Colonel Pugh: Ok smart a** just lose them and get us to that colony.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Yes sir.
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Oh they are firing blind, we got 4 torpedoes inbound.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Son of a....
........Communication Disruption..........
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Threat is neutralized the Dagger got em.
Colonel Pugh: Good whats the damage.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Minimal the shields absorbed most of the impact, we can still get you to the colony sir.
Major Russell:Colonel ah we got a slight problem in the armory.
Colonel Pugh: Whats the problem.
Major Russell: Well the torpedo hit knocked your weapons off the rack and they took a good beating, your main weapon and your back up have received damage that cant be repaired here.
Colonel Pugh: You serious. Great what else could go wrong today. Nobody answer that question.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Approaching the colony sir, looks like it has taken a beating.
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Sir scans of the colony have picked up enemy activity, numbers of the enemies strength. I don't think this is a raiding party sir. Colonel Pugh: No it looks like they are trying to take the colony for some reason.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: All right Colonel where do you want us to put you down?
Colonel Pugh: On top of that communications center, we will rope in.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Yes Sir, we will be on target in 2 minutes.
Colonel Pugh: Major did you copy?
Major Russell: Yes sir teams been briefed and heading to the front hatch, and we got you some weapons from the ships armory.
Colonel Pugh:Good at least I can shoot at something.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: 1 minute you guys better get ready.
Colonel Pugh: All right you heard the man, equipment check and sound off.
Major Russell: Good to go
Sargent Russell: All set
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: Lock and loaded
Colonel Pugh: Good now listen up, when we go in we are going in hot so weapons free
MFS CLOAK Pilot: Green light ROPES OUT.
Colonel Pugh: GO GO GO GO GO GO.
MFS CLOAK Pilot: SEALS on the deck, Taking up observation pattern

......Transmission Recording of Arrow Class Runabout MFS CLOAK Ends...............

......Transmission Recording of SEALS TEAM V Personal Communicators...............

......Weapons Fire...............
......Weapons Fire...............
Sargent Russell: They got me pinned, I NEED COVER NOW
......Weapons Fire...............
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: I got you covered go go go
......Weapons Fire...............
Sargent Russell: MOVING NOW
......Weapons Fire.......Explosion........
Colonel Pugh: Major your with me, Sgt take Henderson and enter through the rear entrance. We will meet at the origin of the distress call, Take out anything that gets in your way.
Sargent Russell: Yes sir, Henderson your with me lets go.
Colonel Pugh: I got point stay close.
Major Russell: Don't I always
......Weapons Fire.......
Major Russell: How can you miss them?
Colonel Pugh: The sight on this thing is not calibrated, I would not have this problem if someone looked after my equipment.
Major Russell: Yeah Yeah. I got a shot on both of them
......Weapons Fire.......
Major Russell: Got them that's 2 for me
Colonel Pugh: Take point I'am going to try and fix this sight.
Major Russell: Yes Colonel.
Sargent Russell: 1 this is 2 we are approaching the origin of the call, we meet some resistance. These guys got some serious fire power.
......Weapons Fire....Explosion...
Major Russell: Yeah we gathered that Sargent.
Colonel Pugh: Hell with this....FRAG OUT.....
Major Russell: That did it.
Colonel Pugh: Yes it did now lets go meet up with 2
Sargent Russell: 1 this is 2 we reached the target, looks like who ever sent the message barricaded them selves in.
Colonel Pugh:Copy. We are approaching from your right watch your fire
Sargent Russell: We see you, got you covered.
Colonel Pugh: This is Colonel Pugh of the MFI SEALS command we are here in response of you distress call
Maquis Colonist: How can we be sure you are not the raiders.
Colonel Pugh:You got to be kidding me. Check your scanners and tell me if we match the Orion's signature? Now open up it wont be long before they come back.
Maquis Colonist: Ok Ok, we will open up but be warned we will shoot on any ....
Colonel Pugh: Yeah I got it we don't have time for this just open up the damn door
Maquis Colonist: You are clear hurry we wont keep it open for much longer.
Colonel Pugh: Every in the comm room now......
Major Russell: What's going on here?
Maquis Colonist: Wish we knew. all of a sudden we were attacked, they swept in took out the militia and took the armories, the remaining of us fell back here and attempted to send a distress call. We thought they cut us off before we could send it out, we took up a defensive position here and than you showed up.
Colonel Pugh: Henderson set up a casualty collection point and tend to their wounded. Don't worry she knows what she is doing. Everyone give up your med packs, these people need it more than us. The rest of you see what we got to work with here.
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Colonel we are getting a large enemy force heading your way and they are moving fast.
Colonel Pugh: No rest for the wicked. Listen up we have in coming. Major get your self on an elevated position and start picking them off. Sargent take the PO and cover the windows, I will take some of the colonists and cover the rear stairs.
Maquis Colonist: We are not soldiers Colonel you can.........
Colonel Pugh: I can and I do we can't do everything for you, so today you are soldiers and I expect you to fight. Now get into position and prepare to receive the enemy. Do I make my self clear.
Maquis Colonist: Yes Colonel.
......Weapons Fire....Explosion...Weapons Fire.....
Sargent Russell: Here they come. Shoot at what ever you can see, make every shot count.
Colonel Pugh: They are coming up the stairs, Give them Hell
......Weapons Fire....Explosion...Weapons Fire.....
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: I got contact and I am taking on casualties.
Colonel Pugh: You, You and You. Get to her now and cover the area they are trying to break through. Henderson I am sending you some help
......Weapons Fire....
Maquis Colonist: Yes Colonel.
Colonel Pugh: Major your my eyes up there tell me what you see?
Major Russell: We are holding looks like a bunch of them have taken refuge in a ruined storage facility. I am keeping them there.
Colonel Pugh:Excellent, now's are chance. Everyone start advancing we are going to push them out. Henderson take a team to clear that facility, Major keep them covered. On my signal.......GO
......Weapons Fire....
Sargent Russell:Area clear holding....
Major Russell: Henderson and her team are heading to the storage facility, they see her they are opening up an her team....They got pinned by some vehicles they are not going anywhere.
Colonel Pugh: Major keep her covered. My team we are moving to their position. Henderson stay put we are coming to assist you.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: No problem Colonel we will keep them busy,
Colonel Pugh: My team move out.....
......Weapons Fire..........Weapons Fire....
Colonel Pugh: Henderson we are approaching from the right hold your fire to the right
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: I see you....What Now?
Colonel Pugh: We can move into position and lay down some fire from here. When we do, move up and take the facility... NOW....
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: FRAG OUT.......MOVE MOVE.....
......Weapons Fire....Explosion...Weapons Fire.....
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: Area Clear forming defensive position
Colonel Pugh: Everyone move to Henderson's position, that includes you Major get your but down here.
Sargent Russell: En route.
Major Russell: Moving now.
Colonel Pugh: I need a status report from all of you.
Sargent Russell: Took a few hits couple of my guys are down.
Major Russell: Communications Center is holding strong gave the colonists my frags.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: I got two wounded and one KIA.
Colonel Pugh: Yeah I got 1 wounded as well..... Ok here....We got them holding the armories that probably their command post. We have at least three wounded here...Not much time to think.....We got to take the armories, continue the offensive. Major take a colonist and find your self a good position..I will take three the rest divide evenly into two teams. Henderson take one team and go up the left flank...Sargent take another team and attack from the center. All you have to do is keep them occupied. I will take my team and head up the right, hopefully you keep them busy for me to get inside.
Maquis Colonist:Colonel I must protest defending a position is one thing but now you want us to attack.Clearly we should retreat or surrender this is suicide.
Colonel Pugh: Listen here you pompous a**, I have my men risking their necks to save you and your colony and you want to surrender or run. That is not an option, this is your home and you are going to fight for it. Any other words coming from you mouth is anything other than yes sir, I will put one between your eye's. Do you understand.
Maquis Colonist: Ah...Cough...Cough...Yes Colonel now please let me go....
Colonel Pugh: Good, I like to thank you for volunteering to take point.. Now you all know what to do. Lets get it done. GO GO GO
......Weapons Fire..........Weapons Fire....Explosion....Weapons Fire....
Major Russell: I am in position I got eyes, the enemy is holding their position
Sargent Russell: We are taking some serious fire. I have taken multiple casualties, I don't think I can continue this for much longer.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: We are making headway but they are putting up a strong resistance.
Colonel Pugh: Sargent take the rest of your team and back up Henderson on the left flank. ......Weapons Fire....
Sargent Russell: Yes sir moving to Henderson now.....
......Weapons Fire....
Colonel Pugh: When you join her I want you two to try and breach there defenses and get inside, if you get an opening take it....My group we are moving in GO GO GO....FRAG OUT....
......Weapons Fire....Explosion....Weapons Fire......Explosion......
Major Russell: I got a small group heading to the medical facility.
......Weapons Fire....
Colonel Pugh: Can you take them out?
Major Russell: Not all of them.. Some will make it.
......Weapons Fire....
Colonel Pugh: Do what you can when we are done here, we will mop them up.
Major Russell: Understood.
Sargent Russell: Henderson and I have punched through. Heading to the armories command center.
Colonel Pugh: Good, I will be there shortly....AH Sun of.....
......Weapons Fire....
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: We have broken through... There is no on here.... They are all gone..
Major Russell: I see them they ran out the back.. they are getting into a transport and heading away from the colony.
MFS CLOAK Sensor Ops: Colonel we are picking up strange readings from the armory and the medical center
Colonel Pugh: Bloody Hell....EVERYONE CLEAR OUT NOW....GET OUT..........................................


............COMMUNICATION RESTORED....................

Major Russell: Colonel....Sargent........Anyone.........
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: This....is Henderson.....UH....
Colonel Pugh: AHH.....AHH I am still alive I think...Yeah
Sargent Russell: What..the...who launched the torpedoes?...Ow it hurts when I do that.
MFS DAGGER Pilot: Colonel I got a visual on the Raiders shuttle, You want me to peruse
Colonel Pugh: Uh..No..Negative...got to....help civilians. Contact the Griffon and have the MES ready to deploy....AHH...And have A company set up a perimeter around the Colony......Everyone head back to the Communication Center.....This is Colonel Pugh we are clear....All hostiles have left the colony....
Major Russell: Looks like they planted explosive charges in the armories and medical center.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Henderson: Yeah we got that....looks like they got desperate.
Sargent Russell: And by taking out the medical center they know we would need to use the ships medical facility to deal with the casualties. They are gone.
Colonel Pugh: Yes well they are not our concern right now. We need those comms back up to get more ship here.

......Transmission Recording of SEALS TEAM V Personal Communicators Ends...............


SEALS TEAM V was charged with gathering intelligence on reports of Orion raiding parties operating in the vicinity of Treckon II. During this op Colonel Pugh had picked up a distress call from the Colony requesting assistance, Colonel Pugh responded by deploying him self and 3 other SEAL TEAM V members to word off the attack. Even though Colonel Pugh was to organize a defense with the Colonists and managed to repeal the attack, the colony suffered heavy casualties including the loss of the armories and the medical center.

It is confirmed that the Colony was attacked by a large force that seemed to be trying to occupy the colony instead of raiding it. The arrival of SEALS TEAM V had disrupted their plans. All intelligence has been turned over to the SSD for further investigation.

Note: Several Colonists have made complaints of Colonel Pugh's conduct towards the colonists during the events of attack, including threats and assault against members of the colony. These complaints are being investigated. With the 1MOAB providing security several other ships have been dispatched to Treckon II. Constructions efforts have begun to repair the damage to the colony after the battle.


The above is a modified retelling of a Paintball outing on April 26 2009 from members of the 1MOAB and SEALS TEAM V. Mat's brother(aka Major Russell) Daniel Russell(aka Sgt Russell), got invited to try out for a local scenario paintball team, however the game was canceled due to weather. So instead of giving up we played at an Indoor field in Toronto known as Sgt Splatters and at the last minute we were joined by Daniels girlfriend Tena don't know her last name (aka PO3 Henderson). We had a good time even though my paintball pistol and rifle were damaged and I had to use a rental, we played with a lot of renters that needed to be encouraged since most of them would stay back. But all in all it was a good evening of fun. 6pm to 10pm we also got off on a late start.


BRIEF 00002

MISSION: Assault on Orion Syndicate Stronghold (Operation Black Rain)
TEAM MEMBERS ASSIGNED: Col Pugh, Maj Russell,Fcol Williams,Lt Clarke,Sgt Russel, Sgt Scott
MISSION TYPE: Seek and Destroy
STATUS: Success

SSD Inelegance Report:
After the attack on the Maquis Colony of Tracken II by Orion occupation force the SSD has determined the source of this attack and several attacks on both Maquis and Federation vessels by the Orion Syndicate. The SSD have learned that the Orion's have aligned themselves with a rouge Cardasian Military unit and are taking advantage of the political instability of the Cardasian Union following the Dominion War. In exchange of a base of operations and protection from the rouge Cardassian unit, they are hitting every Maquis and Federation ship they can. Further more it has been determined that the Cardassian Commander may be using the Orion's for his own purpose a possible prelude to a attack on Maquis space. The Cardassian commander has five ships in his command and has stationed troops to help protect the Orion base, the total estimate of enemy forces is around a thousand.

1RAS scout squad Reconnaissance Report (Maquis Cardassian Border):
With the Cardassian Fleet being dismantled Starfleet has increased security patrols to support Cardassian military in securing the border. The border is heavily patrolled mostly by Starfleet vessels in attempt to keep the Maquis and Cardassians from any further hostilities towards each other. The 1RAS scout squad has found a hole in there grid witch may give the Griffon enough time to sneak through. This window is brief and there is no room for error any detection by either Starfleet or Cardassian will be bad.

Mission Overview:
The SSD have located the base of operations that the Orion Syndicate has bee using to attack Federation and Maquis vessels and the attack on Traken II. Team V and the 1MOAB has been ordered to eliminate this threat once and for all. Most importantly this must be done with out the Federation or the new Cardassian Union Government finding out. If the attack force is discovered this could cause a political fall out between the Maquis the Federation and the Cardassian Union.

Personal Log Col Pugh (Cardassian Space 2 days from Target):
With the help of the SV Spectre; FCol Williams' Talon Class Scout Vessel providing point for us we have been successful in avoiding both Federation and Cardassian Patrols and have infiltrated Cardassian space. Tension are high from both Marine and Naval crew as we slink towards our target the ship has been on red alert since the Griffon left Maquis space and the Marines have been using the Holodecks for mock assault trials based off the information we have received from the SSD, the ships engineers have been working non stop to modify the assault runabouts by removing all non essential equipment in hopes to fit two platoons instead of one, since this mission relies on both Stealth and Speed we can not wait for the 1RAS to perform two trips we need the full strength of the Battalion to attack at once. It seems this base is the source of the attack on Trackon. The Base it self has a landing strip for various types of ships ranging from one man shuttles to those of the size of a Judai Raider, most interesting is the two Meridian Class Starships that seem to be on the ground more than likely decommissioned Starfleet vessels that have been refurbished for the Orion's use. Hopefully most of these ships will not be there when we land.
.....Personal Log End.....:

Mission Log Operation Black Rain:
The initial attack was a success we were able to land all of our forces with out being detected. SEALS TEAM V quickly advanced ahead of the main force to try and knock out the communications preventing the Orion's to call for assistance from their Cardassian allies. A company proceeded to attack the main structure ad B company moved to secure the landing strip, C company was tasked to secure the two Meridian vessels but only one was present the time our forces landed. TEAM V was able to knock out the subspace communications but was unsuccessful in knocking out planetary system thus ending our surprise attack. Heavy fighting erupted primarily the landing strip as many of the shuttles tried to flee the battle only to be destroyed by the Weapons squad of the 1RAS, B Company got pinned down but was able to flank the enemy forces and take the landing strip with minimal casualties. A company advanced to the main structure but the structure it self was heavily fortified A company got pinned down and was unable to advance any further but they were able to prevent the enemy to move. C Company fought their way to the Meridian ship and managed to infiltrate and with heavy fighting inside C company was able to prevent the crew of the ship to get her off the planet. With in 4 hours of the initial landings all positions were captured except for the main structure the remaining Orion's and Carrdasian's held a last stand and were successful in keeping the 1MOAB at bay fighting was intense as phaser fire filled the sky both sides were taking casualties but neither could move, by the confusion of the fighting SEALS TEAM V had become separated each member at a different location. FCol Williams provided front line medical care to the Marines often performing these operations under fire and keeping the marines in the fight along with advancing with the forces and secured forward positions. Maj Russell lead a small team of Marine Snipers in counter sniper operations eliminating enemy sniper teams this team was also successful in infiltrating enemy territory and relaying vital intel to the main force. Lt Clarke along with Sgt Russell and Sgt Scot lead the main assault leading Marines to secure vital positions to attack the main structure. Col Pugh managed to capture a Orion signature making him appear as an Orion on enemy sensors along with some clothing to complete the look. Col Pugh manged to Infiltrate the main structure and eliminate the Orion's commanding officer and a high ranking Cardassian once this was done Col Pugh than provided false information through the communications providing a hole for the Marines to break through after this it was a matter of minutes before the Marines stormed the structure and captured it. The total operation was completed in 6 hours with the Orion base secured marking sensors were placed on the structure the landing strip and the Meridian class starship, Once the Marines were off the ground the Griffon and the Weapons Squad destroyed everything on the ground.


The 1MOAB and TEAM V was tasked with eliminating the Orion forces that were responsible for the attack on Tracken II the operation was a complete success the Orion's lost several ships and a forward base all with out being detected by either the Carrdasians or the Federation. However the initial intelligence regarding the Orion threat was wrong the base destroyed was only one of many scattered through out the Maquis Carddasian Border and their allies are the notorious 27th Cardassian Guards, due to the recent intelligence 1MOAB and SEALS TEAM V has been assigned to Task Force Orange. SEALS TEAM V has also been temporarily reassigned to the MFS Black Sun for this operation.


This was a retelling of a paintball outing on August 15 2009 to Wassag Beach Paintball for their anual big game the largest in Canada every year they attract player from all over Canada and the United States and every year the game grows often resulting in over a thousand players participating. This years game was called Black Rain the plot was that water has become rare and an evil government corporation known as W.A.R (Water Allocation Reserve) our team was fighting against a Rebel group known as the R.L.A (Resource Liberation Army). Due to traffic It took Paul (aka FCol Williams) and I 5 hours to reach a place that should only take 1.5 hours so we only able to play 3 hours the rest of the team was their at noon. We all had a great time but quickly became separated and did our own thing I was recruited by the W.A.R general to be a spy witch meant I wore R.L.A arm bands and a R.L.A id tag along with one stating that I am a spy. Most of my time was spent behind enemy lines I managed to eliminate over 30 players and the enemy general before anyone noticed. The others that attended were Matt(aka Maj Russell) Matt's Brother Daniel (aka Sgt Russell) a long time ARC Angel team member Derek Clarke (aka Lt Clarke) and Scott I do not know his last name (aka Sgt Scott) we all had a good time and can not wait for the next one maybe we will be able to stick together next time.


BRIEF 00003

MISSION: Operation Rhab
TEAM MEMBERS ASSIGNED: Col Pugh, Maj Russell,Fcol Williams
MISSION TYPE: Forward Assualt

Mission Overview:
Team V is assigned to storm the two main control centers controlling Atbar IV orbital defense grid. These centers control a grid of 16 orbital defense satellites, and have to be destroyed BEFORE the fleet begins their attack.

Atbar VI, is near the Cardassian world of Quinor. This is the home of the 27th Cardassian Guards. Each control center is a single story bunker manned by about 12 men, armed with hand phasers and phaser rifles of Cardassian manufacture.

Team V will be inserted into Cardassian space aboard the SOC ship the MFS Black Sea once the target is reached, Team V will than L.O.H.A.O drop (Low Orbit High Atmospheric Open)on to the surface. Team V will than march approximately 100 Kilometers making "hide" positions during the day to avoid detection by enemy patrols. Team V must make it to the target locations with in a week of the drop. The assault must begin at 0350 on Stardate 63144.1.The fleet will begin their assault, and begin landing combat forces at 0400. The command centers must taken with in the 10 minute time frame, if not control can be transferred away to another place by the Cardassians. After you have control and shut down the power to the grid and destroy the Command Centers.

If mission failure is immanent, Team V can call on SOC Epsilon Team 6 in the area. The code to activate the Epsilon Team will "the laundromat is closed" There will not be a reply. Epsilon Team 6 will arrive with in two minutes the code is activated.


Task Force Orange Operations section

SEALS TEAM V After Action Report


BRIEF 00004

MISSION: Investigate Attack on Planet Havaris (Operation Masakari)
TEAM MEMBERS ASSIGNED: Col Pugh, Maj Russell, FCol Williams
MISSION TYPE: Reconnaissance
STATUS: Success

Mission Overview:

MFS Liberty picked up a distress call from the Planet Havaris located between the Cardassian and Breen territory, the transmission indicated that colonists were being attacked by an unkown force. Further investigation indicates that the colonists on Havaris were attacked by a Cardassian Military unit. Accroding to the new Cardassian government that paticular unit has gone rouge and has been linked to several anti government groups and movements.

Distress Call From Harvaris

TEAM V Operatives will be deploying to the Northern hemisphere during its rainy season. TEAM V presence must not be detected, this is why Team V will be deployed by runabout from the 3rd SOAR (PAVE Intruder) a short distance from the target. Team V will investigate the settlement located coordinates 745921.6 and search for any survivors or evidence of a recent attack. SOC has not had intelligence assets on this planet in almost two years, so we're not sure what you might find.


TEAM V Mission Report

TEAM V has maintained position on Havaris and continues to monitor enemy forces on the planet and awaiting further instructions.


BRIEF 00005

MISSION: Operation Qutluch
TEAM MEMBERS ASSIGNED: Col Pugh, Maj Russell, FCol Williams
STATUS: Success

Mission Overview:

  • 1:Proceed immediately to the ruins on the Takar peninsula, (this will be about 60 miles South South-West of your current position) there is rumored to be a copy of the Book of the Kosst Amojan and, an artifact that will allow the cultists to release the Pah-wraiths.This artifact is one of the Red Orbs of Jalbador. There are three total and may in fact be on Havaris. Locate this book and the orb(s) and protect them at all costs.

Objective Status: Completed


Objective Status: Completed


Objective 1: Col Pugh and Section 1 along with 15 resistance fighters were sent to the ruins to investigate the presence of Par Wraith artifacts, sections 2 and 3 stayed at the base of operations to continue monitor the enemies movements and to prepare the resistance fighters for the main assault. Section 1 meet up with the local resistance cell whom provided the SEALS with vital Intel including the presence of 20 Cardassian troops a Par Wraith Priest and 5 Par Wraith warriors, they also warned of a curse wince an earlier expedition team that entered the ruins all died very painful deaths needless to say Col Pugh did not take this warning seriously. When they reached the outskirts of the ruins they noticed that the enemy brought with them a shuttle that Col Pugh thought would be a good idea to commandeer for later use. (With the help of Gal Torma the captured shuttle played a pivotal role for the main assault) The SEALS were able to dispatch of the shuttle crew and Par Wraith warriors quickly and quietly. It was decided that at no coasts could the items leave this temple in the hands of the enemy that explosives would be placed at the entrance and if it seemed that the mission was lost the entrance was to be blown trapping everything and everyone inside. Section 1 infiltrated the temple and split up into two four man teams Col Pugh took team 1 to the main library and PO3 Henderson lead the second team to collect the orbs located at three separate points in the temple. (MORE TO COME)


BRIEF 00006

MISSION: Investigate Attack on Barkon IV (Operation Blackout)
MISSION TYPE: Reconnaissance

Mission Overview:
A known mercenary consortium has been active in non-Federation space for the last several months and has up until now not affected Maquis Space. Recently however, we have had reports come in that they have been inching more and more toward Maquis space.Barkon IV, a small planet on the edge of Cardassian controlled space has recently come under siege by rather large and particularly well outfitted group of mercenaries. It is unclear if the mercenaries are just a sub group of (contracted by) the larger consortium calling itself "The Corporation" or if it is directly employed by "The Corporation."

1. SEAL TEAM V will insert via HALO jump from space.
2. SEAL TEAM V will insert NNE of Velsen.
3. Navigate to the city.
4. Infiltrate the city and meet up with Dex Getchell (contact in city)
5. Must map out all hostile installations
6. Must keep accurate records of all encounters.


Team 5 has been compromised while conducting there recon operation on Barkon IV it is known that at least on member has been killed in action and two other have been captured. However Team 5 was able to complete there objectives and transmit valuable information to task force high command. It has been also determined due to the nature of the enemies capabilities any rescue mission or supply drop would be too risky and Team 5 is effectively on their own.

For further detailed information regarding SEALS TEAM V activities on Barkon IV see the following


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