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SEALS Team Nine (IX)


(SEa Air Land Space) SEALS Team Nine represents one of
several premiere special operative Naval teams in the Maquis.
Frequently called upon to engage in sensitive classified
operations, they like most SEALS teams are
forward deployed aboard key Maquis vessels, ready to spring
into action at a moments notice.

Team Nine Operations Briefings

Arrow class

  • PRIMARY TASKING: Direct support to elements of Task Force Aquila
  • SECONDARY TASKING: Direct support as needed to the SSD/SOC (Maquis Special Security Division/Special Operations Command)
  • When not tasked with a mission, the team continually hones their skills and training to remain at the elite edge of the community of special operatives.
  • In addition to their primary team assignment, each member is expected to train to maintain proficency in multiple mission and fleet skills:
    • Explosive Ordinance
    • Search & Rescue Operations
    • Tactical Operations
    • Weapons & Munitions, both conventional and improvised
    • Xenostudies
    • Aerospace Patrol
    • Stealth & Evasion
    • Unarmed Combat
    • Personal mind resistance/blocking techniques
    • Zero-G/Extreme Environment operations & survival
    • (Classified)
    • Others...
  • Frequently utilizes specially configured Arrow class ships when conducting ops

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