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| [[User:Ahorner| Aaron Horner]]
| [[User:Ahorner| Aaron Horner]]
| Marine Captain
| Marine Captain
| Chief Of Special Operations (Warbirds SOC OIC)
| Chief Of Special Operations (Warbirds SOC OIC)

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==Chapter Information==

Maquis Forces International Chapters
MFS Aurora

Zone9A.JPG LDO-10.jpg AuroraButton03.gif


Maquis Forces Everett, WA - MFS Aurora RC 183321
The Mission of the MFS Aurora is three-fold: We develop peaceful relations
where we are able, provide mercy to those in need, and defend the homes and freedoms of those downtrodden.
Carried on the winds of hope for a better future, we inspire, inform and invent along the way.
Riding the Wind Towards the Future
Rushing On the Winds of Destiny
Rising With the Winds To Tomorrow

Command Staff

Commanding Officer: Brian "Breimh" Pickett

Executive Officer: Kathleen "Pursha" Pickett

Division Chiefs

Chief Science Officer: Gary "Walksfar" Bell

Chief Of Operations: Jason "Cali" Emery

Chief Security/Tactical Officer: Ander "Krogg" Burlew

Chief Medical Officer: Juanita "Medici" Burlew

Chief Communications Officer: Rita "Maize" Junnila

Crew Roster


Name Rank Insignia Position
Brian Pickett Colonel pip_capt_upd.jpg Commanding Officer
Kathi Pickett Commander pip_cdr_upd.jpg Executive Officer
Juanita Burlew Marine Unit O.I.C. Officer In Charge
Andy Burlew Klingon Officer In Charge (Sogh) Klingon Task Force Liaison
Belinda Shultz Romulan Officer In Charge (Erien) Romulan Legion Liaison


Name Rank Insignia Position
Jason Emery Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Chief Operations Officer
Digi Fre'nnson Private First Class Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Rita Junnila Second Lieutenant Chief Communications Officers
Chris La Fleur Sergeant Assistant Chief Communications Officers/Encryption Specialist
John Hartman Lieutenant Chief Conn Officer
John Sheppard Petty Officer Second Class Assistant Chief Conn Officer


Name Rank Insignia Position
Ben Weinstein Lieutenant Chief Engineering Officer
Chester Plant Ensign Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Lori Blacksin Corporal Chief Technician
Damon Wasson Petty Officer First Class Fabrication Design Specialist


Name Rank Insignia Position
Ander Burlew Marine Captain Chief Security Officer
Aaron Horner Marine Captain Assistant Chief Secuirty Officer
Diana Coyle Gunnery Sergeant Chief Of The Watch
Tasha Burlew Lance Corporal Away Team/Hostile Environment Specialist
Louis Lamp Staff Sergeant Diplomatic Security Liaison
Joe Swagerty Lance Corporal Munitions Specialist


Name Rank Insignia Position
Gary Bell Lieutenant Chief Science Officer
Alan Cortash Lieutenant J.G. Assistant Chief Science Officer
Lynda-Marie Hauptman Ensign Xenobiology Specialist
Siobhan Heapes Private First Class BioNeural Interface Technician
Howard Agnew Petty Officer First Class Astrometric Specialist
John Sheppard Petty Officer Second Class Stellar Cartography Specialist


Name Rank Insignia Position
Juanita Burlew Lieutenant Commander Chief Medical Officer
Belinda Shultz Master Sergeant Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Katt Daida Chief Petty Officer Chief Nurse
Amy Johnson Lieutenant Commander Chief Counselor
Phillip Buff Petty Officer First Class Counselor Assistant/Morale Officer

577th Support Marine Detachment

Name Rank Insignia Position
Juanita Burlew Major Marine Officer In Charge (577th Firebirds OIC)
Ander Burlew Marine Captain Marine Assistant Officer In Charge (577th Firebirds DOIC)
Louis Lamp Staff Sergeant Non-Commissioned Officer Of Support Operations (577th Firebirds NCOIC)
Siobhan Heapes Private First Class Support Operations Specialist/Requisitions Officer (577th Firebirds)

Special Security Division - 310th Tactical Unit

Name Rank Insignia Position
Teona Bisson Marine Captain Tactical Unit Officer In Charge (310th Thunderbirds OIC)
Rita Junnila Second Lieutenant Deputy Tactical Officer In Charge (310th Thunderbirds DOIC)
Belinda Shultz Master Sergeant Non-Commissioned Tactical Officer In Charge (310th Thunderbirds NCOIC)
Chris La Fleur Sergeant Surveillance Specialist (Thunderbirds)
Digi Frennson Private First Class Crisis Specialist (Thunderbirds)

979th Special Operations Command Detachment

Name Rank Insignia Position
Aaron Horner Marine Captain Chief Of Special Operations (Warbirds SOC OIC)
Diana Coyle Sergeant Deputy Chief Of Special Operations (Warbirds SOC DOIC)
Lori Blacksin Corporal Non-Commissioned Officer Of Special Operations (Warbirds SOC NCOIC)
Tasha Burlew Lance Corporal Special Operations Team (Warbirds)
Joe Swagerty Lance Corporal Special Operations Team (Warbirds)

Civilian Contingent

Name Rank Insignia Position
Paul Dexter Civilian SIM-Observer.jpg UFP Negotiations and Treaties Liaison
Jeff Morovich Civilian SIM-Observer.jpg Ambassadorial Observer

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