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Maquis Forces International Chapters
MFS McNelly

McNelly patch gif 450.gif
Participating Chapter

333rd Marine Recon Det.

pip_capt_green.jpg Commanding Officer

Colonel Michael Tolleson

pip_cdr_red.jpg Executive Officer

Commander Thomas Clark

pip_lt_red.jpg Medical Officer

Lieutenant Tracy Clark

pip_lcdr_green.jpg Runabout navigator/pilot

Major Kyle Shugart

pip_mcpo_green.jpg Chief of the Boat/Laundry & Morale

Command Sergeant Major Mark West

pip_mcpo_red.jpg Chief of Engineering

MCPO Jeremy Carsten

mcadet3.jpg Ship Engineering Trainee

Cadet 3rd Yr Katherine Tolleson

pip_mcpo_red.jpg Chief of Security

MCPO Marian Murphy

mcadet1.jpg Ship Security Trainee
Cadet 1st Yr Samantha Tolleson