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Dan anim.gif MFS ORINOCO

Special Operation's
Covert Runabout



The Special Operations runabouts are parked on Pad C at MFI Headquarters - Empok Nor.

These runabouts are manned by four-member SOC teams. The pilot's consoles are forward facing in front of two large windows. The two large windows are equipped with retractable blast shutters. View screens mounted within the forward corners of the cabin are used for External Viewing, Video Communication and Ship Status displays. Most of the inside bulkheads contain hidden compartments containing the units specialized small arms armament.

The extra Generator Modules were added to provide power for the Transporter module and Cloaking Device, as well as extra Emergency Power to the Impulse Engines. This specialized long-range, dynamic vessel also contains a Grav Bike Shop module which houses four Harley Davidson HGW 1888 Anti-gravity transport devices and work shop. The Grav Bikes allow the teams planet-side reconnaissance transportation. The berthing arrangements of this Runabout modification can sleep up to 4 team members.

Runabout Deck Plan and Specifications
Basic Specs:

Length: 24 Meters
Width: 10 Meters
Height: 7 Meters
Decks: 1
Crew: 1 - 4
Max Life Support: 10

Propulsion Systems
MARA MicroCochrane Warp-module
Warp Tractor Beam Capable

Deck Plan Weapon Systems:

Primary: 4 Type IV Phaser Emitters
Secondary: Micro-Photon Torpedoes - 2 Launcher
Defensive: Auto Modulated Shields, Cloaking Device
Transporter Systems:
Personnel Transporters: 2
Max Objects / Cycle: 9

Computer System:
LCARS Crew Interface

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Grav Bikes

Grav Bike Graphic and Specifications

Length: 2.85 Meters
Mass: 350 Kg
Cruise Speed: 100kph
Max Speed: 200kph
Range: 300 Hrs @ 100kph
Cruise Altitude: 50m
Ops Ceiling: 1000m
Crew/Passenger: 1/1
Sensor Range: 30,000m
Weapons: Type 3 Phaser


Anti-gravity bikes (Grav Bikes) are the modern equivalent of the Earth motorcycle. The Harley Davidson HGW-1888 "Heavy Grav Bike" is capable of carrying up to two persons in tandem, and a moderate amount of stowage in the rear pannier. Widely used as short-range transportation for reconnaissance, they consist of an anti-gravity generator, a micro-fusion power source, an RCS thruster system and a seat. They have no life support systems or shields. The HGW is armed with a Type III Phaser emitter and enhanced short range sensors.

While they can be used in space with the aid of an environmental suit, they are almost always encountered on a planetary surface. Grav bikes are incapable of achieving orbit, and are generally operated at heights of less than 50 meters. Although they do not have a true autopilot, they can be preset to follow a programmed set of way-points and have a basic auto-avoidance warning system. In the case of an injured or incapacitated operator, they can be slaved to another grav bike, or operated remotely from the SOC Runabout.

Rob Johnson, IC
16 Mar 2006

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