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Database functions<br>
Database functions<br>
Data conversion functions<br>
[[Computer Operations/Database/Functions/Data Conversion Functions|Data conversion functions]]<br>
Record viewing functions <br>
Record viewing functions <br>
Security check functions<br>
Security check functions<br>

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19 January 2021
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MFI Computer Operations

MFI Database Functions

Functions are like mini programs that the other modules call upon to do certain tasks. We use these so that we only have to do certain coding once. The functions are divided into several types. More may be added as functionability and features are added. Note that in some cases the code itself will not be given for security, but rather a description of the function will be listed along with the proper syntax of the function (i.e. what variables to pass along).

Database functions
Data conversion functions
Record viewing functions
Security check functions
Drop Down Menu Functions
Button Placement Functions
Data Retrival Functions

  • Member related functions
  • Cell related functions
  • Awards Related Functions
  • Misc data functions

Welcome Letter Functions
Update Functions

HTML Functions

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