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13 August 2020
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Computer Operations Seal, designed by Samuel Cummings

MFI Computer Operations

MFI Database Tables


The tables will be listed in alphabetical order.


Used to note the different areas within each zone.

Field Type
id varchar(4)
name varchar(40)
zone_id char(3)

The table is a static one that may be added to when new chapters are added in countries that have not yet established chapters. Once an area is on the table it remains there. The id is a 4 letter code starting with a 2 letter abbriviation for the contenant followed by a two letter code for the country. The exception is the United States where the code starts with US and is followed by state abbreviation. If the concentration of chapters in any other country grows to a proportion where it is necessary to subdivide a zone, the codes will be altered to fit the situation.


Used to note the various awards in MFI and the location of their graphics.

Field Type
id int(11)
name varchar(55)
abreviation varchar(10)
order_of_precedence tinyint(3)

The ID is just a number that is autogenerated when a new awards is added. The order of precedence is the order in which the awards would appear on a ribbon set if all of them were worn at once. This is a static table growing only as needed.


Combination table used to connect a member's ID with an award ID.

Field Type
id int(11)
member_id int(11)
award_id int(11)
number_awarded tinyint(11)
honors tinyint(1)
author tinyint(1)
dean tinyint(1)

The member_id and the award_id are linked with the 'id' fields on the respective tables. The last three fields are Yes/No fields to see whether these extras are used or not on a ribbon. The Interface system will use the last 4 fields and the 'abbrivation' field in the AWARDS table to create a graphic file name for use in the Hall of Honor and on all individual records.


This table holds the basic information on the individual chapters.

Field Type
id int(11)
name varchar(40)
co_member_id int(11)
xo_member_id int(11)
zone_id char(3)
area_id varchar(4)
type_id char(2)
lastreport timestamp
forcerecall tinyint(1)
active tinyint(1)
Any field with _id in it is liked to it's appropriate table. The last two fields are Yes/No fields.

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