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Maquis Forces International


Force Captain William Haines

Diplomatic Corps Director
(Director - Zone EM)


EMBASSY LISTING (Allied Organizations)

Zoneem.jpg The list of all the Fan Organizations

MFI currently hold Alliances with
may be found on our Embassies page.


Mission Statement

To establish a dialogue with other Star Trek fan clubs and organizations throughout the world initiating inter-fandom activities and newsletter exchanges. Our contacts with other organizations, such as Starfleet International (SFI), International Fandom Council (IFC), UFPI, etcetera are very significant to Maquis Forces International (MFI). Many members of the Maquis have dual memberships with these various organizations and it would be beneficial to cooperate with our fellow Star Trek organizations. There are two types of Treaties: 'The Handshake' is an unofficial, unsigned treaty. A 'Signed Treaty' is just that, an official formal notice of the intergroup friendship.

The Maquis Diplomatic Corps Staff:

Maquis Diplomatic Corps Director
pip_fcapt_upd.jpg FCapt William Haines

Maquis Deputy Diplomatic Corps Director
pip_fcapt_upd.jpg FCol David Stayduhar

Communications Coordinator
pip_adm_upd.jpg ADM Ten-of-Nine aka Steve Lackey

Chief Negotiator
pip_vadm_upd.jpg VAdm Logan Andrews

Ambassadors or Liaisons:

Liaison to International Federation of Trekkers
pip_fadm_upd.jpg FADM (RET) Gary Davis

Ambassador to Cha'ouw Empire
pip_gen_upd.jpg General Trentin Anara aka Christina Doane

Liaison to Maquis Freedom Alliance
pip_gen_upd.jpg General Trentin Anara aka Christina Doane

Ambassador to Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces
pip_adm_black.jpg GEN K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK (Larry French Sr)

Liaison to Starfleet Medical Corps
pip_gen_upd.jpg General Trentin Anara aka Christina Doane

Diplomatic Corps Past Directors:

pip_radm_upd.jpg Rear Admiral Warren Price

Diplomatic Director Emeritus
(NOV 2005 - APRIL 2007)

Zcem comoprice.jpg

Job Descriptions

The Senior Diplomatic Corps Officer in the organization. Shall oversee the operation and coordination of the corps effort. Shall keep the Maquis Forces International Coordinator appraised of all activity within the Diplomatic Corps.

The Deputy Director shall keep up with the data of each organization the department has contacted and the Liaisons.

The Communications Coordinator shall construct and maintain the web/wiki presense for the Diplomatic Corps Department.

The Chief Negotiator shall be responsible for negotiating treaties with other organizations. Shall be the head liaison between MFI and the other organization in negotiating peace treaties and getting them signed. Also if other organizations inquire about a treaty with MFI, it would be funneled to the Chief Negotiator so the process can be started. The Chief Negotiator will need to ensure that the Maquis Diplomatic Corps Director is notified when another organization makes contact. This position will be selected by the Maquis Diplomatic Corps Coordinator.

The Liaison is to be the main link between this Department and each organization in which there is contact. Each Liaison would make contact with the appropriate personnel in the sister organization in order to foster better ties of cooperation and mutual understanding between them and the Maquis. Primary contacts in a handshake treaty will be titled Liaisons.

A special type of Liaison will be known as Ambassadors, those part of official signed treaties. Their primary contact with the other organization will also be titled Ambassador.

Accords & Treaties


Cultural Center Project

Force Captain William Haines
Updated 08 September 2010

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