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If you have a knack for writing Sci-Fi, Please submit your
compositions to our CC Member or specific project coordinator.

Also... Click the "Discussion" Tab to contribute to our Continuiing Story or start a new one!

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Check discussion tab above for new story...!!

Follow any link below for a special event...!!

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Fan Fiction can cover a whole range of combinations. On the attached discussion page you may find our current RP-SIM continuing narrative (play by email) and Archives to older works. Below might be links to Trek and Maquis related Traditional Fiction, Poetry, Filk Lyrics, Narratives of Role Played Campaigns, and More.
We welcome your contributions.

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  • Fan Fiction Title 8 (Awaiting Future Link) NEW - Future
  • Fan Fiction Title 9 (Awaiting Future Link) NEW - Future

--Rob, FADM 11 Aug 2005 (EDT)

--ADM Steve 14 Apr 2011 (EDT)

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