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This year's Labor Day Offensive is held in honor of The League of MIA/POW/WW Families.

Please Note

Currently this page is in work. Our ultimate goal is to give participation credit due to those who helped the campaign happen and come to at least a temporary conclusion. We welcome those who wish to role-play in this forum with us, and only ask that when you present your character or cell portion of the events that unfold, you do not attempt to resolve the conflict through your own direct actions or speak for other cells or individuals also taking part in these events. Should you wish to participate by performing some charitable action or group activity instead, please submit a report of what you have done to our Chief of Operations via the official mailing list or in e-mail. Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

If you have information on Ships/Units that are participants, you may post to the attached discussion page and FADM Pickett will see that you are added to the official list.
You will need to include the following: Ship/Cell Name, Member Name, Member Rank, Member Number, and any notes on the type or amount of participation. This is the Honor System, but we will verify claims as needed. Please 'only list those who participate' in whatever way.

Game Notes

In the basic game, each chapter chooses one of the below operations to take part in, whether you are gaming or writing fan fiction. Chapters may team up as they agree, but it is not necessary. You are quite free to run things from an independent point of view in this setting. The "objectives" listed in the operations simply flesh out the setting and viewpoints of the various roles, and provide prompts if you need them.

All operations are fairly open to interpretation and offer a variety of interesting stories, depending on what you and/or your team might wish to pursue. You don't have to follow the prompts in your chosen operation - they are simply scenarios that fit the archetype. You are also free to write from a character that is not your normal persona in MFI - and, if you like, you may even choose more than one operation to take part in. Feel free to be creative. And if you choose to take part by working with our honored (or even another) charity, please let us know what you did, who participated with you, and what charity it was if not our honored one.


Introduction and Explanation


Another fine Labor Day Operation, this year brought to you by




Whether you are taking part in the LDO individually or as a group, you may do so in a variety of ways. Just what are the different roles? It honestly depends on how much activity and participation you choose to invest in the exercise:

1. 'Maquis Intelligence' - You are working on behalf of the Maquis Intelligence Branch (either SOC or SSD) to garner information about the enemy forces that are attacking.

2. 'Maquis Marine' - You are part of the ground forces or a ship-boarding assault team working to take out enemy forces, halting their advancement or driving them away.

3. 'Maquis Navy' - You are assisting with ground placement, reconnaissance or evacuation procedures to protect and recover civilian lives.




A Jem Hadar attack group, starting their operations by boarding and taking control of a Gorn colony cruiser, managed to gain entry to Maquis space and have begun systematic annihilation of colonists within the Lethras star system, and it is suspected they will use that as a staging base to do the same with the rest of the Maquis.

Maquis Forces are cautioned against countering this threat via physical force. If unarmed confrontation is avoidable, do so: - shoot to kill always! Do not attempt to overcome these forces without VERY heavy weaponry. Even Klingon disruptors and Bat'leth have been noted to have little effect on their tough hide.

Informational Source: SOC Xenobiology Directorate "Finding new and interesting species to kill in new and interesting ways"

Enemy nation: The Dominion
Species name: Jem'Hadar
Expected level of resistance: Heavy
Fleet composition:
Attack Fleet: Unknown – 2 War ships, 4 Battle Cruisers and 24 Strike ships verified entering Maquis space.


Basic description: A genetically-engineered humanoid race from the Gamma Quadrant, the Jem'Hadar were the military arm of the Dominion and one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy during their time.

Jem'Hadar are designed to have excellent vision and strength several times greater than Humans. They also have the ability to "shroud" themselves (a form of camouflage that acts as a personal cloaking field) effectively hiding them and their weapons from both sensors and the naked eye. However, they have to drop this effect when attacking.

Uniforms – Jem'Hadar uniforms allow their wearers to be almost completely unaffected by many forms of anti-personnel force field. Weaponry - Jem'Hadar carry plasma weapons in both rifle and pistol variants, capable of firing lethal disruptor bursts with anti-coagulants that are designed to slowly kill their enemies if the burst itself does not. The weapons have at least two other settings: they are able to stun, and to fire a more powerful burst capable of vaporizing a humanoid target. Melee Weapons - In close quarters, Jem'Hadar prefer the kar'takin, a type of two-handed pole-arm axe. They also carry combat knives.

Briefing compiled by the Maquis Forces Department of Cynical Propaganda, which is not responsible for any factual inaccuracies in this briefing.

Lethras -- Background and History

  • Lethras is mostly dry, with flooding showers once per full rotation (approximately 1.4 years) on the lower continent that is the most hospitable for Gorn habitation; however, temperatures around the equator rarely rise above 30 degrees Celsius and what few storms the planet experiences are often mild and provide needed moisture.
  • Much of the planet's southern portion of the hemisphere is dominated by a large bowl-shaped continent which has a single mountain range, the Chi'allan Mountains, running along its middle and curving to the north.
    • The majority of plant life are short scrub-brush and flowering spike-grass akin to Earthly war plants or the Yucca.
    • Two rivers wind to the south and east of the mountain range.
  • In the northern hemisphere, there are nine smaller island-like continents with wide mildly saline rivers that separate them.
    • The oceans are a bit more alkaline than Earth's waters.

Open Call for Allies - Tactical Analysis

Any incursion by the Dominion is a serious breach within our quadrant by the Gamma Quadrant. It is highly probable that if they have any success or find little resistance they will stay and resume their previous attempt to subjugate our entire Quadrant. Force is the only thing which will stop them. That or having the Founders force them back to their own quadrant.

That understood, we ask that any Maquis would exert whatever influence to get the Feds, Klingons, Romulans, and others involved in pushing the Dominion away and out of our Quadrants.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.  



Objective of Operation: Modus Sabateur

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure; life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

For those seeking to make a name for themselves or wishing to prove something (to themselves or others), this is a perfect way to do so. As a solo operative, or part of a team, your task is to find your way aboard enemy ships to find ways to sabotage them while gaining more information about the vessels and Dominion forces that our Intelligence can analyze and disseminate accordingly.

A. Write an after-action report about the ship systems, schematics, enemy fighting style or weaponry that were encountered.

B. Offer detailed scans or images showing the design of the enemy vessel's engineering, or reverse engineer enemy weaponry that you are able to abscond with.

C. Remain in communicator and transporter range, and present a verbal/visual record of the details aboard ship, noting weaknesses in their designs or shipboard operations once your mission is complete.


Objective of Operation: Midnight Run

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

As part of the ground forces operation for the Lethras system, you are charged with the extraction and evacuation of civilians, and the attempt to recover lost ground of the Jem'Hadar forces if at all possible. If not, then your mission is to make the enemy understand that taking more ground is too high a price to continue to pay – through means of ambush, ensnarement and sabotage.

A. Draw up a battle plan for your given area of the arid, rocky world of Lethras, include contingencies for meeting with a civilian element in your write-up.

B. Offer a report of the skirmish you and your team had with enemy forces, including details of numbers, weaponry used by both sides, and any injury or casualty reports.

C. Present the communications (and/or video) log of your team's efforts on Lethras for HQ to review, so that we might know what weaponry, snares, and methods of entrapment, fortifications or maneuvers worked against enemy forces.


Objective of Operation: Pied Piper

Children are gifts, they remind us of what is important.

One of the primary duties of the Maquis Naval Forces is that of protecting colonies and ships within our held territory of space. To this end, a convoy of civilian Gorn transports, on their way to the Lethras system, has taken heavy damage from the Jem'Hadar strike ships, and are now drifting somewhere off-course in the eddies and wakes of the Badlands. Many of these ships carry non-combative citizenry, their children and even a few hatchery ships. It is your duty to locate these ships and attempt to mount a rescue.

A. Present a record of account from the moment you began your search for the lost convoy to the point of rescue and return to base, include what methods were suggested, tried, failed and succeeded. Include what types of ships were encountered and colonists rescued, and if you were working alone or with other vessels or any specialized teams.

B. Share a diagram (or drawing) of your intended procedure that you will implement in the search and rescue operations.

C. Send a recording of your subspace transmissions with the ship your crew (attempts to/manages to) rescue. In this way HQ may study the operation, and utilize it to test future MFI officers in similar procedures.


Objective of Operation Death Shroud

I believe in endings that should suggest our stories always continue.

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Dominion sent shock troops to attempt to wipe us out. It is in our best interest to make them believe they have done so. Staging particular battles and colonies with information that will be leaked to their operatives, we will allow them to hit these places and offer pitched battles where it looks as if there were no survivors. In this way, we may find ourselves at peace, at least for a time, allowing us to rebuild our numbers and defenses while our enemies believe we have been obliterated.

A. Are you an operative, or team – or ship – that has leaked false information about the fall of the Maquis to the enemy? How so? Please give details in a story, or holo-novel, or even over a drink in 10 Forward.

B. Have you changed your identity, and are now infiltrating the Federation's (Or some other Empire's) shipping lanes? What cosmetic surgery or implants have you had, and who did the work? Put together a referral list, or hook us up with some new fake I.D. Cards, too!

C. Are you someone who has helped with the relocation and redistribution effort? HQ will need the only surviving record of your log so that we can have that information (specially locked and secured as EYES ONLY material) for our top level security personnel.


Lethras Gorn Campaign

Vessels & Units Currently Awaiting Assignment

  • MFS Exploration Constitution Class (Refit) Heavy Cruiser
  • Compliance Battle Group and embarked units mission planning in progress

Vessels & Units Assigned to Operation Modus Sabateur

Vessels & Units Assigned to Operation: Midnight Run

Vessels & Units Assigned to Operation: Pied-Piper

Vessels & Units Assigned to Operation: Death Shroud

  • MFS Aquila – Oslo Class Heavy Escort – Fleet Flagship

Debriefing: Summary Report to Empok Nor HQ

To Follow...

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