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58504.18, Mon Mar 22 2382 12:37:00 (Central Daylight Time)(Terran Reckoning)

(A little over nine hours have passed since the final report of SEALS Team 5, intelligence analysts have scoured the tapes, maps, and photographs and analyzed all the data provided by the Team in the field)

(A human man of Terran-Asian descent approaches the podium. His uniform is fresh but his face carries the "crows feet" and under eye bags of a man used to operating on little or no sleep when operatives are in harms way.)

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who are not familiar with me, I am RADM Theodore Tetsuhara, Chief of Operations, Special Operations Command. I have with me today the initial report form SEALS Team 5 from the planet Barkon IV."

( A few moments pass while a large hologram of the planet Barkon IV appears behind him)

RADM Tetsuhara" "Barkon IV is a small world with dense forests and covered by roughly two thirds water. The planet is rich in numerous minerals.

RADM Tetsuhara: The following is Team 5's report.

SEALS Team 5 Initial Report

RADM Tetsuhara: "The following was recorded by one of our PAVE Intruder Runabouts during the attempted extraction."

Planet: Barkon IV (Seals Team V)
Operation: Blackout
Coordinates: 200 Kilometres from Velsen (SEALS Team extraction)
Star date: 58503.21, Mon Mar 22 2382 03:23:00 (Central Daylight Time)
Lt Richards: Colonel did you hear that?
Col Pugh: Hear what?
Lt Richards: Could have sworn I heard a shuttle over head.
Col Pugh: Are you sure?



…Phaser Fire…..

Lt Richard: We need transportation.
Col Pugh: Then we'll take theirs.

………Transmission Cancelled……………

Incoming Transmission
Planet: Barkon IV
Coordinates: Undetermined
Star date:

There are three hooded figures tied to chairs in a very sparse room that resembles a bunker. Two guards stand on either side of the prisoners. A well dressed Andorian male steps into view his uniform resembles that of a Starfleet officer except the collar is black and the rest is grey, he has also several medals pinned to his chest.

General Thonas: Greetings my name is General Thonas leader of the liberation army of Barkon IV and you have now committed an act of aggression against the sovereign planet of Barkon IV we know that these three prisoners are part of a reconnaissance group from the Maquis hence why I have contacted you, the rest of them have managed to escape but we will find them eventually. Now this can go two ways--one you provide us with the location of your covert team and we will return them safely and the second, well if you do not heed my warning this will happen.

General Thonas removes a phaser pistol from a holster and aims it at a random prisoner pulls the trigger and fires. A blue pulse hits the prisoner in the center of his chest, the blast knocks him along with the chair on to the ground smoke can be seen coming from the hole in his chest.

General Thonas: The choice is yours we only hope you make the right one.

End of Transmission

RADM Tetsuhara: That last message was sent directly to the PAVE Intruder in orbit over Barkon IV. Which means they could see through our cloaking. We're already working trying to figure out the hows and whys and how to prevent them from seeing our ships again.

RADM Tetsuhara: Numerous attempts have been made to contact Colonel Pugh's team with no success. Several assets have been en placed on Barkon IV and are working to locate the captured members of SEALS 5. I would however request that Special Operations Command be allowed to re task Delta Teams 2 and 6 into the theater of operations for the eventual extraction of SEALS 5


ADM McCoy's Initial Reaction

While RADM Tetsuhara was prepping the initial announcement...

ADM McCoy: Make arrangements for Team 5's family members to be contacted and brought aboard Sutherland until we get everything sorted out. Since we don't know the status of Team 5 members, we want to provide comfort, but in an environment which will ensure privacy. Keep me apprized of anything they may need.

ADM Lackey, Maquis Chief of Staff

ADM Lackey, deployed aboard MFS Compliance:
Well that may bollux our plans. First send a coded tight-beam comm using SEALS 3 tactical channels. Use their TEAM mission code groups for: VOICE COMM COMPROMISED, STEALTH COMPROMISED, ASSUME PRIMARY PLAN BURNED, and CONTINUE WITH CAUTION.

Then send a SEALS command alert to all Teams with a normal message saying the same things in our normal command frequencies: VOICE COMM & STEALTH COMPROMISED and REMAIN AT ALERT.

Third, contact the Maquis Corp of Engineers vessel MFS Serendipity. Send a secure burst with all of the intell we have concerning the Cloaking tech we have out there with Team 5. Instruct that the mission to determine how this is being done and how to counter it is as of now their top priority. Tell them it is needed yesterday if not sooner... They know the drill...

After that, contact the task force Alpha Recall list to get underway soonest. Have them report their status and shortages, then proceed to the the staging coordinates I have entered into my PADD. Make sure you take care to keep our new COO in the loop and offer him every courtesy and assistance he may need. Send me and the COO a summary updated every Hour. Emergencies right away.

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