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OK everyone... I propose to use this ribbon as a Naval Branch award for campaigns such as the annual Labor Day actions.
I need blessing from awards first.
Any comments?

ADM Steve

For those not familiar with MFI Ribbons, would you care to give a breakdown of the ribbon... What the base ribbon color indicates, what the Stripe colors indicate, how this ribbon differs from other MFI Ribbons, etc? {grin]
Rob J, COS

LOL... not so hard. It fits the bill and it is NOT currently used. Looking for Naval Red as a background color. The selection of these is complicated by all of the academy ribbons pre-existing sharing the same basic ribbon. I took the Aviation ribbon with the 5 vertical black stripes and changed the color of two of them to white. The previous campaign ribbon all had multiple vertical black stripes. I was looking for something easy to make. The white color is used for the only two existing Naval Branch ribbons, the NAM and the NCM [yeah... I know the NCM is not issued by the branch, but it is branch specific]

This ribbon would be used with star [or similar] devices for multiple awards and perhaps a frame as well for distinguished service such as the key persons running the campaign. Obviously the frame would only be awarded once although the documentation could be noted each time applicable.

Another idea would be some type of rainbow striped ribbon to signify the multi-branch participation BUT that would be harder to make and too complicated for what the effort is worth... IMO.

As I have said before, Naval is the one branch that everyone belongs to, thus a multi branch participation award would fit under naval...


Hrmmmm, looks great. It'd look even better with some green on it <EAR-GRIN-EAR> Marc E.

The white does indeed indicate that the ribbon is Naval vice MFI wide like the MFIAM and MFICM. It seems to be good overall as a design goes. See the HQ thread for more comments --RAdm Logan Andrews 06:28, 18 October 2009 (PDT)

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