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MFI Headquarters

MFI-HQ: Empok Nor Seal of MFI HQ The IC's Flagship Is In!
Directory of MFI Headquarters Offices
Coordinator Council: Pd hq.jpgIC | Pd hq.jpgVIC | Pd hq.jpgCOS | Mfi coo.jpgCOO | Compops-Seal.gifCompOps | Pd hq.jpgCCS | Pd acad staff.jpgACAD

Branches: Logos naval.jpgNavy | Logos mfmc.jpgMFMC | Logos ssd.jpgSSD | Logos naval.jpgSOC | Logos naval.jpgKTF | Logos naval.jpgMRL

Administration: Pd hq.jpgCMA | Zoneem.jpgMDC | Pd hq.jpgMMD | Pd mfi.jpgMSA | Pd mfi.jpgMFC

Welcome to Maquis Forces International Headquarters, home base of operations for MFI's Chief Officers, Departments and Branch Leaders. Our fictional HQ is the captured Cardassian Space Station "Empok Nor". In reality, our headquarters, like our flagship, is an online entity making it possible for a group of highly talented and fandom knowledgeable individuals to be posted aboard. Our Coordinator Council (CC) and Administrative Council (AC) are the hub of our HQ, with MFI's International Coordinator (IC), Force Admiral Joshua Laury at the apex. HQ serves a variety of functions which help support the chapters of MFI.

Chapters within MFI are based on starships, starbases, and any other type of spacecraft or base envisioned by our members. These chapters make up our Naval, Marine and Special Operations Forces and the bulk of our Resistance Force. If you are deciding on what kind of ship that your chapter would like to based on, check out some of our examples that serve other chapters at our Ships of the Resistance Force page.

The Coordinator Council, Administrative Council and Branches pages detail the exact positions of everyone stationed at HQ. I invite you to explore those pages and the remainder of site for what interests you. Feel free to send questions to any of these members concerning their area of expertise. Our HQ exists to bind the organization together and serve as an aid and source of information for the member chapters. We hope that you will consider membership into the largest Maquis based Star Trek organization on the planet!

Samuel Cummings, IC

Trivia Fact:
While in general, 'Empok Nor' is used to refer to the 'Space station' Headquarters of the Maquis, it is also used to refer to the Headquaters in MFI in real life, which is wherever the International Coordinator, acting in capacity as Commander-in-Chief, happens to be, generally accepted as his or her residence.

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