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Here are some Helpful Links and quick charts to assist you in designing your own Wiki Pages. Of course, you can View any member's User Page source code and duplicate it.
Just be careful not to accidently tamper with any other Member's Personal Pages.

If you come up with some neat page design you wish to share, let us know by either emailing us with the source code, or Post the Code in this page's "Discussion" area (See the Discussion Tab up on top?).

Hope these help,
Rob Johnson, FADM, IC (Ret)

MFI Wiki Guidelines

User Pages

Although each Member is only allowed One User Page, you MAY have Sub-Pages attached to your User Page. Any and All User Sub-Pages should be labeled as such (ie: [[User:Jsmith/Sandbox]], [[User:Bsmith/Directory]], Just as your "Discussion" page is a Sub-Page of your User Page.

Chapter Pages

As with User Pages, Each Chapter is allowed only One Main Chapter page, named in accordance to our Database's naming system (ie: [[Cell:MFS Nebula]], [[Cell:MFS Parallax]] , etc). Any and all Chapter Sub-Pages should be linked to the Main Chapter page using the "Cell:..." naming criteria (ie: [[Cell:MFS Sutherland/Runabout Colorado]]) and the Sub page should not simply be a slight variation of the Main Page.

Another example of this would be if the Chapter "MFS Neversail" (Cell:MFS Neversail) located in Oslo Norway had an MFMC Contingent aboard named "Marine Detachment Oslo" (per MFMC Naming Guidelines) and they wanted to make a page representing that contingent, that page would be named "Cell:MFS Neversail/Marine Detachment Oslo".

Specialty Pages

As with the User and Chapter Pages, All Branch, Department, Division, or Specialty related Sub-Pages should be linked to the Main/Parent page using the same criteria (ie: [[Maquis Sim Project]], [[Maquis Sim Project/Runabout Fleet]] , etc).

If you deviate from the norm, we will attempt to contact you, asking you to modify your pages. If you fail to reply, or to comply, someone from MFI's Wiki Mainenance Team (aka: SysOps) may take it upon themselves to make the alterations for you.

Constant deviations from the guidelines may result in placing a "Block" on your user account, where you will not be able to author any new pages for a specified period of time.

Some Basic Commands To Get You Started

NOTE: The Commands Listed in this 1st chart Need to be Placed Inside "less than" (<) and "Greater Than" (>) symbols (<Your Command>)

Command What to place inside the "<>"
Enter (carriage Return) : <br> (Like in html)
Left Justify : <div align="left">
Right Justify : <div align="right">
Center: <div align="center">
(sometimes just <center> works)
Font Size (Largest to Smallest)
("5", "4", "3", "2", or "1"):
<font size="5"> <font size="1">
(Wiki dfault is: <font size="2"> )
Display your rank and name as in the Database.
Use of this feature will keep your information as current as the DB.
You can also select to use your persona name if registered in the DB.
<member rank=value type=value>MFI-RM-###</member>
Rank = "upper"(abbreviated all uppercase), "lower"(abbreviated all lowercase), "full"(Written out fully)
Type = "real"(your actual name), "persona"(your registered persona name)
### = Your MFI member number

The Commands Listed in this 2nd chart do NOT Need to be Placed Inside "less than" (<) and "Greater Than" (>) symbols

Command What to place inside the Command Code
External Page Link:
(linking to an external web page)
[http://your-web-page-address.html web page name]
Example: [ Maquis Forces International]
Internal Page Link
(Linking to another MFI Wiki page)
[[Pagename listed at the top of the page | what you're calling the page]]
Example: [[Main Page | MFI Site Index]]
Linking to an MFI User: [[User:the "username" on file | their actual name]]
Example: [[User:Maquiscat | Logan Andrews]]
Using External Graphics:
Graphics located on Other Web Pages)
Example: []
Using Internal Graphics:
(uploaded to MFI)
Example: [[image:paralogo.gif]]
Horizonal Rule : 4 dashes ----
Your Signature
(without Date & Time Stamp) :
3 "tilde" ~~~ (no brackets needed)
Your Signature
(With Date & Time Stamp) :
4 "tilde" ~~~~
Your Nickname Line
(with Internal Graphic) :
Your Name [[image:your-graphic.jpg|120 px|]]
Example: Rob-J, IC [[image:rob-sig-sm.jpg|120 px|]]

How To Make Tables In Wiki

Thanks to Howad Knapp for capturing this "Tables Tutorial" for us.

the table tag in <> is replaced with {| in wiki
the tr tag in <> is replaced with |- in wiki
the /tr tag in <> is not needed in wiki
the td tag in <> is replaced with | in wiki
the /td tag in <> is not needed in wiki
the /table tag in <> is replaced with |} in wiki


{| border=1
| test page
| place image here

shows up as

test page
place image here

or side by side

{| border=1
| test page
| place image here

shows up as

test page place image here

Some Helpful Links

Please Remember...
When using a "Blank", or "Place-Holder" graphic (like "lcars_blank.jpg", or "Yourpicture.jpg"), you MUST rename the picture reflecting YOUR name prior to uploading it to the server.

Basic User Page Wiki Code

For the basic USER Page, Click here and get a simple, yet good looking User Page Template.
Antonia's User Page Template

LCARS Style User Page Samples

For an LCARS style User Page, Click here for some good looking Samples of User Pages.
LCARS Style User Pages

Chapter Page Samples

For the basic CHAPTER Page, Click here for some simple yet good looking Samples of Chapter Pages.
Sample Generic Chapter Pages

Table of Contents, Topic Heads, Special Format

Table of Contents [TOC], Topic Headings, and Special Format Commands Page,
Click here for tips on how to format TOCs, Headings, Bullets, Numbered Lists, and Indentations.
Tips on Special Formatting

Wiki Help Guide

This is the Official Wiki-Media User Handbook. Look over the "For Readers" Section to learn the Basics of what Wiki can do, then read through the "For Editors" section to learn how to make your OWN pages.
Wiki-Media's Official Handbook

More Help Pages

This is a VERY Helpfull collection of Help Tips for LOADS of different commands, including Foreign currency €, Copyright symbols ©, etc.
"WordPress Codex's" Editing Help Page

Color Hex Codes Reference

For EVERY color under the sun, go here and just copy the hex code. Then when you want a font color, use this color command: <font color="#000000">
The Hex Hub

MFI Animated Graphics

Want to add some MFI Animated Logos, or Animated Ships?
Go to our Animated Graphics pages, and click on the Logo / Ship you wish to use.
Clicking the graphic will take you to that Logo's / Ship's page. At the top of the page is the graphic's "Link" (Image:Filename.gif). Copy and paste that 1st line into the page you want to use it on, using the "Internal Link" method listed further down in the Help page.

Advanced Coding

Directories and NAVigation Boxes

Directories and navigation boxes [NAVBOX] are special tools to simplify movement between frequently visited pages. These are all varied names for these tools which all work in roughly the same way.

  • Directory
  • NavBox
  • Navigation Box
  • Transporter
  • possible other names might fit as well

Their use is justified when the SAME navigational directory data is used without modification on multiple pages. The key advantage to doing this is that any modification of the directory data would only to be made once to the directory page itself resulting in every page containing that directory link being updated simultaneously. Thus maintenance is simplified.

  • A USER variety directory might group a number of links to User sub-pages, collateral duty pages, special interest pages, commonly used pages, etc.
  • A CELL variety directory might be crafted to provide quick jumps between ship sub-pages, crew member User pages, group project or charity pages, etc.
  • An OFFICE, Branch, Division, or Zone type of directory box would be used in similar fashion to link project pages, sub-offices, history pages, frequent links, individual staff members, etc.

NavBoxes allow extra effort to be made in formatting the navigational link such as use of special Header text, tables, differant colors of fonts and backgrounds, addition of graphics, etc. By doing all of this formatting within a directory/navbox page, every other page where this directory is used will only need ONE short line of code to duplicate it on each of as many pages as you need without having to copy and paste all of the special formatting into each and every page.

Linking NAVBOXes and Any page within another

ANY page can be displayed as a link within ANY other page.

The MediaWiki software has a special case rule to make Directory pages display when associated with a User page. Simply insert the code {{User:xxxx/Directory}} onto any page and the directory data should be displayed once the page is saved and refreshed.

If you try to do this same thing anywhere else {{AnyPage/Directory}} when you save you will probably find a pending link [instead of your NavBox] looking like this {{Template:AnyPage/Directory}} because wiki does not automatically see the directory page. Now you CAN simply name your navbox page {{Template:AnyPage/Directory}} and it will start to work right away BUT we do not want to do that. The pending link came up because MediaWiki sees the original link as a type of Template. We do NOT have to name it this way to get it to work though. Simply insert a colon in front of the page name within the double brackets as you see here {{:AnyPage/Directory}} and it will start to work correctly.

For clarification please refer to the coding of the examples in the next section.

NAVBOX examples

Click on this link to view a page showing several examples: NavBox and Directory Examples

FADM Rob Johnson

Contributor Admiral Steve Lackey (see User Page)

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