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Maquis Forces International Coordinator

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Authorization Order 3020 - Special Promotion Authorization - Carl Lewis

WHEREAS, The International Coordinator serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Force; and

WHEREAS, The International Coordinator invokes the authority implied under Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution of Maquis Forces International of 2003 to promote Officers in flag rank upon the informed advice of the Coordinator Council; and

WHEREAS, Commodore Carl Lewis is an upstanding and long serving veteran of the Force and is seen deserving of award by the International Coordinator and Coordinator Council.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Samuel S. H. Cummings, pursuant to the powers vested in me as International Coordinator and Commander-in-Chief of Maquis Forces International, hereby ORDER the following:

1. Promotion of Commodore Carl Lewis to Rear Admiral

  • Commodore Carl Lewis is hereby appointed to the rank of Rear Admiral in the Maquis Forces. Rear Admiral Lewis' dedication, spirit of camaraderie and service to the Force since January 2003, especially in the positions of Zone VR Coordinator and Academy Vice Commandant under three Commandants. I hereby order all officers and personnel of lesser grade the respect and customs associated with a gentleman of his rank and position.

2. Invalidity of any part of this order shall not effect the remainder of this order.

3. This order is effective immediately upon filing.

Ordered at EMPOK NOR, 07 June 2009.



The Great Seal of Maquis Forces International
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