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MFI-VCA-1A - "Executive One"




Mission Objectives

"Executive One"

The heavily armored and protected VCA-1A Arrow Class Runabout currently serves as the official short range transport of the International Coordinator.

The primary focuses of the VCA-1A are:

  1. Short-distance transport, or covert trnasport for the IC when the Flagship is not appropriate.
  2. Act as a Base of Operations (orbital or landed) for the IC when in use.
  3. Transport of IC and other designates.
  4. Perform tactical missions such as: intelligence gathering (scouting), covert insertion/extraction of personnel, act as a deterrent of threatening situations, etc.

General Overview

Used when the Flagship is either not feasable or not appropriate; for instance, a planetary landing when Transporters are deemed not usable, or for seperated missions of the ICs own, this heavily modified Arrow Class Runabout was commissioned to provide such a transport to the IC and/or designates in times when the IC would reqiure such use. As with many protected executive level transports through history, the Vessel always lands with any spectators and security risks to the Port side, because the Office and Cabin of the IC are on the Starboard side. With the IC aboard, the vessel is known as "Executive One," however in the presence of the immediate family or other designates, the vessel is known as "Executive One, Foxtrot."

While many of the vessel's functions and specifications remain closely guarded secrets, the vessel is equipped with an Ablative Poly-Alloy Armored Hull, advanced communication and weapons systems which include electronic countermeasures.

With the success of the first squadron of Arrow Class Experimental Runabouts, a second squadron is being commissioned. This squadron of Arrows will be outfitted with equipment and instrumentation which can be for a variety of tasks and missions.

The vessel first saw complete, detatched action during the Transfer of Power when the IC took VCA-1A, with a contingent of SSD and SOC agents manning the vesssl, to visit family back on Earth, allowing the Flagship to carry on with General Christina Doane as Acting International Coordinator. Traveling over nine days completely detatched from the Fleet, the vessel was a proven carrier for the IC from the beginning.

VCA-1A Vessels in Service

Upon retirement, the vessel serving the International Coordinator becomes his/her property, with an altered callsign. For instance, as founding International Coordinator, FADM Davis' VCA-1A would be known as "Executive One - Alpha," FADM Johnson's would be known as "Executive One - Beta."

Executive One: FADM Christina Doane
Executive One - Alpha: FADM Gary A. Davis
Executive One - Beta: FADM Robert G. Johnson
Executive One - Gamma: FADM Samuel S. H. Cummings


Arrow Class Runabouts utilize the same "modular" construction in regard to interior makeup. They are compatible with standard Starfleet multi-use compartment modules and are much easier than even the conventional Runabouts being that the warp engines and wings feature a "gull" design which swing open for easy access to the interior.

The compartment modules fit neatly inside and lock into place for optimum refit capability. The Arrow class is slightly longer than the standard Danube. This affords a somewhat roomier cockpit area, more work stations, and a larger crew complement.

The Cockpit and each module may be used as Emergency Escape Pods, complete with independent Life Support systems, RCS Thrusters and Combat Rations. As shown in the diagrams below, should the need arise for Emergency Egress, the entire warp engine section may be jettisoned, freeing all the Modules for independent flight.

Specification Comparison

Danube Class Runabout
  • Length:24 Meters
  • Width: 10 Meters
  • Height: 7 Meters
  • Crew:
    • Minimum: 1
    • Standard: 4
    • Maximum: Varies with Mods
  • Weapons:
    • 2 Type IX Phaser Emitters
    • 2 Micro-Photon Torpedo Launchers
  • Defences:
    • Auto-Modulating Shields
    • Duranium-Tritanium Composite Hull
  • Decks: 1
  • Standard Transporters: 1
Arrow Class Runabout
  • Length:26 Meters
  • Width: 16.1 Meters
  • Height: 7 Meters
  • Crew:
    • Minimum: 1
    • Standard: 6
    • Maximum: Varies with Mods
  • Weapons:
    • 2 Type IX Phaser Emitters
    • 2 Torpedo Launchers
  • Defences:
    • Auto-Modulating Shields
    • Tritanium Composite Hull
  • Decks: 1
  • Standard Transporters: 1


  • Interchangeable
  • Self-Interlocking Life Suport, ODN & LCARS Conduit
  • Able to act as Personnel Escape Pods
    • Independent Emergency Life Support Systems
    • Independent RCS Thrusters
    • Emergency Rations
  • Standard Module Length: 3 Meters
    • Extended Length: 6 Meters
  • Standard Module Width: 2.4 Meters
    • Extended Width: 5 Meters
  • Standard Module Height: 2.2 Meters

Module Types

  • Cargo Mod (Multiple Variations Available)
  • Sensor Mod (Mission-Specific Modules)
  • Flag Suite (Single Person 2 Part Module)
  • Long Term Travel Suite (1 & 2 Person Mod)
  • Short Term Bunk Room Mod (4 Person Module)
  • Personnel Transport (20 People Max Occupancy)
  • Salvage Equipment (Internal & External Hard-points)

  • Medevac Module (Occupies Entire Module Bay)
  • Transporter Pod (Multiple Variations Available)
  • Weapons Mod A: Photon Torpedo (Rack of 8)
  • Weapons Mod B: Quantum Torpedo (Rack of 8)
  • Weapons Mod C: Phased Torpedoes (Rack of 8)
  • Propulsion Mod: (Power Generator- Multiple variations)
  • Stealth Mod: Chronoton Sensor Screen Emitters

Arrow runabout side.jpg Arrow runabout over.jpg
Arrow runabout side2.jpg Arrow runabout over2a.jpg
Arrow runabout side3.jpg Arrow runabout over3.jpg



  • Original Design:
Malcolm Lu (Galen)
Andrew Gillespie (Kaden)
  • Mesh:
Mark Azevedo (Maz1701)
  • Jettison Pod/Gull Wing Concepts
Rob Johnson (RJ McCoy)

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Samuel S.H. Cummings, IC

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