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Maquis List Purpose

The purpose of the Maquis mailing list is to maintain communication between the members of Maquis Forces International, a fan club organization based on the ideals of freedom, charity, teamwork, and sci-fi fandom. The list is not intended for the public-at-large.


The Maquis-Members List & Netiquette

Although only the Chapter CO, or his Designee is Required to subscribe to the "Maquis-Members" list, we encourage Every Member of MFI, regardless of rank or position, to subscribe.

Because a wide diversity of people subscribe to the Maquis-Members list, we do ask that everyone be courteous in there posts. As many MFI members still use slightly older machines, or Dial-Up, we also request that you try to adhere to the simple guidelines discussed on this page.

Members who exemplify the guidelines listed here may become eligible for the CompOps "Netiquette" Ribbon CompOps-Netiquette.jpg

Who's Who on the Maquis Mailing List?

These are good people to talk to if you have any questions, official or otherwise... We'd be happy to help you!

Where's our homepage?

How to subscribe.

Subscribe to Maquis-Members by filling out the following form on the listserv homepage. You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. Once confirmation is received, your request will be held for approval by the list administrator. You will be notified of the administrator's decision by email. This is also a private list, which means that the "members-list" is not available to non-members.

How to unsubscribe or Change subscription settings.

To change your subscription (set options like digest and delivery modes, get a reminder of your password, or unsubscribe from Maquis-Members), enter your subscription email address on the listserv homepage.

If you have any trouble unsubscribing, send a note to the Maquis Webmaster.

Where's that info on how to use a mailing list?

This Everything You Need to Know About Mailing Lists is just that - everything you need to know. Please read it so you'll have an idea of what is appropriate on a mailing list. Our list will work much better if everybody has read this basic information.

What kind of postings are welcome on Maquis List?

This is a trek fandom oriented organization, so of course, we expect postings to have something to do with trek or sci-fi, or having to do with one of our members or cells (also referred to as chapters). Postings concerning member special announcements are acceptable as long as they are kept to a minimum.

  • Ask your questions about trek fandom, MFI, or general sci-fi.
  • Tell us about your cells activities, charity work, conventions you've attended, your personae, costuming, etc...
  • Give hints and ideas that will be useful to other MFI members or cells.
  • URLs of sites, pictures, or stories that might be of interest to other MFI members (sci-fi oriented sites immediately come to mind)
  • Answer questions posted to the list, if you like

What kind of postings are not not welcome on Maquis List?

In a nutshell, here's what you want to avoid:

  • anything that's off topic. If it isn't about trek, maquis, sci-fi, MFI, or MFI members or cells, don't post your message to the Maquis List.
  • advertisements, unless you've got prior permission from the MFI Chief of Staff( Mention your business in passing, if you like, and anybody who wants more information will e-mail you for details. Advertising should be done on web pages, not on mailing lists.
  • file attachments of any sort.
  • cross-posted messages
  • any "chain letter" emails which request that members send an email, card, or ANYTHING which result in good fortune, avoiding misfortune, or as an appeal for a good natured cause. While we're not saying that these are a bad thing, a wrong thing, or perpetuating hoaxes, they don't belong on a public listserv, but rather sent privately to your friends.

Replying to other members' emails.

Although it does help to include significant parts of the email you are replying to, we don't need to review the entire original email... Especially if there have already been several replies and the email is getting massive.

Please crop the original email of unnecessary information:

  • Trim the Header as needed (all we need is the originator's Name and the date they sent the email).
  • If you're only replying to 1 statement or paragraph of the original email, please crop the parts you are NOT replying to.
  • Trim the originator's Signature Block if it's more than 2 lines.

Ack! Somebody just posted something stupid.

If you must reply, please be polite and logical, even if the other person has been a jerk. Stick to the issues, and discuss the facts. This list will be a pleasant place if we are all determined to be polite. If you've noticed that you dislike a certain poster, simply delete his messages without reading them. You can even use a program that filters e-mail (like Eudora Pro) to do this automatically for you. For help on creating filters, or what they are, contact Force Admiral Samuel S. Cummings ( for assistance.

Are we allowed to use email addresses for social networking invitations?

NO!!! **MAJOR** No! Mostly, because of abuse of the forwarders, by people letting social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, ICQ, Yahoo! IM, and others, access their address books or contact lists in their email accounts, and sending out a "Mass mail" saying "Join this site!!!" or "I didn't see you on here, Join and talk with me!" We've decided on a permanent ban against this practice. If you have addresses in your email contacts list, *please* do not let social networking sites like those listed access your contacts list to "invite" people to use that service. Chances are, we probably do already. Not only are repeat invitiations annoying to some, but it is also a major security breach to YOUR email account, as you are giving a third-party access to your entire email account -- which is exceptionally unwise. You get one warning about his problem. If you fail to heed it, further action can be taken, such as removal of your address, suspension from the listserv, etc. Please contact Force Admiral Gary Davis ( or the Maquis-Members list for any further questions. Generally, repeat offenders are required to participate in Academy Course COM 101: MFI Netiquette before full privileges are restored.

What are the forces used in correcting and enforcing the Mailing list?

It is well known that sometimes, people abuse the right to free speech. When other methods of dealing with those who abuse the system have been exhausted, the Chief of Communications, the List Owner or the Chief of Computer Operations, et. al., may choose to enact a correction in for form of "moderation." This allows the person to stay on the list and read posts, but any posts made by the person in moderation mode must have the approval of a List administrator before the email is allowed to be seen by others on the list. Banning is the last resort to an excessive or flagrant disregard for the rules; and is only taken when all other options have failed. The ban may be for a period of time or permanent.

What is a signature block?

This is probably the only thing that is MAJORLY enforced on the List as a usual concern. Because we have a high volume of users who receive their email in digest format, Computer Operations has mandated that signing your posts at the end of YOUR REMARKS, in that particular email are required. Signature blocks at the END of the full email (such as the attached emails, etc.) do not count as your official signature block. This allows people to tell posts apart from others, not only in digest format, but it is a courtesy to other users of the MFI Email List.

You may be as creative as you wish with your signature block, as long as it does not exceed Five (5) lines of text.

Many simply use two (2) lines, but a suggested format would be:

  • Rank & Name, Position (CO, XO, CMO, etc)
  • MFI Chapter Name, Hull Number
  • Main Email address / Main IM address
  • Link to your Chapter page (if not on MFI-Wiki)

You mentioned "Digest Mode". What is that?

Unlike "Regular" or "Non-Digest" Mode, where each email is sent to you individually, as they are sent by the composer, Digest mode accumulates ALL the email sent to the lists throughout the day and sends them all to you in One Large Email.

NOTE: Digest Mode has been temporarily been globally suspended for all MFI mail list accounts. This action was due to the large number of posters who replied to a digest without properly editing their quoted text to eliminate unnecessary repetition.

Several things to remember if you consider using Digest Mode to receive your List email is Replying to a Digest Email:

  • Please do not reply to multiple Digest Emails in one (1) reply. Each part of the Digest requires an Individual (seperate) reply.
  • If you hit "REPLY" to a Digest Email, the entire digest will be sent BACK to the list unless you carefully edit (crop) your reply, including "coding" that may not translate into your Reply. If the Digest consists of 10 emails and you only wish to reply to digest email #3, you Must crop (erase) the other 9 emails before hitting "send". (Nobody wants to see all 10 emails again). (grin)
  • If you hit "REPLY" to a Digest Email, you need to Rename the "Subject" Line of your reply to the subject of the PART of the Digest you are Replying To.

Sometimes using Digest Mode is more trouble that it is worth using, but if you use Due Care in Replying, we have no problem

I haven't received any postings today.

We are normally a very low volume list, and most days are quiet days, Occasionally we will have a busy day. If you've not received anything from Maquis List yet today, it could just be that nobody has posted any messages. Perhaps you would like to post a question, or tell us about your cell, or your personae. In short, please feel free to get the conversation going again.

Is advertising allowed?

Generally, Yes. To advertise something that is not on-topic with something on the List at that moment, contact the Chief of Staff, FADM Gary Davis just to make sure it is acceptable to the Chief.

Is there a way one should reply to the list to be considered courteous to the others?

Absolutely. Unless your email itself is responding and gleaning from more than one email, you SHOULD cut out all the other replies listed in the email to just the one you are referencing. If you're referencing more than one, it is generally accepted that you "snip" out the sections you are referencing, rather than just leave the whole emails intact. This not only cuts down on read time, but reduces the load on the email servers for everyone involved.

Yipes! Too many messages!

Mail Filtering is the best way to deal with a large volume of mail. You may choose to use mail reading software which provides this feature, like Eudora Pro. With such a program, you can filter Maquis List messages to a special mailbox in your mail reading software. While the Maquis List is currently very low volume, our membership is constantly growing, so "traffic" (the number of postings) will tend to increase.

I'm having problems with my mail.

If you're having problems with all of your mail, please contact your Internet Service Provider. If it seems to be a problem that only occurs with Maquis List mail, please contact the Maquis Webmaster.

Need more information?

For more information about Maquis List, please send e-mail to the MFI Chief of Staff (

Changes to the ListFAQ

The ListFAQ is subject to change at any given time, major changes to policy would normally be announced, but a person should make it a point to check the ListFAQ briefly about once a month to be sure that they are on top of the rules. This promotes fairness for all involved.

--Samuel S. Cummings 19:51, 17 Jun 2005 (EDT)
ADM Steve UPDATED 31 May 2011 EST
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