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All Content and works on this page is copywritten by Maquis Forces International, a Star Trek® Fan Organization.


Wiki Accounts

Each MFI Member is allowed one user account for MFIWiki. When Creating a User Account, make sure your UserName is a derivation of your REAL Name (No Handles Please) consisting of your 1st Initial and Last Name (ie: JSmith, SCummings, etc). Creating a User Account allows you to create a User Page and Chapter Page, as well as allowing you to participate in "Continuing Stories", Wiki Sims,and much much more.

There ARE some pages that the General Member should Not be editing: Other Members' Personal or Chapter pages. We also ask that you Do NOT make any changes to the "Zone" pages yourself. Please notify the Zone Coordinator and Membership of any Additions, Deletions, or changes of ANY Kind (Change of Command, CO & XO email Contact addresses, change of status, etc). Maintenance of the Zone Page is the Sole Responsibility of your ZC.

If you wish to have something aside from that, please contact the Chief of Communications or Computer Operations for more information.

Minors & MFI

Although Families and minors (under age members) are welcome in MFI, anyone wishing to start their own Chapter and applying as Chapter Chairperson (Chapter CO) must be of legal voting age in the region they are chartering.

The MFI Handbook and the "Vacancy Announcements" pages also list age restrictions for various positions in MFI.

Moral turpitude

Moral Turpitude:

  1. Violation of standards of moral conduct, such that an act was intentionally evil, making the act a crime.
  2. A criminal behavior that gravely infringes on the moral sentiments of the community. Classified as a wrong in itself type of crime.
  3. Conduct done knowingly contrary to justice, honesty or good morals.

Behavior that falls under the definition of moral turpitude can result in the removal of persons in a position of legal authority within MFI, or preventing them from attaining such positions.


Everything on this site is Copyright ©1994-2009 by Maquis Forces International, unless specified in the Bibliography/Resources sections of a page. All other copyrights are property of thier respective owners.

All materials drawn in from sources outside of Maquis Forces International are used per "Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 107: Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use", of the United States code. The material used is for entertainment & educational purposes only and no profit is made from the use of the material.

Maquis Forces International holds no claims to any trademarks, copyrights, or properties held by CBS Paramount Television, any of its subsidiaries, or on any other company's or person's intellectual properties which may or may not be contained within.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Force Admiral Joshua Laury, the MFI International Coordinator.

Image Disclaimers

Images uploaded to will not use likenesses of celebrities, models, or any individual without the express consent from the person depicted unless covered by Star Trek Fandom Fair Rights clauses.

By uploading images here, you're indicating that you have rights to grant use of the image to MFI, and that you're granting unlimited free usage of the image to MFI. Images in violation of this policy will be deleted without notice by Site Administration."

Cbs-para2.jpg Star Trek®,, Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, Star Trek: Voyager®, and Enterprise® are registered trademarks of CBS Paramount Television & Viacom. All material found on these pages are for promotional purposes only. No infringements on their copyright is intended. These are Star Trek Fan Pages.

Violation of Rules

Violations of the conventions listed above are grounds for immediate page deletion, either with, or without notice. Posting of "Inappropriate" pages, or Unauthorized Editing of another member's account (by anyone other than a SysOp)may result in the Roll-Back or Deletion of said pages, along with "blocking" the offender's User Account.

We would generally only take this action as a last resort, but we do reserve the right to "block" User Accounts.

"Special Forces" Pages

MFI Special Forces pages are based on the Special Security Division and Special Operations Units as seen in Star Trek®, Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® and Star Trek: Voyager® for the sole purpose of Fandom appreciation and Role Play.

-- sam-sig1.gif 17 Jun 2005

Updated 20 Jan 2006

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