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Commander Of The Maquis Forces International Sim Division

Commander Sam Bibb

Edict 7#

This Edict Authorizes the allowance of Impartial Observers within the Sim Mailing List.

Observers, are in effect exactly what the name means. They are permitted to Observe on the Sims but not post 'freely' within the Mailing List. Their posts are 'moderated' and can only be accepted by the 'Division Commander'.

This is so that the SIM maintains it's 'undisrupted' status. In most circumstances, the Observers Posts will be forwarded to the list but are subjected to review as the 'Observer' is not under the direct control of the Division.

Observers are appointed upon request by the Division Commander. Any Officer wishing to become an Observer should make this fact known to the 'Division Commander.'

Observers are appointed by Edict's ordered directly by Starbase 225 Command.

Observers are placed on the Crew Manifest of their respective Observer Post.

Observers have no Authorities or Powers within the Division.

Authorized At Starbase 225

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