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Welcome to the MFMC's 1st Division. The 1st covers Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Marine Reservists are identified as follows: (MFMCR)

Division Staff

Division Commander:
pip_fcapt_green.jpgForce Colonel Anne Zecca

Deputy Division Commander:
pip_capt_green.jpgColonel James D. Hayes

Chief of Staff:
pip_adm_green.jpgGeneral Brian Jewitt

Chief of Operations:
pip_adm_green.jpgGeneral David A. Miller (MFMCR)

Division Sergeant Major:
pip_mcpo_green.jpgSGM George Stevenson

Cells and MFMC Units

MFS Tiberius

pip_capt_green.jpgColonel Dixie Savander, CO

pip_fcapt_green.jpgForce Colonel Oliver Savander Sr., XO

MFS Amon-Ra

pip_fcapt_green.jpgForce Colonel Anne Zecca, CO

Marine Battery Waynesboro

pip_adm_green.jpgGeneral Brian Jewitt, CO

pip_capt_green.jpgLt. Colonel Glenn Newsome, XO/Unit OIC

MFS Phantom

pip_fcapt_green.jpgForce Colonel Larry Henderson, CO

pip_capt_green.jpgColonel Paul Fest, XO

MFS Wraith "Shadow Dragons"

pip_cdr_green.jpgLt. Colonel Michael Wanie, CO

pip_lt_green.jpgMarine Capt. Michael Loomis, XO

Outpost Kondor

pip_capt_green.jpgColonel Matthew Biggs, CO

pip_cdr_green.jpgLt. Colonel Wes Fehndrich II, XO

MFS Liberty

pip_fadm_red.jpgForce Admiral Christina Doane, CO

Starbase Kalamazoo

pip_vadm_green.jpgLt. General Chad Etter, CO

LP Pontiac

pip_capt_red.jpgColonel David House, CO

MFS Premonition

pip_fadm_red.jpg(FADM Ret.) General Samuel Cummings (MFMCR), CO

MFS Antonio Maria Valsalva

pip_adm_green.jpgGeneral David A. Miller (MFMCR), CO

pip_fcapt_green.jpgForce Colonel Mark Werner (MFMCR), XO

MSS Lotus Station

pip_capt_green.jpg Colonel Cody Springs, CO

pip_cdr_green.jpg Lt. Colonel Carrie Yuen, XO

MFS Freedom

pip_cdr_green.jpgLt. Colonel John Haines, Unit OIC

pip_lcdr_green.jpgMajor Amanda Haines, Unit Deputy OIC

MFS DeMolay

pip_capt_green.jpgLt. Colonel Christopher Bayonet, CO

MFS Constellation

pip_cdr_green.jpgLt. Colonel Steven Parmley, Unit OIC

pip_e7_green.jpg Gunnery Sergeant Billy Cunningham, Unit Deputy OIC

MFS Christine Hoagland

pip_capt_green.jpgColonel Derick Wildstar, CO

MFV Sharkfin

pip_capt_green.jpgColonel Dennis Relyea, CO

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