MFMC Regiment 3

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Marine Third Regiment


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Corps History
& Traditions
OIC 7th Brigade, Third Regiment Vacant</td> Battalion38-Arizona Vacant</td> BATT39-Colorado ???
  • MFS Liberty Detachment

MGSGM Mick Forand</td>

BATT40-New Mexico ???
  • MFS Oro Grande Detachment

1st LT Manuel Fierro
GSGM Clayton Hobbs</td>

BATT41-Utah Vacant</td>


OIC 8th RECON Brigade, Third Regiment

"Silent, but Deadly"
MAJ Kenny DeWyse</td>

Battalion 42-Idaho

MAJ Kenny DeWyse
"In Space, no one can hear you scream..."

  • RECON Outpost Sun Valley</td>
BATT43-Montana Vacant</td> BATT44-Wyoming Vacant</td>


OIC 9th Brigade, Third Regiment

FCOL "Crimson" Garner</td>

Battalion 45-Alaska Vacant</td> BATT46-California Vacant</td> BATT47-Hawaii Vacant</td> BATT48-Nevada

FCOL Garner callsign "Crimson"

  • RECON Outpost Vegas

"Most people will laugh at you,
not us...we care about you."
FCOL J. "Crimson" Garner</td>

BATT49-Oregon Vacant</td> BATT50-Washington Vacant</td>


OIC 10thBrigade, Europe

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