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Order of the Maquis


Heroism Awards

Gold Starburst Silver Starburst Bronze Starburst
Starburst gold.jpg Starburst silver.jpg Starburst bronze.jpg

Commendation Medals

MFI Commendation Naval Commendation Marine Commendation
Commendation mfi.jpg Commendation naval.jpg Commendation marine.jpg

SOC Commendation

SSD Commendation

Klingon Commendation
Commendation soc.jpg Commendation ssd.jpg Commendation ktf.jpg

Achievement Medals

MFI Achievement Naval Achievement Marine Achievement
Achievement mfi.jpg Achievement naval.jpg Achievement marine.jpg

SOC Achievement

SSD Achievement

Klingon Achievement
Achievement soc.jpg Achievement ssd.jpg Achievement ktf.jpg

Academy Ribbons

New Member Exam Leadership Development Aviation
Academy nme.jpg Academy leadership.jpg Academy aviation.jpg


Computer Science

Academy comm.jpg Academy compsci.jpg Academy eng.jpg


Liberal Arts

Academy law.jpg Academy libarts.jpg Academy med.jpg



Academy science.jpg Academy ssd.jpg Academy soc.jpg


Marine NCO

Marine OCS
Academy marine.jpg Academy marine nco.jpg Academy marine ocs.jpg


Academy ktf.jpg

Chapter Level Awards

Military Service Ribbon Civilian Service Ribbon
Service military.jpg Service civilian.jpg
Community Serivce Convention Service
Service community.jpg Service convention.jpg

Service Ribbons

2 Year 4 Year 6 Year
Service 2.jpg Service 4.jpg Service 6.jpg
8 Year 10 Year
Service 8.jpg Service 10.jpg

Campaign Ribbons

Echelon Badges Rank Pins
Campaign badge.jpg Campaign rank.jpg

Aviation Wings

Pilot Flight Leader Squadron Leader
Wings pilot.jpg Wings flight.jpg Wings squadron.jpg

Flight Surgeon LAM Mekk
Wings fltsurg.jpg Wings lam2.jpg

MFI Annual Awards

MFI Unit of the Year MFI Rebel of the Year MFI Volunteer of the Year
Year unit.jpg Year rebel.jpg Year volunteer.jpg
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