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RS HECATE Watch Commander


01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg Debra French
Lcars rank.jpg Force Colonel
Lcars dob.jpg 7012.02
Lcars pob.jpg Earth, USA, Illinois
Lcars e sfi.jpg 0201.05
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0010.07
Lcars assigns.jpg USS INFERNO (Independent/Starfleet)

RS HECATE (Independent/MFI/MFA)



Debbie (aka Bonnie) has toured the galaxy with many ships, some as a stowaway, just to get where needed. She is known to many as a renegade and a rebel at times. Mainly outspoken and very opinionated, she usually can get her way. She has also been known to get in and start many fights and can be found in the brig of many ships that she has been on. In time, she came across this ship named the Hecate. They had a mission that she found very attractive and approached her captain and asked to join the ship. She fought many battles with them and has earned the respect of the crew. Over the years, Debbie has found that of all the ships that she has served aboard, the Hecate is home - for now.

Real Life File


Real Name Debra A. French
Occupation: Cashier
Date of Birth 02 DEC 1970
Place of Birth Winfield, IL
Education Wheaton North High School - 1989
Family: Married: Larry (2002)
Fan Club Experience: IKV HoStam (KAI)

USS Inferno (SFI)
ICV Heghnach (MFI, MFA, House Ki’RK)
RS Hecate (Independent / MFI / MFA) [2]



Debbie (Galambos) French is married to Larry D. French, Sr. He has two children from a first marriage, Larry Jr., age 20, and Vicki, age 19. Debbie and her husband reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and his children live in Ft. Fairfield, Maine.

Debbie is a member of a few civic organizations, such as the Women of the Moose, 9th PA Reserves Civil War Reenactors, and the Order of Eastern Star.

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