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| div align=center |'''High Priest of Earth (Galan nnea Avilh)'''<br>
| div align=center |'''High Priest of Earth (Galan nnea Avilh)'''<br><br>
[[User:Gpreast| Colonel Greg Preast ]]<br>
[[User:Gpreast| Force Colonel Greg Preast ]]<br>
([[User:Gpreast|Ssiebh Mandukar ir-Thieurrull Cha'Vrenak]])<br>
([[User:Gpreast|Ssiebh Mandukar ir-Thieurrull Cha'Vrenak]])<br>
| div align=center |['''High Priestess of Air (Galan nnea Jaeih)''']<br>
| div align=center |['''High Priestess of Air (Galan nnea Jaeih)''']<br>

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High Priest (D'Galan)

Force Captain William Haines
(Galae'Riov Branak Neral)

High Priest of Earth (Galan nnea Avilh)

Rom slvr 2.jpg
Force Colonel Greg Preast
(Ssiebh Mandukar ir-Thieurrull Cha'Vrenak)

High Priestess of Air (Galan nnea Jaeih)

Force Colonel Anne Zecca
(ihsein'Ssiebh Sien'ael i-Ra'tleihfi t'Hwaerianh)

High Priest[ess] of Fire (Galan nnea Okhala)


High Priest[ess] of Water (Galan nnea Ihhuein)


High Priest[ess] of Space (Galan nnea Aylhr)


  • Galan - Seeker, a general term for sect members
  • Atlan - Water sect member
  • Ralaan - Air sect member
  • Takaan - Fire sect member
  • Thalin - Earth sect member
  • d'Atla, d'Ralaa, d'Takar, d'Thali - Sect leaders
  • d'Galan - Great Seeker, spiritual advisors

There is no one Rihannsu religion or philosophy. However, there are a few generalities. Religion is a highly-personal matter. There are few organized or public religions and there has never been a state-sponsored religion, simply because it would not occur to most Rihannsu. Having the government dictate one's religion would be like having the government sanction one's favorite color. What would be the point?

In contrast to this lack of organized religion, religious practices permeate Rihannsu daily life. Traditional ceremonies and governmental and military events typically involve dedications or vows to some deity, power, or potentiality. Starting at an early age, children learn several different faiths, not in the name of cultural diversity, but simply as something every Rihanha should know.

Some Rihannsu religion is similar to the practice of Wicca or Druidism. They have no particular Gods or Goddesses. Rihannsu religion instead centers around 5 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space, and the Archelement, which oversees all. In connection with this, the Rihannsu celebrate festivals to honor these elements. Each element has a festival devoted to it, with one culminating festival to the Archelement. Some of these festivals likely date back to the pre-Reformation era on Vulcan as do a few other Rihannsu practices in the area of religion. Though Rihannsu do not preserve ‘katras’ as the Vulcans do, many religious ceremonies retain a distinctive Vulcan flavor.

Surprisingly, there are priests and priestesses of various sects in large numbers. Each element has, in theory, a single sect devoted to it (although in reality, many sects exist for each, some competing at cross purposes. But such is the way of the Rihannsu). There is a five person ‘Key’ to the sects. The Key is a group of High Priests and Priestesses (one from each of the primary sects of each element) who hold the sects together. As already mentioned, there are 5 elements -- Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space. Strangely, there is no sect for the ArchElement, although all sects join together to worship and celebrate it equally. Each of the sects has three scrolls as its basis.

These scrolls govern the daily life of the Elementals and the populace. S’Task and his followers created these scrolls and each tell of tales or legends for easy understanding without misunderstanding the true meaning. Each scroll stands for Mind, Heart, and Soul. Together they are the key to the understanding of the ArchElement. There are many, many rituals, ceremonies, prayers, songs, poems, stories, tales, legends, and sonnets for respect and empowerment.

Then there are Elementals, people whom have special gifts. While the Rihanha are not generally psychic as a race (despite their Vulcan heritage), these Elementals are able to harness the power of the Universe in one or more (but rare), and even rarely all, elements and are considered psychic. Elementals are usually priests and trained for such to be both Elementals and Priests. However, there are very few people outside the priesthood who are Elementals and are never trained. These few are feared and usually vanish, some presume by (or perhaps even, into) the Tal'Shiar. There is no known list of these Elementals, and one in ten million people have such abilities. One in one hundred million harnesses more than one element. One in one ten billion harnesses all elements.

You see the rarity of these Elementals not only in the Priesthood. They naturally have the power and go on to contribute to the race. Elementals carry and create spell books. Also, only Elementals use a form of Runes and glyphs for their second language which mysteriously none learn but all know. Elementals who are not in the priesthood are notorious for their sexual appetites and skill.

There is no black or white in the Priesthood itself, but the rare Elementals are known to be diverse and operate in three ranges: Black, White, or Grey. By using spells, ritual, prayer, runes, crystals and so forth, they harness the power given to them for any purpose they wish.

Some Elementals of Fire are known to be able to withstand and throw bolts of plasma and even control fire and temperature.

Water Elementals are excellent swimmers and manage long periods of time and incredible depths under water. They can also control the temperature of water in any and all forms.

Air is managed by Air Elementals and can control climate and weather, also can throw bolts of electricity at times they also make excellent pilots.

Elementals of Earth are excellent farmers and sometimes predict or control tectonic movements. Also they can create or find gemstones and other interesting abilities with their actions.

There is no known Elemental of Space, but if one existed, it would have been S’Task.

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--FCapt William Haines
(08:25, 15 June 2013 (PDT))

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