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Stolen Valor Discussion vs MFI/Cosplay/Theatrical Simulation/Future Versions of Todays Groups and Military

H.R.258, the Stolen Valor Act of 2013

  • June 24, 2013 at 4:41pm
  • Below is the new Stolen Valor law, it was signed by the President on June 3rd, 2013 and became Public Law 113-12.


Stolen Valor Act of 2013 - Amends the federal criminal code to rewrite provisions relating to fraudulent claims about military service to subject to a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both an individual who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds himself or herself out to be a recipient of:

  • Congressional Medal of Honor,
  • distinguished-service cross,
  • Navy cross,
  • Air Force cross,
  • silver star,
  • Purple Heart,
  • Combat Infantryman's Badge,
  • Combat Action Badge,
  • Combat Medical Badge,
  • Combat Action Ribbon,
  • Combat Action Medal, or
  • any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law.

Collateral Military Regulations and Aplicable Rulings

Primarily individual service regulations concerning military uniform restrictions regarding civilian wear.

Applicability to MFI

Maquis Forces International is a Fan Fiction Social Club established to simulate, emulate, and pretend to experience and honor the cultural and creative universe first established as the original series called Star Trek in the late 1960's, continuing to the present, and beyond into the future. As such, we continue the tradition established by that first show of representing Space Craft and their crews in a military type system of established rankings, uniforms, insignia, ship classes, logos, ranks, and many other quasi-future-military concepts.

We have utilized contemporary insignia and devices for various costume/cosplay type uses, but we ALWAYS make certain we modify such devices in a way that normal examination clearly shows these devices are NOT the same plain current military items. We never make claim to have earned such devices in today's real world. We do not seek to disrespect actual current awards and devices. Our intention is to establish probable future history evolution of current day items, military personnel, traditional squadrons [with insignias], concepts, and military equipment.

Such uses are clearly established exemptions from the Stolen Valor Act for purposes of Acting, Simulation, Roleplay, and Cosplay.

History of Fandom Usage of Real Life Insignia

See our wiki page MFI_SEALS

An excellent example of authorized usage can be found a few paragraphs down our SEALS wiki page. Before MFI created our own SEALS teams, the first Trek SEALS program was created by a SFI member: ADM Orlando "Hawk" Ramirez II from Stardate 8903.00 through 9608.00. ADM Ramirez himself personally recruited Dr. R J McCoy into SEALS and seriously considered joining the Maquis cause as well.

ADM Ramirez created the concept and SFI logo. Using the REAL SEAL emblem, the well know Trek Delta was worked into the device. It was more alike to the REAL SEAL device than our current maquis design. Ramirez went so far as to write to the head of the US NAVY SEAL program at the time to obtain permission to use the similar yet different likeness. Not only was the homage welcomed, a copy of the SFI device was provided for the archives of the US NAVY SEAL program.

When MFI needed a similar program, our own Rob McCoy lead the way in creation of our own similar Maquis SEALS. We further modified the REAL device to incorporate the Maquis Claw and a TNG era hand phaser in place of the traditional black powder pistol.

Even when an over eager German TV program snagged our Klingon SEALS Team Six logo while looking for the REAL SEAL Team Six, NOBODY raised a stink or accused us of stealing valor of the REAL military units. Most people thought the mix-up was hilarious.

Our Uses of Pre-Existing Pins, Ribbons, Awards

Our most excellent Maquis Quartermaster Team has provided faux pins, awards, and general "shineys" from the beginning. We never condone any use of UNMODIFIED available items for Maquis use and display. We always modify for our own uses. In addition to US military sources, we also use CAP sources and generic sources as we find them. Then we modify for our needs. We never represent our selves as REAL Military, CAP, Law Enforcement, SFI, Section 31, MIB, or whatever... period.

Are Changes Needed or Required?

Currently under the requirements and intentions of the Stolen Valor Act, MFI is completely within compliance. No changes, purges, or revisions are required.

ADM Steve "Ten-of-Nine Lackey
MFI Chief of Staff
MFI SEALS Team Three Senior Officer

--MFI Watchdog (talk) 01:35, 9 January 2015 (UTC)
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