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Order of The Maquis Medal Suggestion

I wanted to run a creation of mine by the Awards Department for your consideration...


I would like to designate a "full" medal of the Order of The Maquis award. As the current Awards policy stands, only Awards that actually be created may be considered. Using the ribbon of the Philippine Defense Medal, with both white vertical stripes colored black, and the US Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, with the center blue portion colored/painted dark red to match the ribbon; I believe this sufficiently alters the original awards from Military Service awards; while maintaining the current award devices we use, as well as make it available for "full size wear."

The ribbon above the medal is placed into the image as if it were being presented in a presentation case for visual sizing, etc.

Respectfully submitted...

--Samuel 03:24, 31 August 2008 (PDT)

Ootm medal2.jpg

I thought what we have depicted is a "full" medal of the Order of The Maquis award.
I might be incorrect when Gary & I discussed and initiated the Photodome project, but I believe I authorized the current depiction as the official Full Ribbon (with the Awards Dept's blessing) back when I was still IC.(?)

It does meet all our criteria. This picture was created from pieces available on the U.S. market.
It is capable of being constructed.

  • It utilizes the same Philippines ribbon material we've always used for the ribbon construction.
  • the center is (obviously) our OotM Photodome pin.
  • the Medal Background is readily available from one of the Echelon/Rank/Photodome vendors we've used in the past.
  • We wouldn't need to find someone who sells the US Air Force Distinguished Service Medal.
    (is the US Air Force Distinguished Service Medal available for everyone to purchase?)

While Sam's version is flashier looking than what's on the page, Why reinvent something we already (literally) have?


Ahhh... I didn't know the actual "medal backing" was a real medal, I thought it was just CGI... which is what my motivation was to having it made. That's fine with me then; just something to throw up the Flagpole.

--Samuel 15:53, 31 August 2008 (PDT)

Ootm medal2.jpg OotM OotM

Just thought I'd put these up together since we're discussing them so side by side comparisons could be made.

.. They work for me, Perhaps if the reef around MFICM & AM were more distinct perhaps gold as oppose to silver?

--Sam B. 09:24, 02 September 2008 (BST)

The issue becomes one of availability in the real world. We have had the PD's made. After that it becomes cost prohibitive to have someone make custome blanks to put them in. That's why Awards made the rule long ago that all awards that would have a physical representation were required to be inexpensively constructable by any general member.

--RAdm Logan Andrews 05:06, 2 September 2008 (PDT)

The Blanks for the MFICM and MFIAM Medals, like the one used for the OotM Medal, were pictures taken from Online vendor pages. The Blanks are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze, but these were the only versions shown online.

Many of the vendors will sell the blanks in increments of "Ones" and "Twos", but some require a bulk purchase. For an idea of what's out there, do an Online Search for "Medals", "Medal Inserts", or "Medals Blank".

Rob Johnson 02 Sept 08

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