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Looking for Reviews on 3 Photodome styles...

Pd mfi-seals.jpg
Based on Ben's Maquis Logo
Pd mfi-seals2.jpg
Based on Gary's Pd-hq Logo
File:Pd mfi-seals3.jpg
Trying an Embossing effect
Pd mfi-seals4.jpg
Using the Original "Federation Hull" Font

Rob J

In my personal opinion, I prefer the one's based on Gary's PD and the Original Federation hull-front.. probably more so the one based on Gary's PD [Ref: Top Right]

- Sam

I like the one based on Ben's logo it stands out more than the rest (Top left) Tyler

Article formatting problems


This page used to display correctly. Now since the last time i was here there is a problem with the graphics lining up correctly. I believe it is the old problem from before where using tables commands with embedded graphics causes the final page to have graphic randomly paced over text and stuff. May have to do it without table commands...


I like Ben's Logo as well for a photodome pin. Just thought I'd add a question here .

Will pins also be considered for the active teams?


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