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[ For All Your Tuba Needs] Although I actually play sousaphone<br>
[ For All Your Tuba Needs] Although I actually play sousaphone<br>
[ Metric Prefixes] for when you ''really'' have to know how big or small something is<br>
More to be added as I feel necessary...<br>
More to be added as I feel necessary...<br>

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Zone 3 Coordinator
Director, Special Operations Command


01a.gif 01b.gif 01c.gif 01d.jpg 01e.gif
Lcars name.jpg David W. Ferber
Lcars rank.jpg Force Captain
Lcars dob.jpg 7810.15
Lcars pob.jpg Earth, Germany, Bavaria
Lcars e sfi.jpg 0112.13
Lcars l sfi.jpg N/A
Lcars j mfi.jpg 0409.01
Lcars assigns.jpg MCV TSUNAMI (Starfleet Marines)

USS STAG (DT Starfleet)
USS INFERNO (Independent/Starfleet)
RS_HECATE (Independent/MFI/MFA)
Maquis Forces Zone 3 Headquarters
Maquis Forces Special Operations Command

FCPT Ferber.jpg


FCPT Ferber is a gentleman adventurer of the old order. His experiences include service with Starfleet and the Starfleet Marines, as well as independent cargo hauling, starship construction and breaking, star systems exploration, mining, and gun-for-hire work. He has worked in many systems and for several sovereign governments as a consultant for various affairs.

FCPT Ferber received command of the RS HECATE from his good friend CAPT James Farnon, who retired after the Dominion War. Since taking command, Ferber and the ship have participated in a number of foreign adventures, including coups d'état, rebellions, and planetary assaults.

FCPT Ferber has gained a reputation as a specialist in Diversionary Assaults, where the HECATE is deployed to attack systems in order to draw off enemy forces from strong points, thereby allowing them to be exploited by friendly units. Another mission commonly sought by Ferber and the HECATE is that of Commerce Raiding, acting as privateers with letters-of-marque from hostile governments to prey upon enemy shipping.

On 0511.10, FCPT Ferber turned over command of the HECATE to CAPT Jeff "Jonesy" Jones, but remained as consulting Flag Officer to the ship.

After several disastrous engagements, CAPT Jones was deposed by his XO, LTJG Earl Dixon. Dixon was promoted to full captain on recognition of his stable ascension to Commanding Officer. However, after an unsuccessful mutiny attempt by crew members loyal to Jones, FCPT Ferber took back command on agreement with CAPT Dixon, who is once again XO.

Real Life File


Real Name David W. Ferber
Occupation: Consultant
Date of Birth 15 OCT 1978
Place of Birth Nuremberg, Bavaria
Education Freedom High School, Morganton, NC - 1996
Family: None that any court could prove otherwise
Fan Club Experience: USS Pamalanele (DonTrek)

USS Stag (DonTrek)
MCV Tsunami / 338th MSG (SMI)
USS Inferno (Independent / SFI)
RS Hecate (Independent / MFI / MFA) [1]

Dastardly Dave.jpg


Somes links of luxury...

How To Shave Well

Know Your Pipe Tobacco

For All Your Tuba Needs Although I actually play sousaphone

Metric Prefixes for when you really have to know how big or small something is

More to be added as I feel necessary...

return Zone_3
--Force Captain D. W. Ferber
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