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|valign="top"|<font color=#ffffff>[[RS_HECATE|RS HECATE]]
|valign="top"|<font color=#ffffff>[[RS_HECATE|RS HECATE]]
|valign="top"|<font color=#ffffff>''Ship's Master''
|valign="top"|<font color=#ffffff>''Ship's Master''
|valign="top"|<font color=#ffffff>[[Image:Pd_mfi_achieve.jpg |100 px|]][[Image:Pd_co.jpg |100 px|]]
|valign="top"|<font color=#ffffff>[[Image:MFI-RC-112076.jpg |93 px|]][[Image:Pd_soc.jpg |100 px|]]
|{{User:Dferber/Navbox Awards}}
|{{User:Dferber/Navbox Awards}}
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<div align="left">return [[SOC]]
<div align="left">Return [[SOC]]
<div align="right">--[[User:Angelsy1|Angelsy1]] 15:16, 10 October 2008 (PDT)
<div align="left">Return [[RS_HECATE|RS HECATE]]
<div align="right">--[[User:Angelsy1|Angelsy1]] 18:49, 27 April 2011 (PDT)

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NAME R. E. Angelsy
RANK Commodore
DATE OF BIRTH 18394.18
PLACE OF BIRTH Bavaria, Germany, Earth
USS UNIFICATUM Chief of Security
USS INFERNO Chief of Operations
USS STAG Commanding Officer
RS HECATE Ship's Master
Pd mfi achieve.jpgPd co.jpg MFI-RC-112076.jpgPd soc.jpg

Spaceholder.jpgFCPT Ferber.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSOC Provocateur Wings.JPGSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgSpaceholder.jpgMcm1.jpgSoccm1.jpgNme.jpgMarineauthor.jpgSocdeanpast.jpgTweleveyr.jpgNavCampaign-6Hon.jpgEbc.jpgRpc.jpgCompOps-Netiquette.jpgMfiam2.jpgZ3uoy.jpg


A scion of a family with ties to the powerful W&F Industries, Unlimited, Robert E. Angelsy followed his older brother Eric into service at the tender age of 18. However, without a formal Academy education, he could not be an officer as his brother was, and so, instead of following the Starfleet track as the rest of his family had, he enlisted into the Marines. 10 years and many adventures later, after having achieved OCS and command of his own strike group, Angelsy transferred to Fleet and his first command staff level posting on the USS Unificatum.

Prior to taking command of the Miranda III class Frigate USS Stag, Angelsy served as diplomatic attache to the consulate at Andlaxia on the Romulan border (one of a very few sovereign systems in the so-called Romulan Neutral Zone). While in service there, then-Lieutenant Commander Angelsy met several disaffected members of Starfleet from the USS Pamalanele. This group of officers, under the leadership of Captain James Farnon, several years later were to create an "incident" with the Romulans, prompting their arrest and later escape as the first crew of the RS Hecate. Angelsy was suspected as colluding in their successful escape in a stolen starship from a nearby mothball fleet.

During the Dominion War, Angelsy and his Stag took part in the disastrous Operation Bellicose Firefly, a plan where a small squadron of starships deployed with a fleet of numerous mothballed starships that were reactivated with skeleton crews (designated 30th Fleet) and used to assault a Breen shipyard. This operation was designed to draw off support from the retaking of Deep Space 9, and while the plan was successful in this aim, the fleet was wiped out except for those few ships that could limp away. The USS Stag was among those that did not escape, and Angelsy spent some time on a prisoner of war station until repatriated after the war. In the midst of the celebrations at the end of the Dominion War, the disaster at the shipyards was swept under the carpet, leaving Angelsy and his fellow survivors out of the recognition and glory. Shortly thereafter, he left Starfleet to make his own way in the universe.

Angelsy met a good female, and with several other former Starfleet officers, settled on an empty moon where they thought they could live out the rest of their lives in peace. This was not to be when a Romulan starship entered the system and vaporized the settlement with an unknown weapon. Angelsy had been off-world, but received the sensor data from one of the orbiting probes the settlers had used to map the moon prior to building. The Romulan government insisted to the Federation consul that this mysterious ship did not fall under their authority, and must have been a rogue ship and crew. Since the moon was not within the actual environs of the Federation itself, the governments left it at that. Angelsy developed a deep and abiding hatred of all Romulans because of this "incident", and no longer trusting the Federation to protect its own citizens, sought out and joined the Maquis. He is now Ship's Master of the RS Hecate in the Maquis Forces.



Real Name David W. Ferber
Occupation: Consultant
Date of Birth 15 OCT 1978
Place of Birth Nuremberg, Bavaria
Education Freedom High School, Morganton, NC - 1996
Family: None that any court could prove otherwise
Fan Club Experience: USS Pamalanele (DonTrek)

USS Stag (DonTrek)
MCV Tsunami (SMI)
338th MSG (SMI)
USS Inferno (Independent / FCI / SFI)
88th CSAF (Independent / FCI) 740th MSG (SFMC)
ICV Heghnach (House Ki'RK)
RS Hecate (Independent / MFI / MFA)
USS Hecate (SFI)
788th MSG (SFMC)
Special Operations Command Director (MFI)



Somes links of luxury...

How To Shave Well

Know Your Pipe Tobacco

For All Your Tuba Needs Although I actually play sousaphone

Metric Prefixes for when you really have to know how big or small something is

For future reference:

1. Make sure your keyboard is in NumLock mode. 2. Hold down the ALT key and enter the number on the numeric keypad. (Note that many laptops have a blue FN key that changes a set of keys, also with blue numbers on them and usually in the 7-8-9-U-I-O area, into a numeric keypad.)
for ☺ 1
for ☻ 2
for ♥ 3
for ♦ 4
for ♣ 5
for ♠ 6
for • 7
for ◘ 8
for ○ 9
for ◙ 10
for ♂ 11
for ♀ 12
for ♪ 13
for ♫ 14
for ☼ 15
for ► 16
for ◄ 17
for ↕ 18
for ‼ 19
for ¶ 20
for § 21
for ▬ 22
for ↨ 23
for ↑ 24
for ↓ 25
for → 26
for ← 27
for ∟ 28
for ↔ 29
for ▲ 30
for ▼ 31

Return SOC
--Angelsy1 18:49, 27 April 2011 (PDT)

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