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The Silver Starburst MFI Commendation Medal Naval Commendation Medal
Marine Commendation Medal 3rd award SOC Commendation Medal New Member Exam
Aviation College 4th Award with Honors Communication College Computer Science College 2nd award with Honors
Engineering College - former Dean Law College 12th Award with Honors Leadership Development College 7th Award with Honors
Liberal Arts College 4th Award Medical College 9th Award with Honors Science College 9th Award with Honors
Marine College - former Dean MFMC NCO Exam MFMC OCS Exam
SOC College - former Dean KTF College Romulan Legion College - former Dean
Eight Year's Service MFI Volunteer of the Year 2007 Naval Campaign Ribbon 6th with Honors
CompOps Netiquette Ribbon MEKK Campaign Romulan Legion Construction Campaign
Marine Achievement Medal 4th Award SSD Achievement Medal SOC Achievement Medal
MRL Achievement Medal 2nd award MEKK Battle Ribbon 15th Award MEKK Pilot of the Year 2007
MEKK Unit of the Year 2007 Marine Unit Citation 4th award Zone 6 Unit Of The Year 2006-2007 - MFS Pathfinder
Zone 6 Rebel Of The Year 2006-2007 Zone 6 Volunteer Of The Year 2007 Zone VR Achievement Medal
Military Service Ribbon Civilian Service Ribbon Community Service Ribbon 15th Award

Note of Praise


Bravo Zulu. You know, you have always been one of the best co-conspirators I've had the pleasure to work beside in MFI. Our minds seem to be synced and complementary. Your imagination and attention to detail makes me proud. Probably haven't said this as clearly before now, yet I should have. Here's prayers for you and your loved ones to look forward to a life filled with less drama and a lot more FUN!

ADM Steve "10of9" Lackey
Currently MFI VIC

21 FEB 2016

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