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Past Maquis Forces International Vice International Coordinators

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The Vice International Coordinator ("VIC") is the second in command of MFI and shall preside over the CC in the IC’s absence. The VIC is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization as a whole, including the commissioning and decommissioning of Branches, Divisions and Departments. The Vice International Coordinator will be responsible for all issue resolutions beyond the purview of the Chief of Staff. The VIC is to represent the ideas of the IC to the organization and to the CC. Also the VIC shall represent the club as a whole to the international community and to other fan clubs.

Admiral Laura "Jedi Webmaster" Hartwell.
First Vice International Coordinator

Insseption thru (?)-1998

Admiral Tom Donohoe

Second Vice International Coordinator
(?) 1998 thru April 2004

First MFI Change of Command

Admiral Laura "Jedi Webmaster" Hartwell.

Third Vice International Coordinator
April 2004 thru April 2006


Force Admiral Samuel S.H. Cummings

Fourth Vice International Coordinator
April 2006 thru January 2007

Second MFI Change of Command


General Christina R. Doane

Fifth Vice International Coordinator January 2007 thru January 2011


Vice Admiral Frank Parker, Jr.

Sixth Vice International Coordinator January 2011 thru January 2015


Admiral Joshua Laury

Seventh Vice International Coordinator January 2015 thru January 2016

  Lcars Slackey4.jpg

Admiral Steve "10of9" Lackey

Eighth Vice International Coordinator January 2016 thru Present

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