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Maquis Forces International

ZONE 6 - South West USA
(Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)
Commodore Glenna Juilfs (Zone 6 Coordinator)

Zone6.gif Usamap z6.jpg

Zone 6 Cells and Vessels

Attention Chapter COs: Do NOT make any changes to this page yourself.
Please notify the Zone Coordinator and Membership of any Additions, Deletions, or changes of ANY Kind.
(Change of Command, CO & XO email Contact addresses, change of status, etc).
Maintanence of the Zone Page is the Sole Responsibility of your ZC.

Texas Squadron

Maquis Forces Union Valley, TX

MAV Lone Star
Commodore Glenna M. Juilfs, Commanding Officer
Captain Tamara Borchardt, Executive Officer

LoneStarAnim.gif Mavlonestarlogo.png

Klingon Contingent of the Lone Star:

IKV HovmobwI'
ech Kitiara sutai-Rasmehlier (Glenna M. Juilfs), Commanding Officer
HoD TaniS vestai-Rasmehlier (Erin Pence), Executive Officer


Maquis Forces San Antonio, TX

MFS Pathfinder
Colonel Cary Griffin, CO
San Antonio, TX

Galaxy9 small.jpg

Maquis Forces Conroe, TX

M.F.S. Impetuous
Force Colonel Marc Easterly, CO
Lt. Colonel Manuel Guajardo, Detachment OIC
Conroe, TX

Pd mfi.jpg

Maquis Forces Texas

IKS Hay'chu'
HoD Jerico Ewen, Commanding Officer

Pd mfi.jpg

IMS Sutherland
FADM R Johnson, Commanding Officer
Ani-nebula.gif MFI-RC-172015.jpg

Oklahoma Squadron

Maquis Forces Muskogee, OK

IKV Blood Sword
RaDHoD Ka'Vid sutai Trekkan
(David Taylor), CO
la' A'Wala Sutai-Trekkan {Gayla Taylor}, XO


Louisiana Squadron

Maquis Forces

Arkansas Squadron

Maquis Forces

Glenna Juilfs aka Karadione 11:37, 3 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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