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| [[image:Pip_naval.jpg]]
| [[image:Pip_naval.jpg]]
| [[Cell:MSS_Yangtze_Khyam MSS Yangtze Khyam]] Simpsonville, SC
| [[Cell:MSS_Yangtze_Khyam | MSS Yangtze Khyam]] Simpsonville, SC

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Maquis Forces International

ZONE VR - Virtual (Online) Chapters
Zone Coordinator FCol Robert Torres

Zonevr.jpg Earth89a.gif

Zone VR is designed for "Internet" based Chapters comprised of members from all over Cyberspace, as opposed to being a "Meeting" Chapter, where everyone lives in the same general area.

Zone Staff

Zone Coordinator:

pip_fcapt_black.jpg Force Colonel Robert Torres

Chief of Staff:

pip_capt_red.jpgCaptain Frank Parker

VR / 3rd Regiment Liasion:

pip_fcapt_green.jpg Force Colonel David Breland


Attention Chapter COs: Do NOT make any changes to this page yourself.
Please notify the Zone Coordinator and Membership of any Additions, Deletions, or changes of ANY Kind.
(Change of Command, CO & XO email Contact addresses, change of status, etc).
Maintanence of the Zone Page is the Sole Responsibility of your ZC.

Pip naval.jpg MFS Parallax South Lyon, Michigan Flagship of FADM Cummings
pip Chapter
Pip ssd.jpg LP Falcon Sparks, Nevada
Pip naval.jpg LP Farpoint *new*
Pip marine.jpg LP Lighting Grand Rapids, Michigan
Pip naval.jpg LP Rakkaon Clarksville, TN
Pip naval.jpg LP Voyager One *new*
Pip klingon.jpg MFS Arizona Island, Kentucky
Pip naval.jpg MFS Delevhas Orange Park, Florida
Pip naval.jpg MFS Dominator Brawley, California
pip Pip marine.jpg Marine Det. Dominator
pip Pip ssd.jpg SSD Detail - Dominator
Pip klingon.jpg MFS Hells Fury Fresno, California-Zone VR Flagship
pip Pip marine.jpg Marine Det. HellsFury
Pip naval.jpg MFS Intrepid II South Columbia, South Carolina Zvuoy.jpgMfiuoy.jpg2006
Pip ssd.jpg MFS John W. Comish SSD Command Erie, Pennsylvania
pip Pip naval.jpg Naval Command MFS John W. Comish
pip Pip marine.jpg Marine Det. John W. Comish
Pip naval.jpg MFS Karag Kansas City, Missouri
Pip naval.jpg ISS MacArthur Tampa, Florida
Pip marine.jpg MFS Revolution St. Louis, MO
Pip naval.jpg MFS Sutherland Zvuoy.jpgZ1uoy.jpg 2005
Pip naval.jpg MFS Tarawa Orem, Utah
Pip naval.jpg MSS Markonian Station Owensboro, Kentucky *new*
Pip ssd.jpg LP Tortuga Erie, Pennsylvania
Pip naval.jpg MSS Windy City Station Huntsville, Alabama
Pip naval.jpg MSS Yangtze Khyam Simpsonville, SC


Pip naval.jpg MFI Ships/Stations (MFS), Listening Posts (LP), or Runabout (RN)
Pip marine.jpg Marine Companies/Detachments
Pip ssd.jpg SSD Field Offices/Operatives
Pip klingon.jpg Klingon Task Force Chapters

Rob-J, IC Revised 05 Oct 2005
--Last revision: 26 May 2007 FCol Torres, ZCVR

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