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Nominating a person for an award

This page tells you the procedure for nominating a person for an award within MFI. Different level awards have different procedures.

International Level Awards: With the exception of the Academy ribbons, all nominations for International Level awards must go through the Awards Board. The only exceptions to this are the Commendation Medals (CM). They should be routed through the Branch Head first. While the Awards Board still has to approve the CM, the Branch Head has veto power over it. Therefore, he/she gets to see it first and, if approved, then passes it on to the Board.

Department Level Awards: These are routed to the appropriate Department Head. They have final say on all awards at this level.

Branch Level Awards: Send your nomination to the appropriate Branch Head. Be sure to do a good write-up. It could make the difference between being approved or not.

Zone Level Awards: The proper Zone Coordinator has final say on all these awards.

Chapter Level Awards: Nothing needs to be done for these awards. A Chapter CO merely needs to personally verify that the person meets the requirements.

With any award, the person approving the award should send a notice to both Awards Division Head MFI Chief of Operations so that the changes can be recorded in the member's service record and the Hall of Honor. Please send noms to the Awards Division Head email if one doesn't get a response within a reasonable time frame from the awarding authority.

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