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2009 End Of Year Awards

05 January 2010


Zone Awards

The following Members have distinguished themselves at the Zone level.

Zone 1

  • Rebel Of the Year: FCOL Anne Zecca of MFS Carolina.
  • Volunteer of The Year: Elana Babb - XO of MFS Shooting Star.
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS Phantom Zone

Zone 2

  • Rebel Of the Year: Logan Andrews
  • Volunteer of The Year: Barbara Adams
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS Trinity

Zone 3

  • Rebel Of the Year: Larry Henderson
  • Volunteer of The Year: Ruth Fishman
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS Rejected

Zone 4

  • Rebel Of the Year: James Doane
  • Volunteer of The Year: Jennifer Hawthorne
  • Chapter Of The Year: Starbase Kalamazoo

Zone 5

  • Rebel Of the Year: Tom Webster
  • Volunteer of The Year: David A. Miller
  • Chapter Of The Year: None Submitted By ZC5

Zone 6

  • Rebel Of the Year: Manuel Guajardo
  • Volunteer of The Year: Susan Mahaffey
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS Impetuous

Zone 7

  • Rebel Of the Year: Carl Stark
  • Volunteer of The Year: FCAPT Jack Kern
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS Oro Grande

Zone 8

  • Rebel Of the Year: Glen Matheny
  • Volunteer of The Year: Lee Montgomery
  • Chapter Of The Year: Listening Post 8

Zone 9

  • Rebel Of the Year: Patrick McAndrew
  • Volunteer of The Year: Crew of MFS-M Dark Night--(Jointly)
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS-M Dark Night

Zone 10

  • Rebel Of the Year: None Submitted By ZC10
  • Volunteer of The Year: None Submitted By ZC10
  • Chapter Of The Year: None Submitted By ZC10

Zone 11

  • Rebel Of the Year: Tyler Pugh
  • Volunteer of The Year: Paul Williams
  • Chapter Of The Year: 1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion

Zone VR

  • Rebel Of the Year: CDR Joann Nickerson of the MFS Intrepid II.
  • Volunteers of The Year: LCDR Sandi Rust of the MFS Intrepid II.
  • Chapter Of The Year: MFS Intrepid II

Branch Awards


The following Members have distinguished themselves within their Branch.

Naval Achievement Medal

  • Debbie Butcher
  • Donna Gillis
  • Manuel Guajardo
  • Gary Hollifield
  • Susan Mahaffey
  • Joann Nickerson

Naval Campaign Awards

  • Naval Campaign Medal . . . NavCampaign1.JPG
    • Honors gets frame for first Honors award . . . NavCampaign1-Honors.jpg
    • Subsequent awards add stars per MFI Protocol . . . NavCampaign-2.jpg or NavCampaign-2-Honors.jpg
(Only 1 Star Per Year, Regardless of the number of Campaigns Participated in throughout the year.)

NOTE: Any omissions or corrections in these Campaign lists should be submitted to Chief of Operations

LDO 2008
  • Labor Day Offensive 2008 (Retroactive Awarding)
SGTMAJ Bill Absher MFI-RM-815 GSGT Mikel Beggs MFI-RM-729
FCol David Breland MFI-RM-056 RAdm Dennis Cross MFI-RM-044
FAdm Samuel S.H. Cummings MFI-RM-37 FAdm Gary Davis MFI-RM-1
Gen Christina Doane MFI-RM-9 FCOL Marc Easterly MFI-RM-700 HONORS
Como David Ferber MFI-RM-483 FCol Debbie French MFI-RM-19
LGen Larry French MFI-RM-18
MCPO Donna Gillis MFI-RM-772
Como Taylor Goodwill MFI-RM-120 Col Cary Griffin MFI-RM-645 HONORS
LtCol Manuel Guajardo MFI-RM-728 HONORS
Cmdr Chris Huff MFI-RM-714
Lt. Colonel Doug Jeffery FAdm Robert Johnson MFI-RM-3
Como Glenna Juilfs MFI-RM-125 VAdm Steve Lackey MFI-RM-035
Major Stan Lopez Cmdr JoAnn Nickerson MFI-RM-752
2nd Lieutenant Dan O'Neal Como Frank Parker MFI-RM-690
Capt Donna Parker MFI-RM-715 Lt. Colonel John Perkins
1Lt Misty Roark MFI-RM-853 1LtRobert Roark MFI-RM-852
LtCmdr Sandi Rust MFI-RM-701 Marine Captain Daniel Schultz
Major Ken Smith Lt. Colonel Chris Taylor
2nd Lieutenant Jan Terry Marine Captain Jim Terry
Capt Joseph Wright MFI-RM-614

Pegasus Revisited
  • Maquis Sim: Pegasus Revisited Saga

Barbara Adams MFI-RM-69
Logan Andrews MFI-RM-10 HONORS
Christina Doane MFI-RM-9
Greg Preast MFI-RM-636 HONORS
Steve Lackey MFI-RM-35
Chris Huff MFI-RM-714 HONORS
Rob Shultz MFI-RM-921

LDO 2009
  • Labor Day Offensive 2009
(Participants of this event who also participated in the Pegasus Saga
should NOT Display an additional star for this event.)
Bill Absher SgtMaj MFI-RM-815 Mikel Beggs GSGT MFI-RM-56
David Breland FCol MFI-RM-815 Dennis Cross Adm MFI-RM-44
Beverly Cross Cmdr MFI-RM-43 Christina Doane Gen MFI-RM-9 HONORS
James Doane Civ MFI-RM-199 Earl Dixon Capt MFI-RM-665
Marc Easterly BGen MFI-RM-700 HONORS Chad Etter LGen MFI-RM-7
David Ferber COMO MFI-RM-483 Debbie French FCol MFI-RM-19
Larry French LGen MFI-RM-18 Donna Gillis MCPO MFI-RM-772
Steven Gillis SgtMaj MFI-RM-764 Suzi Grossman MCapt MFI-RM-80
Manuel Guajardo Col MFI-RM-728 HONORS Jennifer Hawthorne Ens MFI-RM-926
Dawn Hess Lt. MFI-RM-539 Heather Holsclaw Lt (jg) MFI-RM-541
Rob Johnson FAdm MFI-RM-3 HONORS Kim Johnson Capt MFI-RM-68
John Kane SgtMaj MFI-RM-941 JacQuline Kleinsmith 1Lt MFI-RM-204
Civilian Operative Lares MFI-RM-380 Steve Lackey Adm MFI-RM-35 HONORS
Jason Pack MCapt MFI-RM-925 Frank Parker COMO MFI-RM-690
Donna Parker Capt MFI-RM-715 Tyler Pugh Col MFI-RM-413 HONORS
Misty Roark 1Lt MFI-RM-853 Robert Roark 1Lt MFI-RM-852
Matthew Russell Maj MFI-RM-872 Heather Scott SgtMaj MFI-RM-419
Ron Seymour LT - RS Hecate MFI-RM-976 Charles Shananaquet II MFI-RM-730
James Westbrook LtCmdr MFI-RM-206 Ralph White Maj MFI-RM-671
Paul Williams FCol MFI-RM-114 Gene Yadzir COMO MFI-RM-362

"Mirror" Day
  • "Mirror" Day 2009
(Participants of this event who also participated in the Pegasus Saga, or LDO 2009 Campaigns
should NOT Display an additional star for this event.)
VADM Logan Andrews MFI-RM-10
CAPT Sean Conner MFI-RM-884
FADM Samuel Cummings MFI-RM-37
FADM (ret.) Gary Davis MFI-RM-1 HONORS
CAPT James Delatonas MFI-RM-538
GEN Christina Doane Gen MFI-RM-9
BGEN Marc Easterly MFI-RM-700
Como David Ferber MFI-RM-483
LGEN Larry French MFI-RM-18
COMO Glenna Guilfs MFI-RM-125
FADM (ret.) Rob Johnson FAdm MFI-RM-3 HONORS
ADM Steve Lackey MFI-RM-035
CAPT Glen Matheny MFI-RM-389
COMO Frank Parker MFI-RM-690
CAPT Donna Parker MFI-RM-715
ENS Carl Stark MFI-RM-803
FCOL David Stayduhar MFI-RM-574
FCOL Robert Torres MFI-RM-124

Maquis Forces Marine Corps

The following Members have distinguished themselves within their Branch.

  • Marine Achievement Medal:
    • Marc Easterly: All the things Marc has done for the MFI in the last year. He has been an essential member in many projects. As well as the great job he has done with the MFMC.
    • Col Manuel Guajardo
    • MCapt Jason Pack
    • MCapt Jordan Lackey
    • 1LT Jason Singleton
    • SGTMAJ Bill Absher
    • G/SGT Mikel Beggs
    • COL Charles Shananaquet
    • SGTMAJ John ‘Kiwi’ Kane
    • FCOL David Breland
    • Col Tyler Pugh
    • Maj Mathew Russell

  • Marine Unit Citation:
    • 511th Marine Assault Group (MFS Hellsfury)
    • 544th Marine Assault Group (MFS Impetuous)
    • 1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion (MFS Griffon)
    • 7th Armored Cavalry Regiment (MFS Intrepid II)
    • 97th Military Police Battalion (MFS Liberty)
    • 1st Recon Company (MFS Phantom Zone)
    • 26th Mechanized Assault Company (RS Hecate)

Special Operations Command

The following Members have distinguished themselves within their Branch.

  • SOC Achievement Medal:
    • (None Submitted)

Klingon Task Force

  • KTF Achievement Medal:
    • Colonel Koloth sutai-K'Tan (Matt Biggs)
    • Force Colonel Azetbur sutai-K'Onor (Anne Zecca)
    • Larry French

Maquis Romulan Legion

The following Members have distinguished themselves within their Branch.

  • MRL Achievement Medal:
    • Force Colonel David Stayduhar
    • Brigadier Marc Easterly
    • Frank Parker

  • MRL Construction Campaign Ribbon:
    • Commodore Frank Parker
    • Force Colonel David Stayduhar
    • Brigadier Marc Easterly
    • Force Captain Pam Michaud
    • Force Captain William Haines
    • Force Colonel David Breland
    • Colonel Kat Stayduhar
    • Captain Marie Wilson
    • Captain Donna Parker
    • Captain Steven Wilkey Jr.
    • Commander Samuel J. Bibb
    • Lieutenant Corbie Williams
    • SGTMAJ "Gunny" John 'Kiwi' Kane

International Awards

Service Awards

The following Members have distinguished themselves Force-Wide in Local, State, Federal/National Government in an official or auxiliary capacity.

  • Military Service Award:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)
  • Civil Service Award:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)

MFI (Force-Wide) Achievement Medal(s)

  • MFIAM Recipient(s):
    • Steve Lackey: Even with great personal issues that have taken precedent, Steve has has managed to keep informed and provide us all with candid counsel in the past year. His efforts have not gone unnoticed by any means.
    • Gary Hollifield: His own personal problems, grave and serious as they were, couldn't stop him from still taking part in his position and duties in MFI. Your devotion to duty is admirable and continues to be a source of inspiration to us all.
    • Gene Yazdir: Even with the little time he has, he continues to step up to the plate for jobs he's conscripted for. The Coordinator Council and the IC in particular highly appreciate your viewpoints and counsel.
    • Gary Davis: Your work with MAQUIS-CON 2010; among other projects, has been MOST appreciated! Your dedication after so many years of active service is truly remarkable and we hope for more of the same.
    • Frank Parker: Membership, particularly recruiting; has seldom been busier with you at the helm and I believe the credit goes to you. Well done, sir.

Commendation Awards

The following Members have distinguished themselves Force-Wide.

  • MFI Commendation Medal(s):
    • MFICM Recipient(s):
      • Christina Doane: As VIC, Christina has had to step up to the plate a couple of times on short notice this year; particularly in absence of the IC. Her swift response and remaining cool in staff crises reflect well upon her.
      • Rob Johnson: For continued work in his active capacity as MFI Chief of Staff; his dedication and drive for excellence inspires us all to do well.
      • Commodore Barbara Adams: For all time & effort put into running Membership & Awards over the last "8 Plus" Years.
  • Naval Commendation Medal:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)
  • Marine Commendation Medal:
    • Recipient(s):
      • BGN Marcus Easterly: for the MCM for all of his work he has performed as Commandant in the MFMC. He has been instrumental in revamping and retooling the current staff, encouraging marine participation, and also working in Training and Doctrine Command in formulating new courses and improving existing ones. Marc is an apt worker, a solid manager, and an effective leader in the Corps. He sets an example with his work ethic and esprit de corps on all levels of professionalism in dealing with marines and naval counterparts.
      • FCOL David Breland: He has been the Morale Officer for the MFMC for a few years, but its his work for TRADOC that is outstanding. He is writing a new manual, with courses to follow, which will be an improvement and a wonderful addition to the current status quo. David is an awesome go-getter, a truly motivated young man who accepts tasks without questions. He does as asked, but he also takes his projects to the next level and always provides feedback, asks questions, and does his work at a level higher than what is expected of him.
  • SOC Commendation Medal:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)
  • KTF Commendation Medal:
    • Recipient(s):
      • COMM Glenna Juilfs: Her work in this branch goes largely unnoticed. She is a very hard worker in her capacity as Deputy Director of the branch. She is heavily involved with disseminating information to the members, recruiting new people into the branch, and being a very effective leader. She does much more than she is given credit for in the KTF. Glenna is very hands on and concentrates heavily on behind the scenes work, therefore her deeds are quite unknown to the majority of the rest of MFI.
  • MRL Commendation Medal:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)

Bravery / Heroism

  • Bronze Starburst:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)
  • Silver Starburst:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)
  • Gold Starburst:
    • Recipient(s):
      • (None Submitted)
  • Other Awards?
    • (None Submitted)

MFI Rebel Of The Year

  • Nominees: Anne Zecca, Logan Andrews, Larry Henderson, James Doane, Tom Webster, Manuel Guajardo, Carl Stark, Glen Matheny, Patrick McAndrew, Tyler Pugh and Joann Nickerson
  • Co-Recipients: Anne Zecca & Joann Nickerson

MFI Volunteer Of The Year

  • Nominees: Elana Babb, Barbara Adams, Ruth Fishman, Jennifer Hawthorne, David A. Miller, Susan Mahaffey, Jack Kern, Lee Montgomery, Crew of MFS-M Dark Night--(Jointly), Paul Williams and Sandi Rust.
  • Recipient: FCAPT Jack Kern

MFI Chapter Of The Year

  • Nominees: MFS Phantom Zone, MFS Trinity, MFS Rejected, Starbase Kalamazoo, MFS Impetuous, MFS Oro Grande, Listening Post 8, MFS-M Dark Night, 1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion and MFS Intrepid II.
  • Recipient: MFS-M Dark Night

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5 Nov 2009
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