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2014 End Of Year Awards

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[January 18, 2015]

Awards Transcript

The following Members have distinguished themselves at the 2015 Change of Command Ceremony and End of Year Awards.

MC: Good evening everyone and welcome to the 2015 MFI Change of Command, An event that we are proud to say we rarely do, because the leadership is so good...We know that because we have you, the members, vote to tell us that on a regular basis. I ask so we can keep things moving that anyone not speaking please limit yourself to reactions once an awarding or segment is complete. Any certificates awarded while not available tonight will be sent to awardees as soon as possible.
And now I’d like to introduce our current International Coordinator. No stranger to hard work she built one person listening post into a full ship. She has been Zone Coordinator and Zone Staff for Zone 4 and Zone VR. Zone 4’s BBQ, that she is still on the team for, is still going strong after 12 years. She’s been MFMC Tradoc wherein she helped write the current core MFMC College courses, as well as Deputy Commandant. She’s been Commandant and helped revamp the MFMC multiple times. She’s worked in the Diplomatic Corps, the Membership Department, Awards, and even a bit of Comps Ops. She has been the Academy Dean for the Leadership College, the Liberal Arts College and the MFMC College. She’s served as Chief of Staff and VIC of MFI. Been nearly everywhere and done a bit nearly everything, much of it in her usual quietly efficient way, I present to you Force Admiral Christina Doane.

FADM Christina Doane: The right of all outgoing command officers is the right to reminisce, so apologies in advance but you have to deal with a 'back in my day' story. I joined MFI in 1997. I was freshman in college; I didn't know anyone there and was far from home. I had been a Star Trek fan for years, re-runs of TOS before TNG came out even so when I got a chance I started looking at Star Trek Clubs (go free internet and T-1 lines!) but as a poor college student I felt a bit bad about eeking out money for a club especially since it was the first weeks of my first semester so no paychecks yet to speak of. Being the impatient type I looked anyway and found MFI. A lot of good memories there from 'convention jailbreaks' to the marine 'pink pookie' I've had a lot of fun. To explain about the jailbreaks, one time we 'busted out' some Maquis from the jail (a f????), got to safety only to have them turn on me and arrest me! My own people! So sad lol but I made them chase me so that was ok. You’ll never catch me Coppers!
Anyway back to my point: When I started in MFI, it was only two years old but what kept me in as how friendly people were and how helpful. Because of MFI I started attending Trek Cons and a whole world of my peoples was open to me. Over the years I've tried to keep that same spirit of helpful friendliness that I so enjoyed as a new member. Throughout I've had the opportunity to meet many awesome members and volunteers who worked with no thought of recompense. Regardless of that thought I want to recognize a few of these members. I am going to miss some, there are too many who help MFI in becoming what it is and I thank you. The ones I mentioned here are but a few of the awesome examples of the quality of people we have here in the Maquis.
FADM Gary Davis, Vice Admiral Frank Parker, Captain Tracey Davis, And Force Captain Donna Parker... Front & Center.

FADMDavis and Mrs. Davis SALUTE!

VADM Parker, Captain Davis, and Force Captain Donna Parker move to stand in front of FADM Doane and salute. FADM Doane returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: I wanted to do some kind of public Kudos them, they have each served MFI with advice, helping with projects and generally being awesome members. I call them up here today though to give a personal award.

The first ever Force Admiral's Choice Awards, that are just certificates for those members who are not only supporting MFI but the Fandom on which we all play in. These are just three of the members who are involved in fan film projects and other fan work, I did have to limit it somewhat, but I thank all those who help keep the Fandom which we all love alive and well in their own ways. It will take all of us, working in our various capacities to ensure that which we love continues to thrive. For those that wish I strongly encourage you to look at our Fan Film Page for just some of the flavors of Trek out there.

FADMDavis: *THANKS* IC for award!

FADM Christina Doane presents awards to each person ending with FADM Davis, then shakes all awardees hands and salutes.

FADM Christina Doane: Well done all, please return to your seats.

All awardees return to their seats.

FADM Christina Doane: As many of you may know the MFI Academy's moodle locked us out, we couldn't get it to work properly for the members and their passwords. So as a backup plan while the moodle was being investigated, I had the honor to work with a team of Academy Staff, Deans and other volunteers. They stepped forward for the labor intensive task of taking the materials, records, and exams from the old moodle to transcribe them into word or other documents to be sent to the students directly from the proper Academy staff. This was a difficult project, not the least of which was only certain passwords would allow any kind of access so those with the passwords had to get the materials to forward on to the proper Dean or assigned staff member. Fortunately we were able to get this done before the end of the year and I'd like to list the names of those who assisted in their various capacities.

If you are here please step forward:

Marine Captain Richard Bonham
Force Colonel Micheal Tolleson
Commodore Josh Laury
Captain Juanita Burlew
Admiral Laura Hartwell

MTolleson steps forward and salutes, “Reporting as ordered, Ma'am.”

FADM Christina Doane nods and gestures to form up with the others.

AdmHartwell steps forward and salutes Fadm Doane

CaptNita steps forward, “Reporting as ordered, Ma'am.”

FADM Christina Doane returns the salutes gratefully. “For your assistance in getting the Site B Satellite Academy up and running I want to present you with an MFI Achievement Medal. Thanks to each and all of you for your help. Thanks to you, our members can still access our courses during this time of moodle troubles.”

FADM Christina Doane: presents each person with an MFI Achievement Medal and shakes their hand with a word of thanks.

MTolleson Thank you Ma'am. And he returns the salute.

CaptNita salutes.

FADM Christina Doane returns the salutes, “Thankyou all and please return to your seats.”

AdmHartwell salutes, performs about face and returns to her seat.

FADM Christina Doane: Now for the next part. Force Colonel Brian Pickett and Colonel Greg Preast, Front & Center:

FCOL BPickett steps forward, with a sharp salute, followed by COL Preast.

FADM Christina Doane returns the salute.

Addressing the audience she continues, “There’s two more members of, what I've been calling, the Transcription Team. They took on multiple colleges that had no one to claim them to help ensure that no course was left behind. Colonel Preast actually shortened the time this project took by finding one simple feature that saved days of time because of his dedication to poking at every nook and cranny the project was made that much more efficient. To them I am presenting the MFI Commendation Medal. Well done both you.”

FCOL Bpickett "Thank you, Force Admiral Doane."

FADM Christina Doane presents both with MFI Commendation Medal, shaking their hand.

CaptNita: Congratulations, FCOL Pickett!

FADM Christina Doane: Very well earned please return to your seats. Commodore David Ferber, Front & Center.

Commodore Ferber moves to stand in front of FADM Doane and salutes. FADM Doane returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: For giving us a fun LDO in 2014 with those dangerous, dangerous florks, I present the MFI Achievement Medal.

FADM Christina Doane presents the award and shakes Commodore Ferbers hand, salutes are exchanged and he returns to his seat.

FADM Christina Doane: Admiral Laura Hartwell Front & Center.

AdmHartwell steps forward and salutes FADM Doane

FADM Christina Doane returns the salute, “Laura has long supported MFI and has spent countless hours on projects, tweaking ideas and generally helping out. She’s done more for MFI than I can even think of over the years. Earlier this year when I could not get the database to do as I wished in regards to a voting booth and no suitable alternate could be found, it was Laura who was able to step forward and help me make sure we had an efficient and secure voting method. Without her help this entire process would not have gone nearly as smoothly. During my time as IC she's given freely, as life permitted, of her advice and time. I now want to recognize that dedication. To Admiral Laura “Jedi Webmaster” Hartwell I present the MFI Commendation Medal. Good job Laura you've earned it!”

FCOL Anne applauds.

FADMDavis: Woohoo!

FADM Christina Doane fist bumps with Admiral Hartwell

ADM 10of9: BRAVO!

FADM Christina Doane realizes she's getting silly and refocuses on the ceremony.

MTolleson applauds.

AdmHartwell: Thanks FADM Doane with a smile and fist bump. :)

ADM 10of9: Goody

COL Varis Olan eyes the "fist bump" gesture suspiciously.

FADM Christina Doane offers a short pause here to thank all of those so far awarded for your service :)

KmoghjIH applauds.

FADM Christina Doane: Laura, thank you, and please return to your seat :)

CaptnKathi applauds all.

AdmHartwell salutes and returns to her seat.

FADM Christina Doane returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: Lt. General Marc Easterly Front & Center.

Lgen_Easterly moves to stand in front of FADM Doane and salutes.

FADM Christina Doane: returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: Marc has worked on the marine Mekk program, re-written entire marine manuals and spent much time trying to work with his staff on projects to encourage marine activity. He started the LDO Campaign, making up little banners for each one in addition to the work required to organize it. He's redone the marine site and written courses for the MFI Marine College. His dedication to that branch is well evidenced by his past records. Because of this and all he does I am presenting him with the MFMC Commendation Medal for duty well done. Thank You Marine, Starship Troopers got nothing on the MFMC. OORAH!

LGen_Easterly accepts the Award and shakes FADM Doane’s hand.

FCOL Anne applauds, “Bravo!”

FADM Christina Doane: shakes Easterly's hand, “Thank You, please return to your seat.”

LGen_Easterly takes one step back and salutes.

Mtolleson: Bravo Zulu LGen Easterly

LGen_Easterly performs an about face and returns to the shadows.

FADM Christina Doane: I know your sitting bits must be getting numb but I have one more award. Admiral Steven Lackey Front and Center!

ADM 10of9 moves forward and salutes the Force Admiral.

FADM Christina Doane returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: I've known Steve for many years. He was my Deputy Chief of Staff once upon a time. He's worked in so many areas and on so many projects in MFI that I can't name them all. There was one project to complete review all of our written records, another to create SIM materials.

He has supported the LDO and has a great passion for all things sim, becoming a great contributor to that area of MFI. Furthermore he's served as COS, COO, and acted as a member of the Diplomatic Corps. In his capacity as self proclaimed 'MFI Academy Resident Hermit' he's been the cause of many ideas including a registrar's page for program certifications. But beyond his body of work is his heart. Throughout the years I've known him he's always been willing to give advice, to help if he could. He always thought of things in such a way as to maintain our highest ideals of respect and service to others. It is for those reasons and many more that I wish to read out the following award:


FADM Christina Doane: Well Done Steve!

FADMDavis applauds

Lgen_Easterly: OORAH Steve!!!

FADMDavis: Woohoo!

FADM Christina Doane: Awarded only a handfull of times in our 20 plus years it is the highest honor we can bestow. Surprise!

FCOL Anne gives a standing ovation & applause.

FADM Christina Doane claps.

ADM 10of9 removes dust from his eyes.

FADM Christina Doane shakes Steve's hand with both of her own. "What you have done, we have seen and MFI Thanks You.”

Captjamie claps.

AdmHartwell applauds enthusiastically.

CaptNita applauds.

ADM 10of9: Thanks is not enough... You all humble me.<salutes>

FADM Christina Doane orders the tears back in her eyes and they obey. She returns the Salute.

MTolleson applauds.

FADM Christina Doane: Admiral Lackey thank you and please return to your seat.

ADM 10of9 salutes again and melts into the shadows.

FADM Christina Doane: This concludes my personal award section as out-going IC.

FADMDavis: Point of order.. Please.. FADM Doane.. I'd like to award one more award before you turn over, command, if you please! I'd like to recognize ONE more person, if you would please?

FADM Christina Doane: What?





FADMDavis shakes FADM Doane's hand and catches her before she falls.

FADM Christina Doane: freezes at attention on stage, like deer in headlights only way more awesome in a Maquis Dress Uniform.


ADM 10of9: Gotcha back... BRAIN!

FADM Christina Doane: Huh

FADM Christina Doane :)

FCOL BPickett applauds enthusiastically.


FCOL Anne applauds & gives a standing ovation, “Well done!”

CaptnKathi stands and applauds.

LHenderson stands cheering.

FADMDavis: FADM CD has been the DRIVING force for MFI for the past few years. WELL DESERVED!

AdmHartwell smiles and applauds.

Mtolleson: applauds and stands for the ovation.

Lgen_Easterly: OORAH CD!!!

FCOL BPickett stands and salutes sharply, "Honor Guard, Atten-TION!"

CaptNita applauds.

FADMDavis: An organization's tone is set by its leader. .and CD set the tone and the bar... HIGH!

KmoghjIH stands and applauds, “Here Here!”

FADM Christina Doane wipes her eyes.

Captjamie applauds.

FADMDavis: We now return you to your regularly scheduled Change of Command (DUCKS)

FADM Christina Doane: I'm seriously sitting here stunned. I don't have the right words.

FADMDavis yields the floor, grinning.

Mtolleson: that says it all FADM.

KmoghjIH: That's a first! <BEG>

FADM Christina Doane: Thank You. All I ever wanted was to help my friends and it sort of snowballed. Thank You, this means a lot to me.

FADMDavis You deserve to be a member of the "OotM Club".. Well deseved. <CLAPS>

ADM 10of9: I know how you feel...


FADM Christina Doane: Right well now that my entire script is totally derailed where was I? <lol>

<Little Yellow Minions run around with red flashing lights and 'technical difficulties' signs>

ADM 10of9: You know we both work for some insanely devious people.

LGen_Easterly: Hehehehe (From the shadows)

FADM Christina Doane: Tell me about it *looks over at the Maquis* I mean heck look who I worked for years.

ADM 10of9: The only thing better than being gifted with OoTM is having you experiencing the same by my side.... and we both hadn't a clue

FADM Christina Doane: Whispers to Steve, “Yep.”

FADM Christina Doane composes herself, “Attention Please Attention Please. I stand ready to read my orders.”

MC: Maquis...Attention on Deck! LHenderson SNAPS to Attention.

MTolleson stands and SNAPS to Attention.

FCOL Anne comes to attention.

CaptnKathi comes to attention.

CaptNita snaps to attention.

AdmHartwell comes to attention.

Varis Olan comes to attention.

Captjamie come to attention.

FADMDavis comes to attention.

ADM 10of9: The only thing better than being gifted with OoTM is having you experiencing the same by my side.... and we both hadn't a clue

FADM Christina Doane: Although I previously made the official announcement to the Maquis-Members List, I am ceremoniously ordered this night to relinquish command of Maquis Forces International. Further... I am to report to report to the Academy to assist as staff, the sim pages, Bajoran Cultural Center and wherever I can make a nuisance of myself time permitting :). Force Colonel Brian Pickett please step forward.

FCOL BPickett steps up to stand before FADM Doane and salutes.

FADM Christina Doane returns the salute

FCOL Bpickett: I relieve you, Ma'am.

FADM Christina Doane: I Stand Relieved

FADM Christina Doane wonders if it would be in bad form to toss the office keys at him and run? Thinks yes and continues with the ceremony.

FADM Christina Doane: I hereby name you Force Admiral Pickett... Computer: Voice verification CDoane-MFI-RM-9... transferring command codes... Doane-Zulu-One-Nine-Nine-Seven-Zero-Nine. I stand relieved.

FADM Christina Doane: Salutes Force Admiral Pickett

Bpickett is pinned with FADM rank.

Bpickett FADM returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: Force Admiral Pickett would you like to say a few words?

Bpickett FADM: Yes, thank you.

ChristinaD FadmR: gestures to the podium and steps to one side.

Bpickett FADM addresses the assembly, taking the podium. “First, I would like to thank our Master of Ceremonies, today. I would also like to thank Force Admiral Doane, Admiral Steve Lackey, and Force Admiral Emeritus Gary Davis for their trust in my abilities to take command of the Special Security Division over the last few years.

I also wish thank Commodore David Ferber for his friendship and assistance as I took command of the security branch. David, your guidance and support will be missed as you move on to other pursuits. To each of you and the rest of the outgoing Coordinator Council, I wish to offer you thanks, you can only be succeeded in the great deeds you have done in leading and continuing to build the Maquis Forces, but you can never - will never - be replaced!

I also want to thank the members of the Maquis Forces, those who supported me, and - just as importantly - those who did not, when making your vote. Your ideas and opinions and ideas are valid and should be shared, so that we all may form the basis behind the principals of IDIC - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

There are myriad wondrous and interesting things that have been done already, in this fine Fleet, and there are more fantastic adventures awaiting us, as we continue the journey together. I look forward to seeing what you show your fellow Fleet members, and hearing what you will express, to myself, those who join me on the new Coordinators Council, and with one another.

I couldn't be here today without you, and tomorrow's vision looms with promise because of the actions and deeds we have shared in the days that are behind us. Experience guides where we go now. Our future awaits, and I look forward to the journey ahead! Thank you all.

ChristinaD_FadmR claps.

Bpickett FADM steps back from the podium, allowing the MC to continue.

FCOL Anne applauds

MC: Per Chief of Computer Operations, I am confirming transfer of command codes...Ladies and Gentlebeings we welcome in FAdm Brian Pickett.

AdmHartwell applauds.

CaptNita claps enthusiastically.

MTolleson stands and applauds.

CaptnKathi claps.

Varis Olan stands and applauds.

FCOL Anne applauds, “Bravo!”

CaptNita motions for all to stand, also.

Jay DominatorCO: Congrats Brian!

FADMDavis salutes and applauds.

ADM 10of9: With great power comes greater responsibility!

ChristinaD_FadmR salute the new IC.

FCOL Anne salutes.

ADM 10of9 applauds.

CaptnKathi salutes.

KmoghjIH applauds.

MC: Attention Please Attention Please we now will proceed to the final portion of tonight the EoY Awards. As Operations can not be here Awards Chief Will present as needed. Please Stand By.

AdmHartwell stands and salutes the new Fadm.

FADM Christina Doane checks notes and time as the applause continues until it dies down.

FADM Christina Doane: For LDO Participation in 2014 the following have earned the Naval Achievement Medal.

OPS: I will now announce those who have earned Naval Campaign Ribbon, general ops related awards and Zone level EoY's. Zone Awards (all personnel for Zone level EoY’s to 'move to stand in the front of the presenter and salute' as their names or unit is called. Note for Units of the Year please only the senior officer. For other awards please remain seated but all will be recognized.

Commodore David W. Ferber
General K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK ( Larry D. French, Sr. )
BGEN Ksimka zantai-Ki'RK (Debbie French )
Captain Kim Johnson
FADM Rob Johnson
Major Ralph White
FADM Christina Doane
Lt. Commander Jim Westbrook
1Lt. JacQuline Kleinsmith
Cadet First Class Harley
Civilian James Doane
Lt. Commander Dawn Hess
Lt. Sarlil zh'Theliv
Lt. Commander Cathy Doane
BGen David Breland
Admiral Steven Lackey

OPS: Naval Campaign Awarding for Maquis Mirror Madness in 2014:
General Larry French
FADM Christina Doane
Civilian James Doane
1Lt. JacQuline Kleinsmith.

KmoghjIH proceeds to podium and salutes.

FADM Christina Doane: Returns General's Salute and presents him with the Naval Campaign ribbon, shaking his hand.

KmoghjIH returns to his seat.

OPS: Stand by for Zone End of Year for Rebel, Chapter, and Volunteer. If you are here please step forward.

OPS: Zone 1: *Volunteer of the Year: Force Colonel Anne Zecca *Chapter of the Year: MFS Amon-Ra

FCOL Anne moves to stand in front of presenter & salutes.

FADM Christina Doane: Returns Force Colonel Zecca's salute and shakes her hand, presenting her with the awards.

FCOL Anne returns to her seat.

OPS: The write ups will follow in the after action report on this.

OPS: Zone 3:* Rebel Of the Year: Larry Henderson *Volunteer of The Year: Marilyn Henderson *Chapter Of The Year: ICV Heghnach

Lhenderson: YAY ZONE 3

KmoghjIH proceeds to podium to accept award for ICV Heghnach.

KmoghjIH: Yay, Zone 3.

FADM Christina Doane returns salute and presents General KmohjjIH with the Zone 3 Chapter of the Year.

OPS: Zone 4: *Volunteer of The Year: Aunisty Hudnall *Chapter Of The Year: MFS Hades Wrath, their awards will be sent to them later.

OPS: Last but not least Zone 9: *Rebel Of the Year: Louis Lamp *Volunteer of The Year: Phillip Buff *Chapter Of The Year: MFS Blackfire

FCOL Anne applauds.

CaptnKathi applauds.

KmoghjIH applauds.

CaptNita: Yay Zone 9! <Applauds all>

ADM 10of9: We have a lot of awesome people... many more at the cell level.

OPS: Well done everyone. Your hard work has been noticed by your fellow Maquis and we are honored to be able to recognize you today as examples of the best MFI has to offer.

BPickett_FADM accepts the awards for Captain Lamp and Civilian Buff.

MC: Please note all awards and their details will be available on the MFI website ceremonies and awards pages.

OPS makes sure all Zone awards are presented and due honors given to attendees.

OPS: All remaining Zone awards will be presented to the proper persons later. All winners have well represented their zones and deserve all due credit.

OPS: As a last notice a few Chapter level notifications, winners please stay in your seats but applause are encouraged at the end. These are just the ones who have passed their information on to us. It is not required but in the future if you wish your Chapter achievements to be noted please send to the MFI Awards Department.

Community Service Award: Aaron Clark

Years of Service Ribbon:
Force Colonel Anne Zecca – 8 Year Service Ribbon
Force Admiral Christina Doane-18 Year Service Ribbon

FADM Christina Doane: General Larry French did you have an Award you wished to present?

KmoghjIH: Yes, ma'am. <proceeds to podium.> FCOL Anne Zecca Front & Center.

FADM Christina Doane steps to one side

KmoghjIH: FCOL Zecca, It gives me great pleasure to award you the KTF Commendation Medal.

FCOL Anne comes to front of podium & salutes, “Qa'pla!”

KmoghjIH returns the salute. “The reasons being: She participated in the 2013 Klingon Feast, held at the LaPlaya Resort in Daytona Beach (FL) 9/25-27/13. She competed in the Cube Stories, Species Feud, Tribble Toss, Gauntlet skills contest, and Klingon Warrior contest, which consisted of skill games, knowledge, and answering questions. She was a runner-up in Cube Stories, and one of three finalists for the Klingon Warrior title; one of the judges later complemented her on how she carried herself during the competition. On the day after, she stayed to help organizers with clean up/tear down of the main hall and hospitality room. She has represented the Klingon Way of accomplishment with honor with on diplomatic maneuvers. Therefore I would like to award her the KTF Commendation Medal.”

KmoghjIH: Qapla'! <presents Anne the Medal.>

ADM 10of9: Bravo!!

FCOL Anne accepts the medal & offers the Klingon salute, “Qapla'!”

FADM Christina Doane claps.

CaptNita claps.

MTolleson stands and claps.

KmoghjIH returns the salute, “Congrats, you earned it.” He turns and salutes FADM Doane. “Thank you, ma'am.”

FADM Christina Doane returns salute.

KmoghjIH returns to his seat.

FADM Christina Doane: General, you are most welcome. Lt. General Easterly do you have awards you wish to present?

LGen_Easterly: Yes Ma'am, I do!

LGen_Easterly returns to the stage, salutes Fleet Admiral Doane.

FADM Christina Doane returns Salute and gestures to the podium.

LGen_Easterly steps to the podium, “I would like to now give the Marine Commandants Sword of Merit, issued by the Maquis Forces Marine Corps Commandant to Marines who most exemplify the personal and professional standards of leadership valued by the Corps. These individuals, through their actions and words, have provided the highest standard of guidance and leadership to their fellow Marines, setting a standard of excellence for other leaders to follow. These marines and marine reservists a fine examples of what it means to be an MFMC Marine.

Des (Heather) Holsclaw Lt.
Bill Absher SGMAJ
Christina Doane FADM
David Breland BGEN
Michael Tolleson FCOL
Greg Preast COL
Tyler Pugh COL
Larry Henderson FCOL
Gary "Tiny" Hollifield COMO

These Marines have most exemplified what it means to be a Maquis forces Marine.”

CaptNita at at the mention of Tiny, stands at attention, saluting.

ChristinaD_FadmR comes to attention and does the same.

FCOL Anne applauds.
MTolleson stands and Salutes beside CaptNita.
LHenderson Salutes.
FCOL Anne stands & salutes for Tiny.
KmoghjIH stands and salutes the memory of Tiny.
LGen Easterly allows a moment for the applause to die down, wiping his eyes.

FADM Christina Doane drops the salute to clap for all the awardees after a deep, calming breath

LGen_Easterly: (Draws a deep breath) If I may? The Division Service Commendation to the following, for their distinguished service to the various Divisions of the MFMC;

Greg Preast Col
George Stevenson SGM
Glenna Juilfs BGEN
Steve Gillis SGM
Charles Shananaquet II COL
Michael Tolleson COL

The Marine Achievement Medal for his dedicated service as the Armored Warfare Commander; Charles Shananaquet II COL

These conclude my Awards for the Maquis Forces Marines Madame of Ceremonies.”

FCOL Anne applauds her marine colleagues.

FADM Christina Doane: Thank you Lt. General. They all well earned I am sure. Do you have any words before you exit the podium?

LGen_Easterly: (Nods) Yes Ma'am I do.
As I retire from the Commandant Position, I wish to say a few words. Let me begin by saying that, it has been an honor and a privilege of the highest order for me to serve my beloved Corps as Commandant. I want to thank the Coordinator, the Coordinator Council and, most especially the Marines of the Maquis Forces Marine Corps. for their confidence in me these last almost seven years. Over these years we've been able to expand the Mekk and Armor sub branches, Marine Aerospace and, introduce several new sub branches such as the Orbital Assault Shock Infantry. The Marine Staff and I have worked hard to improve and strengthen the Maquis Forces Marine Corps and I believe we have succeeded.

I want also to give a special thank you to Christina Doane and Steve Lackey, whose help was invaluable during my first days as Dant. Thank you to the late Gary Hollifield who’s words of encouragement and advice kept me going through some very dark times. Thanks to my Staff, who's hard work and perseverance made the Corps what it is today and, most especially my wife, Donna for her support and help during my tenure as Commandant.

Again, let me say that it has been an honor and a privilege of the highest order for me to serve my beloved Corps as Commandant. I will miss leading my beloved Corps. As I leave the Office, I feel that I could not leave the Corps in more capable hands, as my friend Greg Preast takes the helm in my place. Greg has a long and distinguished career as a fine Marine Officer and I feel with all of my heart that he and Tyler Pugh will take the Marine Corps to a new level.

Now, before I get tossed off the stage for talking too long, let me close with this, the key to a successful organization is to find good people who know their job and to have enough faith in them to let them do what they do. Thank you and good night.

FADM Christina Doane puts down a long, black hook she was going to get Marc with.

LGen_Easterly: I now return the floor to the MFI Awards Department Chief.

FADM Christina Doane: Thank you General, well said! To those who have received awards: Congratulations to all of the zone winners, these are shining examples of what it means to not just be a Maquis but a Star Trek fan. Their dedication, sense of fun, and loyalty to their community is an example to all. And thank you to Lt. General Easterly who has served with such dedication.

ChristinaD_FadmR salutes the room.

FADM Christina Doane: As well as our other staff and branch heads without whom we'd be that much less. Now to present the MFI EoYs for Rebel, Chapter and Volunteer of the Year

Let me say it was not an easy decision....while those with write-ups were few, they were good...very good and it took time to make a decision by the awards board. The winner of the MFI Chapter of the Year award:

KmoghjIH stands and salutes FADM Doane.

ChristinaD_FadmR nods with grateful smile to General French

FADM Christina Doane: The MFS Hades Wrath of Zone 4 is an excellent example of a chapter working to keep things fun and serve their communities. Just recently they’ve organized an event to bring awareness to  premature births and childhood leukemia, giving all proceeds to the Iowa City Hospital. Furthermore Wrath members have been active at conventions, play games together and generally enjoy their fandom. Keeping in mind that dual sense of fun and service so important to Star Trek. Commanding Officer of the MFS Hades Wrath Front and Center.

ChristinaD_FadmR looks out over the sea of faces.

FADM Christina Doane: Varis Olan are you are still here Colonel?

Varis Olan: Yes Ma'am.

FADM Christina Doane: Can you accept for the MFS Hades Wrath?

Varis Olan: I graciously accept the award for the Hades Wrath and speak for my entire crew when I say Thank you.

FADM Christina Doane: Most welcome Colonel.

FADM Christina Doane shakes hands. “Thank you and please return to your seat. Well Done!”

Varis Olan returns the handshake and snaps a salute before returning to his seat

FADM Christina Doane returns the salute.

FADM Christina Doane: MFI Volunteer of the Year for 2014: Major Marilyn Henderson of Zone 3 has been volunteering in her community for years. Winner of numerous awards, a write up for a recent one best explains why we too wish to recognize her total dedication to others. Her sense of service is an inspiration, congratulations and well done. Name a social mission organization in Easton and chances are Henderson has been, or remains, a volunteer. According to Andrus Award nomination papers filed by friend Nancy Sullivan, Henderson has volunteered in Easton for the board of health, the council on aging, and election-related municipal government activities. Henderson has…worked …leading and organizing seemingly countless events.

FADM Christina Doane: Is there anyone here who can accept for Major Henderson?

LHenderson: Yes Boss, me. <walks forward and salutes>

FADM Christina Doane returns salute. “For those of you who don't know this is her commanding officer Larry Henderson, Zone 3 CO.”

FADM Christina Doane presents award, shakes his hand "Please pass along my thanks for her dedication".

KmoghjIH applauds. “Yay, Zone 3.”

FCOL Anne: Bravo!

FADM Christina Doane: Final Award MFI Rebel of the Year for 2014: And now the MFI Rebel of the Year, Captain Louis Lamp continues to support MFI and Zone 9 through means of trying to offer donations to the organization, take time to recruit for his cell and the region at large, and make trips to other areas within the zone (from his home in Tigard, OR to towns where other members reside in CA and WA) to be available for members who have dealt with hardship on a physical or emotional level. he is the living spirit of being a good friend and show solidarity for his fellow Maquis Members during moments of crisis.

Is Captain Lamp here or someone who can accept on his behalf?

CaptNita: I would be honored to accept for Capt. Lamp.

CaptnKathi stands. "I have that pleasure, Ma'am."

ChristinaD_FadmR smiles.

CaptnKathi laughs. "Or we can fight it out."

ChristinaD_FadmR: Well I can see he has many friends in the Zone 9 Region

CaptNita: Very good, Captain.

ChristinaD_FadmR: That speaks well of him.

BPickett_FADM grins.

FCOL Anne applauds.

FADM Christina Doane: To his Allies both I present the MFI Rebel of the Year Award.

ChristinaD_FadmR claps.

MTolleson snickers from his seat.

Varis Olan applauds.

VZC9_FCOLTorres: Conga-rats! :)

ADM 10of9: Hear, Hear!

CaptnKathi grins. "I can attest that it is a well earned recognition. I look forward to advising him of the honor."

CaptNita salutes, turns to CaptnKathi and smiles.

FADM Christina Doane: Know that all MFI EoY winners are fine examples of their type and it is the most sincere pleasure I have to be able to recognize such dedication, loyalty, and general awesomeness :)

ChristinaD_FadmR salutes both of them.

ChristinaD_FadmR: And now one final piece of business if everyone would please take their seats :)

ADM 10of9: <mumbles> mine is bolted down...

LGen_Easterly giggles.

CaptnKathi salutes back, bows to her fellow Captain, and returns to her place.

KmoghjIH snarls.

MC: And now transferring officers will assume their new positions....FAdm (Ret) Doane, if you would start us out.

FADM Christina Doane: Thank you. And Thank you to the MC, Awards Board, and other personnel who assisted in this endeavor, couldn’t have done it without you. All current and incoming CC members please step forward and conduct your Changing of the Guard Ceremonies.

MTolleson falls out of chair laughing, but composes quickly.

FADM Christina Doane:The members of the current CC and the new CC face each other and going through the age old “I relieve you…I stand relieve” tradition that connects them to every other ceremony of its type for centuries. From one command to another, a chain unbroken.

MC: And with that, we conclude our Change of Command, more MFI Staff changes may occur as the new Administration gets settle so watch for updates! You are all welcome to remain for a "reception". Maquis Attention! Dismissed!

Varis Olan stands and applauds.

ChristinaD_FadmR: 14 pages (tosses the script into a bonfire)

LGen_Easterly looks around for Adm Steve

KmoghjIH stands and applauds.

AdmHartwell smiles, stands and applauds.

ChristinaD_FadmR: Good job everyone! you're quite awesome I must say :)

MTolleson Stands and Applauds

ChristinaD_FadmR claps until her palms hurt.

FCOL Anne stands, salutes & applauds.

CaptnKathi: Life around here is gonna get interesting...

LGen_Easterly sprays FADM Doane with silly string.

ChristinaD_FadmR: You have no idea Kathi. :D

ADM 10of9: Your office is ready Marc.

LGen_Easterly salutes Adm Steve.

ChristinaD_FadmR pulls out two of her own cans she was hiding in her coat and sparys Marc

BPickett_FADM applauds all award winners and the outgoing CC, before mingling...

Jay_DominatorCO: thanks for allowing us to remain, we normally don't “get out often". Congrats Brian, you can get hold of me anytime... *Taps Combadge* "Ryan to Dominator, One to beam aboard*

ChristinaD_FadmR: See you guys, thanks for coming.

LGen_Easterly breaks out the booze.

KmoghjIH: The KTF will be undergoing change here very shortly. Many of the Staff have been silent for too long for my taste and need to be replaced ASAP.

ChristinaD_FadmR nods. “Well, now is a good time for that sort of thing.”

KmoghjIH: Congrats FADM Pickett.

ChristinaD_FadmR: Yes Congrats Brian. Good Luck!

Bpickett_FADM: Thank you.

LGen_Easterly shakes bottle of champagne.

Mtolleson: burn them if you got them. < hands FAdm Pickett a fine cigar>

LGen_Easterly: <tosses at CD and yells> GRENADE!!!!

CaptnKathi: It's been an honor and fun, live long and be a bother to yer grandkids folks!

ChristinaD_FadmR throws herself on the champagne bottle then realizes what it is and opens it up on Brian.

FCOL Anne ducks for flying corks.

BPickett_FADM sputters as he's sprayed and holds out his hands to stop the blast.

ChristinaD_FadmR: Muhahahhaha

ChristinaD_FadmR gets a glass and pours Brian some of whats left and hands it to him, grinning.

VZC9_FCOLTorres: hehehe

LGen_Easterly: Bwahaha

Mtolleson LOLs

AdmHartwell: I must depart as well to take care of an urgent covert operation. * taps her combadge, waves and smiles as she is transported back to her ship. *

After party devolves into Maquis Craziness.

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13 Jan 2011

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