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The 1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion (1MOAB) was created as a rapid response unit that could engage hostile forces that threaten the North Western expanse of Maquis territory Zone 11. The unit was modeled after 20th century Air Calvary units used by earth’s military forces most notably the United States. The Battalion is split up into four companies and conducts its operations from the Akira class star ship the MFS Griffon The 1MOAB also utilizes the Danube class variant runabouts utilized from the 1st Runabout Assault Squadron(1RAS). And the Medical Evacuation Squadron both housed in the MFS Griffon

Battalion Break Down

1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion

Command Company (131)
Battalion HQ (7)
Signal Ops (30)
Mobile Support (50)
Logistical Support personal(20)

OASI Company (200)
1st Platoon Company HQ (20)
2nd - 9th OASI Attack Platoons (160)
10th Platoon OASI Pathfinder (20)

Mechanized Infantry Company (200)
1st Platoon Mobile Company HQ (20)
2nd - 9th Mechanized Infantry Platoons (160)
10th Platoon Mechanized Recon (20)

Infantry Company (200)
1st Platoon Company HQ (20)
2nd - 9th Infantry Platoons (160)
10th Marine Recon Platoon (20)

Company Break Down

Command Company (131) More to come

This is the brain of the Battalion and is responsible for logistics supply and tactical effectiveness of the battalion when it is in a state of action. The Company consists of the Battalion HQ and SEALS TEAM V and is assigned the 1st Squad of the 1RAS.

Battalion HQ (7) (Command Runabout)
Consists of: The Commanding Officer,The Battalion Sergeant Major (BSM),The Battalion Logistics Officer (BLO), The Battalion Supply Clerk (BSC),Chief Medical Officer (CMO),Battalion Communications Officer (BCO) and the Chief Tactical Officer (CTO).

The CO,BSM and CTO conduct all tactical planning for the battalion and is constantly monitoring the where bouts and actions of the three attack companies. The CTO is also responsible to coordinate all planetary bombardment with the MFS Griffon that would be called in to provide fire support for the combat troops on the ground and coordinate all runabout activity with the 1RAS

The BLO handles all logistical situations that the battalion might face while in a theater of operation. The BLO handles everything from rations to beds that would be needed for the troops to do there job. However the BLO is also responsible for any reconstruction efforts that have to be made and the care for POW and/or Refugees that might come into the care of the 1MOAB.

The CMO is responsible for the medical treatment of the troops civilians and POW's during an operation. The primary job of the CMO is to coordinate the medical evacuation squadron for those that require medical attention. The CMO is also responsible to coordinate all medical personal and supplies makeing sure that those that need them get them, the CMO will also be responsible to handle civilian casualties and oversees the overall care and treatment of POW and/or Refugees

The BCO is responsible for all communication equipment that is in use during an operation and is responsible to maintain an open line with the MFS Griffon at all times. The BCO monitors all communications by the battalion and keeps the battalion talking to one another. The BCO directs all communications to where they have to go and makes sure that all communication systems are operating at peak performance

The BSC handles all supply issues for the battalion from ammo to new socks it is the BSC job to make sure that all the companies are well stocked to do the job that is needed. And to make sure that supply lines are open so that the supplies can be delivered to the troops when needed. In times of shortage it is the BSC's job to determine where supplies should go and who gets left short.

SEALS TEAM V (24) (Arrow Class)

SEALS TEAM V was formed by merging the Battalions Reconnaissance platoon and Col Pugh's SOC unit known as the ARC Angels. The Team is made up of members of Marines and Naval personnel from zone 11, but many of the team members come from all corners of the Maquis. When the Battalion is on stand by or not engaged with hostile forces SEALS TEAM V is used to conduct Covert Operations in and out of Maquis territory. When the Battalion is engaged with hostile forces or involved with a major operation SEALS TEAM V than takes the role of the Battalions Recon Platoon. SEALS TEAM V is responsible for securing a landing zone for the incoming runabouts by taking out enemy sensor and defense positions. When a landing zone is secured SEALS TEAM V than goes behind enemy lines striking at the heart of the enemy, causing fear and confusion among their ranks.

Attack Companies

OASI skull.jpg1MOAB Bravo Company.jpg1MOAB Charlie Company.jpg


When the landing Zones are cleared and the Battalion has established a foot hold on the planet the 1 MOAB will set up base(s) of operation to further push the hostile forces off the planet. There are two main types of bases the 1 MOAB can construct depending on the circumstance of the operation.

Fire Base

The Firebase is constructed using all four of the Command Modules from the runabouts from all the companies this base can house the entire battalion and can support fifteen runabouts, ten-ground assault and five medical. This base also consists of a medical center and communications center. This base is constructed when the Battalion is operating with several other Marine and Naval units in a massive operation.

Forward Operating Base (FOB)

The Forward Operating is used when the Battalion is operating on its own or a company is separated from the Battalion in a support role. The FOB can house 1 company and can support the companies lift squad. These bases are spread out through out a region giving the Battalion the ability to cover more ground and maintain a defense to fend off Hostile forces. Each FOB maintains supply routes between them and open lines of communication. The FOB housing the Battalion HQ maintains a medical evac center and supports 3 medical runabouts and the 2 arrow class runaboughts. All wounded personnel will be transported to this FOB and receive preliminary treatment before returning to the MFS Griffon.

Battle Honours

Battle of Atbar VI 2380
Streamer Atbar VI.JPG

Liberation of Havaris 2381
Streamer Liberation of Havaris.JPG

Operation: Blackout 2382
Streamer Barkon IV 2382.JPG

Unit Citations

Marine Unit Citation 2380
Streamer Marine Unit Citation 2380.JPG

Marine Unit Citation 2381
Streamer Marine Unit Citation 2381.JPG

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