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No Rest For The Wicked


Assigned Unit: 1st Marine Orbital Assualt Battalion
Primary Mission Operation: Unconventional Warfare
Secondary Mission Operation: Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering

Upcoming Missions:
Active Missions: Operation Blackout
Completed Missions: 6
Mission Briefs: 6


Officers: Classified
Total Team Compliment: 24

Teams Weapons
  • Pistols Rifles Bladed
    • Pistols:All(Including Non Federation)
    • Rifles: All (Including Non Federation)
    • Bladed: All (Including Non Federation)
  • Types: Micro Torpedo Launchers, Grenades and Demolition Charges
  • Total Launchers: 2
  • Grenades: 60
  • Demolition Charges: 5



MFS Griffon

SEALS Insertion

MFS Cloak


SEALS Attack/Countermeasure

MFS Dagger

Fighter Escort
Tactical Fighter Escort
Gunship Escort
Support Craft
Support Craft



SEALS TEAM V was formed by merging the Battalions Reconnaissance platoon and Col Pugh's SOC unit known as the ARC Angels. The Team is made up of members of Marines and Naval personnel from zone 11, but many of the team members come from all corners of the Maquis. When the Battalion is on stand by or not engaged with hostile forces SEALS TEAM V is used to conduct Covert Operations in and out of Maquis territory. When the Battalion is engaged with hostile forces or involved with a major operation SEALS TEAM V than takes the role of the Battalions Recon Platoon. SEALS TEAM V is responsible for securing a landing zone for the incoming runabouts by taking out enemy sensor and defense positions. When a landing zone is secured SEALS TEAM V than goes behind enemy lines striking at the heart of the enemy, causing fear and confusion among their ranks.

SEALS TEAM V second operation specialty is reconnaissance and intelligence gathering on enemy or potential enemies of the Maquis. This makes members of SEALS TEAM V extensively trained in stealth, infiltration and exfiltration techniques. Members of SEALS TEAM V are trained to blend in with their surroundings be it a dense forest or a crowded space port. SEALS TEAM V uses a variety of surveillance equipment to complete these missions.

SEAL TEAM V like the 1MOAB is housed aboard the MFS Griffon and uses a variety of craft to complete their assignments. The most notable are the two arrow class runabouts known as Cloak (Nott variant) and Dagger (Thor variant). Cloak inserts members of SEALS TEAM V as Dagger provides protection knocking out sensor and defensive positions. SEALS TEAM V if needed can be escorted by the Griffons tactical fighters or use the Gunship variant from the 1RAS weapons squad, SEALS TEAM V can also utilize the Type 9 shuttles from the scout squad.


Colonel Tyler Pugh: Designated SEALS TEAM V leader
Specialty: Assaulter
Secondary Specialty(s): Hand to Hand Combat(Star Fleet), Demolitions, Reconnaissance, Urban Tactics, Weapons Tech
Point of Interest: Known to be an aggressive leader Col Pugh often leads assaults from the front. Col Pugh has been known to take unnecessary risks with his team to complete the mission.

Major Mathew Russell: Designated TEAM V XO and Team Sniper
Specialty: Sniper
Secondary Specialty(s): Weapons Tech, Hand to Hand Combat (Klingon Martial Arts), Reconnaissance
Point of Interest: Maj Russell is known as a lone wolf, he is just as effective working alone or with the rest of the team. Leadership wise Maj Russell is the opposite of Col Pugh, where Col Pugh launches assaults Maj Russell takes more calculated actions.

Force Colonel Paul Williams: Designated SEALS Team V Medic (Resigned).
Specialty: Medic.
Secondary Specialty(s): Sniper, Reconnaissance, Urban Warfare.
Paint of Interest: Force Colonel Paul Williams is the Commanding Officer of Scout Vessel Spectre which was reconfigured and refitted for SEALS operations and deployments. F.Col. Williams is the oldest member of the team, a hothead he's been known to take issue with Senior Officers on controversial decisions and policies.He's the only member of the team who once held Flag Officer Rank.


Team V consists of 24 operatives broken down into 3 sections, this allows Team V to conduct multiple operations as each section can operate independently from the main body for when a more refine approach required or operate as one team for large scale operations.

Team Break Down

SEALS Team V (24)

Section 1 (8)
Section 2 (8)
Section 3 (8)

Section Break Down

Section 1 (HQ)
Team Leader
Team 2IC
Team Medic
Team Communications Officer
Team Demolitions Specialist
SEALS Heavy Support(1)
SEALS Assaulter(2)

Section 1 consists of Team V Senior leadership often refereed a the HQ section, this section also contains many of the Teams specialists such as Demolitions and Sniper. This section also contains the Team's Medic and Communications Officer.

Section 2 & 3 (Assault)
Section Commander
Section 2IC
Section Medic
Section Signal Ops
SEALS Heavy Support(2)
SEALS Assaulter (2)

Section 2 and 3 are the Standard Assault Organization but like the HQ section can have specialized team members depending on the Section Commanders discretion.


Unlike other combat or special operations units with in the Maquis Col Pugh moved away from using weapons and equipment based upon the Starfleet model. In stead Col Pugh turned to independent companies and merchants that supplied innovative and unique equipment that would provide an SEALS TEAM V Operative with a distinctive advantage over the enemy.

The M7 Combat Phaser
The M7 Combat Phaser is based off the 22nd century weapon used by the United Earth Military special ops unit known as the Military Assault Command Operations(MACO) but this weapon is a lot different form its 200yrs old counterpart. The M7 may be called a phaser but it is in fact a hybrid between a particle beam weapon and a projectile weapon. The technology was loosely based off of the TR-116 after Starfleet was trying to find a way around the Borg shields that protect the drones. But instead of firing a projectile at high speeds the M7 fires a projectile surrounded by an energized field. This technology has a great advantage over standard phased weapons since it is not effected by inertial dampeners and it can penetrate most personal shield systems. However there are drawbacks to the weapon one being it's dependence on ammunition and it is not as accurate as most particle weapons since the projectile leaving the barrel accuracy is effected by environmental effects or the shooter them selves. The M7 can hold up to 200 rounds and has an effective range of 600 meters,the M7 also has an collapsible stock witch makes is good for Urban operations and Boarding operations. The M7 is the standard rifle for the Marines of the 1MOAB(Top), A modified version of the M7 was made for Team V(Bottom) it is the same except it is equipped with the smart sight system that is integrated with the V Force Tactical Combat Mask.

The M7 Combat Phaser (Sniper Variant)
The M7 Sniper Variant has a longer barrel and fires a more powerful round than the standard M7. The sniper variant has an effective range of 1200m but in the hands of an experienced marksmen and test have shown that the sniper variant can fire as far as 2500m. Since the sniper variant uses a more powerful round than the standard M7 it hold less rounds, it is equipped with stabilizers and a longer barrel for better accuracy. The sniper variant also comes with a long range scope that is integrated with the smart sight system with the V Force Tactical Combat Mask. The M7 sniper variant is currently undergoing field trials with Major Russell.

TR-116 (Sniper Variant)
The TR-116 Sniper Rifle was developed from a stolen back engineered version of Starfleet Securities TR-116. The sniper rifle kept most of the Starfleet Design the standard sight of the TR-116 was removed. A long range sighting scope was installed that has been integrated with the smart sight system. The Sniper Rifle has an effective range of 1200 meters. It is currently undergoing operational trials with FCol Williams. Most of the changes from the Starfleet design are classified TOP SECRET.

MK 1014 Riot Gun
Initially designed by Starfleet as a new type of Rifle aboard Starships the Riot gun was designed as an attachment to a type II phase pistol that would greatly enhance the pistols power but when Srarfleet took on the now common Type III phaser rifles the Riot Gun was discontinued by Starfleet and was never put into production. The design was than picked up by an independent weapons manufacturer that modified the design. The MK 1014 is a solid piece and has two settings. 1) The MK 1014 can fire an extremely powerful charge that can be used to breach fortified positions such as reinforced doors or makeshift bunkers. 2) The MK 1014 can split the charge and fire several shots out of the barrel this option is good for multiple enemies in a confined area. The MK 1014 is a phased weapon and needs a new power cell after every shot no matter the setting it is on since the weapon uses a great deal of power. The weapon has been found effective in Close Quarter Combat such as ship boarding parties and Urban Operations.

The V Force Tactical Combat Mask
The Tactical Combat Mask contains a number of sensors and displays the information on a Heads Up Display it is like wearing a tricorder. Along with data from the sensors the Mask can also receive information that can be up linked from external systems to the mask and can receive information such as images, technical data or updated mission information. The mask has an internal communications system and it can even support video display, it is also equipped with a filtration device allowing operatives to operate in areas where the air is considered toxic or places that have little or no oxygen. The Mask also uses the Smart Sight System the mask inter grades it self with a weapons sight, information from the sensors are then fed to the sight calibrating it to adapt so that each shot is like shooting on a Holodec range.
The Medical Variant operates as the Combat Mask except the sensors are designed in the same manner as a medical tricorder this allows the medic to scan a patients wounds and free up their hands to perform battle field surgery. The V Force Tactical Combat Mask is standard equipment for TEAM V during combat missions.The mask has proven to be a vital peace of equipment that Col Pugh is considering equipping the 1MOAB with these Masks

Recon 6 Tactical Combat Vest
Tacvest Front.jpgTacvest Back.jpg
The Recon 6 Combat Tactical Vest is Used by SEALS TEAM V Operatives the vest is designed in the same matter has the Hazard Suits that it provides protection from enemy phaser fire but it restricted to the torso the most likely place the phasers can do the most damage. The Recon 6 vest has been designed to carry the magazines required for the M7 Combat Pahser(Back View)It also contains two pouches for grenades and two large pouches for anything the Operative may need it also contains a section for backup communications system in case the primary communications systems fails or is damaged (Front View). Their other variations of the Vest used by Seals Team V and the 1MOAB but the Recon 6 is standard equipment among Team V Operatives.



SEALS Team V is made of Naval and Marine members from Zone 11 who participate regularly in paintball events either through a paintball team or from their chapters designated paintball events. Members of SEALS Team V promote paintball within the fandom and gaming communities promoting fair play, friendship, safety, and fun. For more information about paintball click on the ARC Angel link.

ARC Angels Information Page

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