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Mathew Russell
Aboard the USS North Star
1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion/MFS Griffon (Present assignment)
SEALS TEAM V (Present assignment)
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Mathew Russell was born on the federation science vessel the USS North Star on star date 2353.18.01. His parents were star fleet science officers assigned to the ship and Mathew had spent a great deal of his child hood on board the North Star. In 2368 when Mathew was fifteen the ship was lost with all hands but Star Fleet over looked the fact that their was one survivor. For an unknown period of time Mathew laid unconscious in an escape pod floating through space until he was picked up by a Klingon Bird of Prey. The Klingon crew rescued Mathew and to pay back the Klingon's generosity he became the crew's indentured servant, some of the crew was nice to him well as nice as a Klingon could be but others were done right cruel to him. But Mathew took it all in stride biding his time waiting for the perfect time to strike back, little to the Klingon's knowledge Mathew studied them watched them and noted all of their weaknesses especially when they were training. Two years after his rescue during a celebration in the ships mess hull after defeating an Romulan war bird that wandered into their sites, one of the crew decided to further his enjoyment by striking Mathew however this time it was different Mathew was able to dodge the blow grab a nearby knife and kill the Klingon warrior. First the Crew was stunned as the dieing Klingon lay at Mathew's feet and than they became angry and called for his death one of the Klingon's even rushed at him but was stopped by the Captain. The Captain saw potential and decided to unofficially make Mathew part of the crew, Mathew was trained in Klingon Combat and he excelled as a marksman and at hand to hand combat. He would later gain valuable combat experience during the various Klingon conflicts of the 2370's. Mathew fought with the Klingon's against the Federation during the Second Klingon Federation War in 2372 and continued to serve with the crew and fight in the Dominion War. In 2375 after proving himself time and time again in battle Mathew was released by the Klingon's and sent to make his own way in the universe, like many others outcasts Mathew heard of the Maquis and set out to the DMZ, Mathew joined the Maquis Marines as a Marine Sniper and because of his skill, it did not take long for Mathew to get noticed by Major Pugh who selected Mathew to be the Executive Officer for his newly formed unit the 1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion and was commissioned as a Marine Captain. Latter Mathew would be promoted to the Rank of Major when the Battalion's tactics were re structured and a new ship assigned. Mathew was also a member of Col Pugh's unauthorized SOC unit known as the ARC Angels. When the Maquis HQ assigned SEALS TEAM V under Col Pugh's command Mathew followed and along with being the XO for the 1MOAB he is also the XO for SEALS TEAM V.

Real Life File


Real Name Mathew Russell
Occupation: It Keeps Changing
Date of Birth January 18 1981
Joined MFI Some time in 2005
Place of Birth Mississauga Ontario Canada
Education Cawthra Park Secondary School (2000)
Humber College (BA-Accounting 2008)
Family: Alot
Fan Club Experience: Maquis Forces International

Hard Core Metal Head and Paintballer Matt is one of the Founding members of the ARC Angels Scenario Paintball team also More to Come

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