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Maquis Forces International Chapters
MFS Aurora

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Maquis Forces Auburn, WA - MFS Aurora RC 183321
The Mission of the MFS Aurora is three-fold: We develop peaceful relations
where we are able, provide mercy to those in need, and defend the homes and freedoms of those downtrodden.
Carried on the winds of hope for a better future, we inspire, inform and invent along the way.
Riding the Wind Towards the Future
Learn about us by checking out our Facebook or G+ Page - Aurora Clubs and Charities!

Command Staff

Commanding Officer: Nita "Medici" Burlew

Executive Officer: Mike "Retro" Stahl

Division Chiefs

Default Aurora Class.jpg

Chief Science Officer: LM "Blue" Hauptman

Chief Of Operations: Tea Bisson

Chief of Engineering: Chester "Stumpy" Plant

Chief Tactical Officer: Ander "Krogg" Burlew

Chief Medical Officer: Amy "Mouse" Johnson

Crew Roster


Name Rank Insignia Position
Medici Captain Maquis_pip_col_marine.jpg Commanding Officer
Retro Commander Pip_cdr_green.jpg Executive Officer


Name Rank Insignia Position
Tea Lieutenant Commander Pip_lcdr_green.jpg Operations Chief
Carolin Dampier Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Maquis_pip_lt1_marine.jpg Conn Officer
Cheryl Barta Ensign Maquis_pip_lt2_marine.jpg Communications Officer


Name Rank Insignia Position
Stumpy Lieutenant Maquis_pip_cpt_marine.jpg Chief Engineer
Linda Bisson Ensign Maquis_pip_lt2_marine.jpg Transporter Chief
Tasha Burlew Ensign Maquis_pip_lt2_marine.jpg Fabrications Specialist


Name Rank Insignia Position
Krogg Lieutenant Maquis_pip_cpt_marine.jpg Security Chief
Rick Shank Ensign Maquis_pip_lt2_marine.jpg Armory Officer


Name Rank Insignia Position
Blue Lieutenant Maquis_pip_cpt_marine.jpg Chief Science Officer
Janet Bisson Ensign Maquis_pip_lt2_marine.jpg Xenobiology Specialist


Name Rank Insignia Position
Mouse Lieutenant Commander Pip_lcdr_green.jpg Chief Medical Officer
Livvy Ensign Maquis_pip_lt2_marine.jpg Encryption Specialist

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