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Civilian Rank Commentary

Thus far in MFI's history there has never been an overwhelming cry for strictly civilian ranks. It is almost an exclusive either/or option. Either people align themselves as strictly civilian or they accept the necessary concept MFI has always embraced, that every Maquis is at least a reserve officer in one of the Military/Security Branches.

The Maquis as a rule are a relatively small group of Separatists, Pioneers, and Settlers within a previously unwanted, dangerous, and volatile area of space. Originally supported in colonization by the Federation, subsequent territorial disputes and political negotiations resulted in abandonment, forced evacuation attempts, and hostile actions by criminals and others. The Maquis invested significant time, blood, and resources to build their homes and NOBODY is going to force them to leave. Other splinter groups seeking new homes have banded together in common goals with the Maquis. As a whole, the Maquis are one of the largest militarized and independent groups of settlers in space. Men, Women, and Children all participate in protecting their way of life. Very like the ancient Israelis of Earth, no citizen is a true civilian.

First and Foremost


Civilian Equivalents





Per Brian...

Let me start by saying that I don't want to see MFI change completely, but I do know that change comes with any organization with the advance of time and alteration of dynamics of the group in charge.

With that in mind, I will state that the first order of business for any organization needs to be regular communication. Something the membership can look to for assurance, guidance and proof that those in important positions aren't just sitting on their laurels, is for members to see regular lines of communication open and work getting done! Too many organizations fail because of a lack of communication; to deal with this issue, and ensure we are all on the same page with regular duties and pertinent projects, my aim is to have a monthly meeting with the CC Staff, and another with our Branch Directors.

I realize that things happen and people are sometimes not able to make a meeting, but getting word out beforehand (if possible), or sending a message to let the rest of the team know that you're okay after missing a meeting, is just as important as taking part in those you are able to attend.

It comes down to accountability as much as responsibility. When one is in a position of authority, they need to be accountable if they are not capable of being responsible. Having a set list of expectations - and punishments for those found incapable of adhering to those expectations - is part of the communication process that needs to be openly seen by all members, and enforced at the highest levels, if it is to be expected to carry on to the rest of the membership.

Another aspect to communication is keeping the Badlands Newsletter updated. This will include some of the highlights from the CC and Branch meetings; there might also be a particular article that a cell member has decided to include in a monthly or quarterly installment, or even an original piece of writing (ie: a story), art or cartoon that relates to the Maquis as our fan organization or the fandom (ie: Star Trek) which we follow. Having regular announcements - from promotions, graduates of one of the college academies, the formation of new cells, or of release of the latest fan-film or a convention where we might see some of our favorite Star Trek actors or backstage staff - are another way the Badlands can serve our membership more readily, too. Letting our membership share in that which we all like to actively participate in is what a newsletter is really meant for. Isn't it time we use this tool again? Announcing on various social outlets that the Badlands is ready to view will not only show our existing membership that we are a truly active organization, but encourages those who are curious to see what we're about and become new members when they like things that they see.

There are also continued updates and changes needing to be done in MFI's database, on the site, and with graphics used. There is a lot of repeated information found throughout the existing Wiki pages, and abandoned or unfinished projects that need to be wiped out or completed, as appropriate.

Because of the "Stolen Valor Act" having been implemented into law, we need to make a few changes to our graphics, and ensure that our ribbons or other awards aren't in conflict with existing real-world awards or graphics used by our military and civilian police, fire or rescue workers. The fouled anchor design of the MFMC, specifically, is in need of re-design, the graphics that might be mistaken for real world Sheriff badges, Air Force and other service branch or civilian service logos will also need to be removed and changed so as not to be confused for that which ours was once modeled from. This is not only for our own protection from being shut down or sued, but to show that we are willing to be proactive in adhering to this law before we are approached about the matter as other organizations have been. Selling off existing stock of the older logo or device as collector pieces that our Quartermaster currently offers is another part of the Stolen Valor Act process that we need to see happen, along with the rest of this process, as well.

Our Academy is in a state that leave many members scratching their heads right now. Old exams are being overhauled and beta-tested to ensure answers are still able to be found in the places where the test-creators have said they are available, and various options for how to administer exams are being discussed and explored. The future of the Maquis Forces knowing pertinent information about the organization, and being able to take the fun little quizzes that relate to favored subjects within the Star Trek setting are part and parcel to the experience of being part of a Star Trek organization, each Star Trek organization has an academy just like is mentioned and shown in the series. Unlike other organizations, keeping the exams out of reach of non-members isn't as much an issue for the Maquis as making them as easily accessible as possible for anyone wishing to take a quiz at any given time. Grading of exams in a timely manner, and presenting the results for students is where our focus should be. With this in mind, the aim of The Future Maquis is to find what methods work for our members, rather than try to compete or keep up with real-world or other-organizational academies. We are MAQUIS! Let this be our motto for how we tend to our business.

Speaking of training, did you ever think you might like to be more involved with Maquis Forces, thinking you might have what it takes to be Chief of Staff, Database Administrator or head up the Maquis Marines? Many of our staff have done these jobs, and even switched from one position to another like playing an organizational version of musical chairs. They have a lot of experience, and have seen various ideas brought forward. Some work, others don't, but that doesn't mean they don't want to share the opportunity and experiences with those of you who hold an interest in the tasks at hand.

The Future Maquis staff want assistants and people with an interest to help to step forward, to be involved in ways that help make the Maquis Forces that much better! Expect them to be ready and willing to teach you how things operate in the organization, but also be prepared to offer not just your ideas and suggestions, but help in bringing those ideas to fruition. In some cases, this can even prepare you for taking up the office that you've thought you might like to work in.

Finally, offering a more tailored experience of how our members choose to envision themselves as a member of the Maquis, as an individual or part of a cell, is the key component to how The Future Maquis wish to make advances within our organization. Not all Maquis were soldiers, not all of them fought. Remembering that, presenting other possibilities is what we fervently want to explore with our existing and incoming membership.

Offering a civilian element to the Maquis Forces International - along with more alien-oriented options and more specialized divisions within our existing branches - is a goal we feel easily obtainable. This effort offers more opportunity for those members wishing to be more heavily involved in making the Maquis something they are proud to be a part of the chance to do so, and inspires others to come share in the excitement and growth the organization offers, too.

Join us; we can't do it without you. The future of the Maquis is at stake!

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