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SEALS Three LD2009


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Incoming Tasking Request

0218 HRS LOCAL (4 days before the start of Op: Rahab)


<A middle aged man of Terran Asian descent appears on the view screen. He is dressed in rumpled Naval Utilities, with the rank device of a Force Captain and looks like he has not slept in a long time. His face is care worn and carries a concerned expression>.

Vice Admiral, I am Alan Tetsuhara. The Chief of Ops for Special Operations Command. I'm contacting you unofficially with some information that would probably get us both thrown in the brig.

Sir, I have an Operative who has "gone dark", normally I would send a Delta team to recover an Operative but, at this moment there are no available forces near enough to do any good.

The Operative is a young woman of Bajoran birth, who has been altered to appear Orion. She has missed her last two reports, and we fear that she has been discovered by the Traidy Syndicate.

Sir, my hope is that you would be willing to allow me to use SEALS Team THREE (3), which I am sure you know is under your direct command, to rescue my Operative.

Admiral, my motives are purely my own. I gave my word to this young woman that no matter the cost, I would bring her home.

I will forward you a copy of her dossier, and the replicator codes to any equipment your men might need, and some they have probably never heard of upon your acceptance.

I have not followed "Channels" for the simple reason that I do not wish to air too much of the SOC's dirty laundry. If needed, I can arrange to have orders issued.

I've never been one to break my word, and I hope not to start now. Sir, I await your reply and, I thank you for your help in this matter.

VADM 10of9 spent a moment reviewing the message, then entered a few quick commands into his console. After comparing the requested mission tasking to his own “discrete” sources and reviewing an enhanced dossier on Tetsuhara, he rapidly coded his reply,

“Mission accepted. Awaiting complete mission package and intell. VADM Lackey out.”

SEALS Team Three Mission Briefing – 94 hours prior to insertion

Mission Dossier

Your Team is "Go" for the mission. Information follows.


For SEALS Combat Tricorders

  • DNA sample of SOC Operative Bagar, Teela
  • Voice print sample of Bagar, Teela
  • Numerous photos of Bagar, Teela
  • Numerous photos of Orion stronghold/slave holding areas, with notations on location of target

Dossier of Operative:

Operative is a Bajoran female, 25 years of age. She has been altered to appear Orion.

Mission parameters:

  • SEALS Team 3 is to avoid detection at all costs.
  • Team 3 is NOT, REPEAT NOT to engage targets of opportunity.
  • Team is being deployed via MFS Black Star (SOC Danube class PAVE-Invader) approx 3 kilometers from Orion stronghold.
  • Approach on foot. Target area is 3 floors below ground level in basement area of Orion stronghold.
  • Area is guarded at all times by no less than 30 Orion slavers.
  • Suggest using suppressed projectile weapons or modified phaser weapons.
  • Once target is safely within the care of SEALS 3, Team is to immediately evac to exfil site .5 kilometers from West wall of compound. <this is the outer wall nearest your location at the time>

Various maps are included in the transmission as well as the replicator coeds for numerous weapon systems, including a "new" Type IIIc-A4 Compression Pulse Phaser Rifle. This weapon uses a lower powered "burst" of pulses of barely perceptible energy to neutralize a target. <This way it does not set-off any phaser sensors>

Reason for not engaging targets of opportunity:

Team 3 will be evacuating their charge moments before MFMC Recon units mount a raid to free the slaves and prisoners. Bagar, Teela is a "priority objective" and therefore not "inside" the parameters of the other raid.

Operation Briefing Conclusion

VADM 10of9 looked over the SEALS in the room. Together with himself, there were 28 members of the team assigned this mission. Every man and woman was hand picked and known personally by Ten. They were the best of the best in his opinion.

He continued the briefing, “Alright so you’ve all been given what was given to me. I trust each one of you explicitly to safeguard the details of this assignment the same as I would. While I’d have preferred to use our own transport for this mission, I need to keep those craft available for the remainder of Team Three in case they need to ride to the rescue during these extended offensive operations.”

“Section 3-1 will be the HQ group as normal. Myself and these other 7 members will coordinate the operation from aboard MFS Black Star. We intend to ensure we all have a ride home.”

“Section 3-4 will serve as the Primary Infiltration group. These 8 will be supplemented by 3 members of Section 3-8 who will be equipped with our standard TR-116 sniper rifles and sensor gear.”

“Security Group Section 3-6 will secure the extraction route for the mission and serve as a backup reaction force in case the op goes sour. The standard 8 members will be supplemented by the remaining Section 3-8 sniper. Both snipers on this expanded group will also carry the TR-116.”

“As you know, we are to begin our stealthy assault just prior to the main assault. Don’t get trigger happy. Everyone on the op has been issued a Type IIIc-A4 Compression Pulse Phaser Rifle in order to remain stealthy and not prematurely set off phaser detectors. Those NOT assigned TR-116’s are also expected to carry your preferred weapon as a backup. Once the main assault starts, we are to complete our mission and extract with a minimum of interaction with the main force. Our package will be top priority.”

“I selected the TR-116’s as a primary tool to maintain our stealth and provide a means of peeking into hidden corners to avoid nasty surprises. If needed, these weapons are stealthy enough to reach out and touch some Orion scum if needed. You have my blessing.”

“Everyone will wear an encoded emergency transport armband. There also will be spares on-hand for our target and any unplanned additions. These are strictly for backup. You all must reach the extraction site at the designated time. Don’t make me have to come looking for you…”

A few questions were asked and answered. These were professionals who knew their jobs and were used to adapting on the fly. The briefing was dismissed.

Goralis IV Action Report: Rescue & Extraction

0330 Local // Goralis IV

Designated elements of SEALS Team 3 begin stealth penetration of Orion Compound. HQ Section "Mother" gives All Clear signal to commence. Mother begins to slowly increase random static interference on Orion bands, limiting comm range for the enemy.

Heavy Orion reliance on automated sensor grids allows easy ingress once bypassed to allow appearance of normal operation. Security Section "Pappa" takes up overwatch positions to secure the egress route. Infiltrate Section "Tonto" enters Orion Stronghold prisoner detention structure. TR-116 Snipers scan ahead and to all sides to identify enemy personnel. When possible, Tonto operatives captured, bound, gagged, and sedated Orions encountered. Enemy personnel were not expecting any sort of attack. On the first two levels down, snipers only had to terminate a total of five Orions.

Level three was totally different. Sensors showed a complex of rooms and cells with apparent guard stations. The four TR-116 operators with Tonto formed a quick plan of attack to concentrate on guard stations together to neutralize each station in turn. The Tonto engineer located and severed outside communication links simultaneously while the rest of Tonto moved to locate the objective and neutralize any Orions encountered along the way. Within 12 minutes of entering the stronghold, the structure was secured and the objective was located. Mother and Pappa confirmed no apparent alarms or comms escaped the facility.

SOC Operative Teela Bagar was located in a filthy, fowl smelling room that was best described as a torture room. Her body was broken, mutilated, and abused but she was still alive. A DNA scan was required to confirm it was her, due to her condition. The Tonto medic scanned her condition and reported that nearly every bone in her body had been broken, healed, and re-broken numerous times. She was missing one eye, multiple teeth, and three fingers on one hand. The Medic did what he could to stabilize and sedate her for movement. One team member emptied the contents of his stomach when he saw her. While the Medic did his work, one Orion leader and three Cardassian "advisers" found in an adjacent office were shot with projectile weapons while trying to escape. Three times each.

Once readied, three team members assisted the medic transporting her in a makeshift stretcher. The rest of the Tonto lead the way and protected the rear evacuating the building. Once again Pappa and Mother gave the all clear. Tonto rejoined Pappa and headed for the extraction site.

Back behind, the stronghold was silent. On the third level, none of the Orions survived. Three Cardassians and 23 Orions were left dead. The Orion leader's body was left holding five old fashioned Terran playing cards. Aces and Eights. The design on the backs of the cards showed a Sol Three mammal called a Seal juggling three balls. The card background was pitch black, except multiple pairs of tiny yellow eyes could be seen in the shadows.

On the two upper levels, a total of five Orions were dead and 34 were captured, bound, and sedated. Only three SEALS suffered minor injuries.

Team Three arrived at the extraction site and was taking off just as MFMC Recon units were beginning their assault on the compound. The Doc and both medics set to work in the tiny sickbay corner of the MFS Black Star, a Danube class runabout.

When the first Marine troopers entered the stronghold, the first enemy they encountered was a group of nine who were bound in a cluster, gagged, and just waking up out of sedation. There was a bright red ribbon tied around the group with a huge red bow. Attached to the bow was another playing card with the same back design... a JOKER.

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