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SEALS Three LD2010


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Incoming Tasking Request


Data for the 2010 Mission has been scrambled due to a computer core near miss.

The following data is incorrect.

SEALS Team Three Mission Briefing – xx hours prior to insertion

Mission Dossier

Your Team is "Go" for the mission. Information follows.


For SEALS Combat Tricorders

Dossier of Operative:

Operative is xxx

Mission parameters:

  • SEALS Team 3 is to avoid detection at all costs.

Various maps are included in the transmission as well as the replicator coeds for numerous weapon systems, including a "new" Type IIIc-A4 Compression Pulse Phaser Rifle. This weapon uses a lower powered "burst" of pulses of barely perceptible energy to neutralize a target. <This way it does not set-off any phaser sensors>

Reason for not engaging targets of opportunity:

Operation Briefing Conclusion

VADM 10of9 looked over the SEALS in the room. Together with himself, there were 28 members of the team assigned this mission. Every man and woman was hand picked and known personally by Ten. They were the best of the best in his opinion.

“Section 3-1 will be the HQ group as normal. Myself and these other 7 members will coordinate the operation from aboard MFS Black Star. We intend to ensure we all have a ride home.”

“Section 3-4 will serve as the Primary Infiltration group. These 8 will be supplemented by 3 members of Section 3-8 who will be equipped with our standard TR-116 sniper rifles and sensor gear.”

“Security Group Section 3-6 will secure the extraction route for the mission and serve as a backup reaction force in case the op goes sour. The standard 8 members will be supplemented by the remaining Section 3-8 sniper. Both snipers on this expanded group will also carry the TR-116.”

“As you know, we are to begin our stealthy assault just prior to the main assault. Don’t get trigger happy. Everyone on the op has been issued a Type IIIc-A4 Compression Pulse Phaser Rifle in order to remain stealthy and not prematurely set off phaser detectors. Those NOT assigned TR-116’s are also expected to carry your preferred weapon as a backup. Once the main assault starts, we are to complete our mission and extract with a minimum of interaction with the main force. Our package will be top priority.”

“I selected the TR-116’s as a primary tool to maintain our stealth and provide a means of peeking into hidden corners to avoid nasty surprises. If needed, these weapons are stealthy enough to reach out and touch some Orion scum if needed. You have my blessing.”

“Everyone will wear an encoded emergency transport armband. There also will be spares on-hand for our target and any unplanned additions. These are strictly for backup. You all must reach the extraction site at the designated time. Don’t make me have to come looking for you…”

A few questions were asked and answered. These were professionals who knew their jobs and were used to adapting on the fly. The briefing was dismissed.

xxx Action Report: Rescue & Extraction

0330 Local // Goralis IV

The Orion leader's body was left holding five old fashioned Terran playing cards. Aces and Eights. The design on the backs of the cards showed a Sol Three mammal called a Seal juggling three balls. The card background was pitch black, except multiple pairs of tiny yellow eyes could be seen in the shadows.

When the first Marine troopers entered the stronghold, the first enemy they encountered was a group of nine who were bound in a cluster, gagged, and just waking up out of sedation. There was a bright red ribbon tied around the group with a huge red bow. Attached to the bow was another playing card with the same back design... a JOKER.

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