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  • ORDERS: 369-63-92
  • TO: Lackey, Steve, ADM, MFS Compliance
  • Report: Deputy Director of Intelligence DD(I), Major Igor Schmidt


A known mercenary consortium has been active in non-Federation space for the last several months and has, up until recently, not affected Federation planets. Recently however, we have had reports come in that they have been inching more and more toward Federation space.

Barkon IV, a small planet on the edge of Federation controlled space has recently come under siege by rather large and particularly well outfitted group of mercenaries. It is unclear if the mercenaries are just a sub group of (contracted by) the larger consortium calling itself "The Corporation" or if it is directly employed by "The Corporation." The governors personal transport ship with his daughter has been captured by this group. To conserve peace and keep good will up with this planet for future endeavors we need to resolve this quickly with no harm to the family.

SEALS Team III is tasked with rescuing the daughter of the Planetary Governor who is being held hostage aboard her fathers yacht.

Mission Maps

LDO Yacht.jpg

Mission Description

Team III is to deploy to Barkon VI via submarine, where they will travel to a point near the location of the Planetary Governors yacht. Then the Team will move to a small submersible to approach the vessel, then they will board the yacht using scuba equipment. Team III will then board the Governors yacht, taking out all hostiles and rescue the Governors daughter and the crew..


  • Your team must enter the ship undetected (Prints are as follows).
  • Infiltrate the ship and rescue the Governors daughter
  • Log and record all encounter with the enemy
  • All hostages must be secured safely

Governors Yacht

  • Designation: Privilege
  • Pilot: Adm. Corric Viridian

Original Configuration

  • Model: Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 // Manufacturer: SoroSuub Corporation // Combat Designation: Yacht // Scale: Starfighter
  • Length: 50 Meters // Crew: 2 // Skeleton Crew: 1 // Passengers: 10 // Cargo Capacity: 100 metric tons // Cost of Craft: 250,000 (new), 150,000 (used)
  • Nav Computer: Yes // Sublight Speed: 5 // Main Hyperdrive: Class 2 // Hyperdrive Backup: Class 14 // Atmospheric Speed: 850 kph
  • Maneuverability: 1D // Consumables: 1 month // Shields: 1D // Hull Rating: 2D+2 // Escape Pods: 2

Current Configuration

Intel indicates the Privilege arrived on-planet following a discounted purchase arranged by the newly seated Governor. The ship was in poor condition for use in spaceflight. This particular hull series became known for fatal flaws in life support. However, on arrival the ship was placed in a local dry dock and converted into an ideal deep water luxury yacht. Theoretically the ship retains spaceflight ability, but there are many unknowns. Special modifications are also unknown.

Known Persons On-Board

  • Pilot, Captain, and Head of Scurity: Admiral Corric Viridian
    • Details: Personal friend to the Governor. Past military experience will make him a valuable asset to the mission. Use his knowledge of the ship and crew to benefit mission.
  • Daughters Nanny: Natira
    • Detail: Natira has informed the Maquis of the possible kidnapping of Brianna. So, the SOC has started investigating this matter to keep up diplomatic relations.
  • Governors Daughter: Brianna Gia
    • Details: Age 11, Daughter of Governor of Balkon IV.
  • Two Pilots/Engineers from normal crew.
  • Three personal body guards for the Daughter, Admiral, and Nanny [Status undetermined]
  • From the onboard cameras we have determined that there are 8 – 10 mercenaries with light armament and a roaming patrol.

Mission Restrictions

Special Equipment:

  • For this mission your team will be equipped with the new G5-N, which is a suppressed .40 cal submachine gun (looks like an MP5 with a silencer)
  • Your sidearms will be the standard issue M4A4 10mm semi automatic equipped with suppressors
    • Of course these models are reworked by the uber weaponsmiths of the “Precision Weapons Section” before you get them
    • (FYI, these were the sidearms used in “Aliens” by the Colonial Marines)

Extraction Plan

TBD via separate comms...

Pending... In Work

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