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Monitoring Relay Report 001

Approximately 73 hours following Zero Hour for the operations on Barkon IV:
<<encoded tight burst transmission from vicinity of Barkon IV, extreme sensor range>>

Report relayed by Raider/Trapper experimental Long Range Surveilance ship LF-9 "Eureka Maru".

Reporting summary of events surrounding the withdrawal from Barkon IV Operation Blackout. SEALS 3 succesfully completed interception of Governors Yacht "Privilege" and rescue of key personnel on-board. They completed the second phase of the mission by navigating their SHARC submersible to the captured aquatic Marathon Base. Plans were made to sacrifice "Privilege" as a distraction and to setup several "Duck Blind" locations in anticipation for evacuation.

Report 002

<<encoded and scrambled priority message from Compliance Actual [ADM Lackey] to Captain Terry Sandeen, SEALS Team 3 XO at Marathon Base>>

"Ronin, complete your follow-on assignments setting up covert monitoring stations and preparation of a large distraction during the primary evacuation. Enemy Merc HQ on the northern icecap has been neutralized. Your target is their provisional HQ at Velson. Make it loud. You are directed to provide cover for the evac soon to be ordered BUT do NOT remain behind. The First Maquis Light Horse and McBain will have that dubious honor. I trust your judgement, as you well know. Ten out."

SEALS Three Team, Marathon Base

"Alright... Deploy the SHARC using full stealth profile and SHIP (Ships Holographic Intelligence Pilot) in command for long term intell duty under the northern icecap" Terry told his Team "Sparky, you and Knuckles make sure our distraction is ready to go. Ichy can help as needed."

"Aye sir"

Barkon IV Planetary News Feed

<<intercepted news broadcast three days after Maquis evacuation>>

"Today the Corporation's Protective Forces Command released more information about the attempted invasion and coup several days ago by the interplanetary terrorist group calling themselves the 'Maquis'. Several planetary facilites were attacked and temporarily occupied by these rebels who it seems had inside assistance by Barkon co-conspiritors. Reports are that our planetary Governor Gia was kidnapped by the invaders and taken off-planet along with the Governors Staff and Family. During the few hours the invaders were here before being driven out of our system, significant sabotage and damage was done to key facilities such as our northern icecap research station and a major oil platform known as Marathon."

"In a last chance operation the rebels attempted to destroy the regional capital at Velson. Some of our listeners may not have known our Governor had a personal yacht converted from an old starship that was no longer space worthy. Apparently they rigged explosives in the captured yacht, managed to get it airborne, and then flew a suicide mission to attack Velson. During the following emergency rescue response, the rebels fought their way out of our system, taking Barkon hostages as human shields. Despite their efforts, the rebels took heavy losses and should never attempt to take over our planet again."

"In one of the last battles, a rebel mech regiment was cut off and left behind during the rebels desperate flight off our planet. After suffering near total losses, the remaining cowards offered to give up their officer-in-charge in exchange for safe passage out of our system. Their weapons and dead were left behind in their rush to leave. The Corporation has unofficially hinted that captured Maquis officer was a key figure and may have been a planner of this failed invasion."

"Due to the severity of the damage to our planet and the unknown status of our kidnapped Governor, the Corporation has declaired martial law. Our focus will be on rebuilding and strengthening of our resources and defenses for the next thirty days. At that time we have been told there will be a week long period dedicated to mourning our dead, honoring the brave Protective Forces Command, and electing a new Planetary Government."

"Finally, we want to be clear that any of you who discovers equipment or personnel belonging to the Maquis invaders must immediately notify the Corporations Forces. Good night. Sleep well knowing the Corporation is watching over our safety."

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