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LD2012 SEALS Three




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  • LDO mission briefs now transferred to appropriate pages.
  • Pending further revamp of this page.

Submarine Gear

Planetary missions often run the gamut from cutting edge technology to the very basic. Operational requirements at times need the appearance of simple tech to blend in. Specialty submersibles fill that need while retaining some of the high tech advantages useful to spec ops operators.


  • Stealth Hydrokinetic Assault Reconnaissance Craft = SHARC
    • Named for the top of the food chain in terran oceans
    • Designed to impersonate large sea life
  • Normal crew complement of three [minimum]
    • Maximum extended personnel capacity = 30
    • Emergency capacity = 36
  • Delivered to planetary surface via starship
  • Moderate shielding/stealth systems depends on camouflage features to hide amoung native aquatic life
  • Weapon systems
    • Two micro-torpedo launchers modified for aquatic use
    • One disruptor
    • One electro-shock stunner for underwater use
  • Special double hull, outer surface flexible to emulate natural creatures
  • Underwater drive system works in conjunction with the special hull
    • Simulates natural aquatic swimming pace and motion
    • Capable of varied speeds
  • Acoustic and Multi-Spectrum passive sensors optimized for underwater use
  • Carries remote/AI aquatic sensor probes for scouting and surveilance
  • Mid-ship wet bay carries (6) "Nemo" 2-man Assault Propulsion Units (APUs)
  • Dimensions: 33.4m length, 10m beam, 8m draft
    • Draft varies from approx 4m at the nose
    • Full max diameter approx 21m of total length
    • Last 8.4m forms a functional tail/fin structure

The Nemo

2-man Assault Propulsion Units (APUs) for underwater operations

  • Named for 20th century fictional "small fish who did great things"
  • Advanced development from original 20th century SDVs (Swimmer Delivery Vehicles)
  • Used for medium-short range final approach
  • Emulates smaller aquatic lifeforms
  • Used with Mark-XL aquatic suits including closed circuit rebreathing gear
  • Common knickname = Nemo
  • Dimensions: 4.8m length, 2.2m beam, 1.5m draft
  • Clamshell entry/fast egress

The Squid

Individual underwater Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

  • Low profile unit mounts from the hips to the knees
  • Siphon jet technology uses multiple outlets
  • Silent operation
  • Steering accomplished via flex action at hips and knees guiding independant outlets at either leg and side
  • Emergency quick release allows Squid DPV to drop Diver and continue a programmed diversionary course then deactivate
    • May also be equipped with an explosive charge activated once released
  • Short range only
  • Used with Mark-XL aquatic suits including closed circuit rebreathing gear
  • Common knickname = Squid

Mark-XL aquatic suit

Individual diving gear

  • Includes closed circuit rebreathing gear
  • Optional gill (oxygen extraction device)
  • Mini AI Comp Unit
  • Full helment incorporates heads-up display (HUD) and vocal commands
  • Acoustic and Multi-Spectrum passive sensors optimized for underwater use
  • Flexible dry suit passively deflects most sensor scans
  • Protected against most hazardous compounds
  • Nano-weave liner protects against punctures
  • Slang knickname = XLAQS
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