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. . 2014 International Coordinator Candidate Declaration . .

Admiral Steve (10of9) Lackey

Greetings fellow Maquis Members

Our History

Some of you may not realize what a treasure our club is. First formed as a rebellion against past abuses of membership funds collected by SFI, our club quickly rose to become one of the top Trek Fandom groups on the internet. Consider all the years this club has thrived and evolved without any form of membership fee. Our multiple Branches and special interest groups. Our Academy. Our SIM fleet and SIM roleplay events. Our one-of-a-kind Quartermaster creating professional Maquis rank pins, devices, clothing, and patches. Our very own MFIwiki and database. Our many general and special interest mail lists. It is pretty amazing what we have become.

The reason why we have continued for so long is directly attributed to our leadership. Our Coordinator Council (CC) is chaired by our International Coordinator (IC) and includes Key persons appointed by the IC. Every IC to date has learned the importance, challenges, and duties of the IC Office by serving previously on the Coordinator Council. By helping to set policy and manage issues that arise from time-to-time, we learn by doing and by example. Preparation is key to our success and longevity.

Our Present

Now we are faced with yet another choice for our International Coordinator. I firmly believe our Members deserve a choice in setting our next Leader. Experience and proven Leadership is paramount to our continued success. I see many good people who need the next level of training and experience in serving our members. We also must provide Leadership to mold and temper up-and-coming future leaders by preparing them to serve in new ways as a pool of new CC members.

Our Future

This brings me to the purpose of this message. Faced with the past and present knowledge of our Club, it is imperative that we maintain both trained and experienced leadership at the Top. To take us forward thru our next challenges known and unknown. A steady hand. We have new persons who aspire to rise to the top of our Club. They need nurturing and experience at the helm.

That said, I, Steve Lackey, formally declare my humble request to be your next International Coordinator of Maquis Forces International. I request confirmation of my candidacy and ultimately Your Vote.

Respectfully in service,
Thank You

  • current MFI Chief of Staff
  • current RP SIM Staff
  • current Diplomatic Corp Staff
  • former Chief of Operations
  • former Assistant Chief of Staff
  • past projects include major update and revision of MFI Handbook and Constitution
  • past Senior Instructor at Maquis Academy and original Dean of the CompSci College
  • creator of the Guardian Project history pages
  • creator of many SIM resource pages
  • created, contributed, updated, and expanded many of the Wiki Help Resource pages
  • ongoing projects include countless wiki pages created, assisted, and revised

My Platform for our Future

Funny thing. I thought I had done the next part of this and just realized I did not. Egg on my face is preferable to foot in mouth.

Heres the DEAL...

If you read my opening message it is clear that my intention and possible self-inflicted mandate is to prepare the "Next Generation" of Maquis Coordinator Council management. Other than preparing new CC members, I have NO issues with the ambitions and loyalty of those running as another team option. Quite simply our proven method of running our club works. I see NO reason to change what works.

Brian has some really good ideas and intentions. I intend to help him work on those projects and teach him the other things he needs to know. Our pool of potential CC members obviously overlaps. He has raised some issues which I will clarify for all members, explaining the methods we use and answering any questions.

Bottom Line...

Those of you who have been around know me. I have been here since the late 90's. One of my signature traits is that I always try to give fair consideration to the other point of view. I want our members to KNOW that we do try to seriously consider their desires and needs. People may not get what they ask for, but at least they will get a fair hearing. Over the years, my attempts to serve everyone have sometimes failed. Mostly a very few people have tried to twist and corrupt compromises I helped broker. It happens. Humans... you know. We do what we can, but ultimately we protect our many members and move on. That is the way it works...

If anyone is hesitant at this late point.

  • I remind you I am asking for your vote.
  • I request your confidence in my ability based on:
    • Long experience
    • Having been trained in how the CC is supposed to work.


Of course those who have voted for me, I am humbled and grateful to have your support.

Maquis Always and Forever...
ADM Steve

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